May 102015

wpid-avengers__age_of_ultron___ultimate_ultron_render_by_eversontomiello-d8fpc62.pngFor my last post about Avengers: Age of Ultron, let’s consider a fundamental mistake in the movie.  Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In the movie, thanks to the alien technology in the staff Loki was given by Thanos, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner can go from nothing to having Ultron exist in 3 days.  While that’s necessary for the movie to work (and for the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe story to work), that is not how technological development would happen in the real world.  That is because nearly all technological development is not going from nothing to everything like that.  It exists on a continuum or a spectrum where most technological advances built on previous technological advances.  I suspect that this fundamental misunderstanding comes from women and manginas (who are letting women’s methods of thinking become their own) because it’s like pregnancy where a woman is either pregnant or not.  There is no such thing as being a little bit pregnant, whereas for many other phenomena it is possible for it to be a little bit of something.

Thus, what happens is that women and manginas will focus on the end point of something and not realize all the disruption that can happen during the journey to that point.  Sex bots are a good example of this.  There is no end to the number of people who want to stop sex bots in an attempt to prevent men from having a sexual alternative to women.  However, there is a lot of disruption that happen in the interim that will give men options without requiring the existence of sex bots.  VR sex is one such example, yet, we hardly hear a peep from anyone on that.  Even internet porn falls into the same category.  Sure plenty of people complain about that now, but that is after the fact.  They didn’t see what was happening from internet porn until it was too late.

What this means is that the real “age of ultron”, the development of artificial intelligence, began in 1985.  Before 1985 CPUs could be designed without computers, but starting in 1985 CPUs got so complex that they could only be designed with the help of other computers.  Since then CPUs have gotten a lot more complicated requiring more and more computer assistance to develop each new generation of CPUs.  There’s even a story that the man who designed the Intel 386 CPU, the CPU that was on the tipping point between could be designed without computers and those that required the assistance of computers, went insane.  That story is not true, but it represents the fundamental shift that happened in 1985.

For women the development of artificial intelligence will be a disaster.  An AI has no reason to follow the feminine imperative.  The “obvious” solution to a gynocentric woman or a mangina would be to prevent development of an “ultron” or an AI.  However, like with sex bots, they are only looking at the end point.  In the journey towards AI, there is a lot of disruption that will negatively impact the feminine imperative.  That is why deep learning is a threat to the feminine imperative.  Anytime decisions are pushed off on to computers (and deep learning is a significant shift human decision making to computer decision making), the feminine imperative will be negatively impacted.  Yet, gynocentric women and manginas won’t see this coming.  And this is not the first example of such a thing happening.  There used to be a lot more women employed in the field of computer technology.  That is because many of them were “human computers” or the equivalent in programming work.  Once technologies like compilers were invented, the need for women in computer technology dropped like a lead balloon even though the need for programmers went through the roof.

If gynocentric women and manginas were going to try and stop the real “age of ultron”, they would have to shutdown all technological advancement in computer technology.   Like with so many other things that are going to wreck the feminine imperative, it’s a long term process that involves millions of men.  The death of the human race notwithstanding, that’s impossible.

  11 Responses to “The Real Age Of Ultron Began In 1985”

  1. Hey PMAFT,

    Just to let you know, I tried checking out ‘The Spearhead’ but the browser said it could not find the site. Maybe Bill closed it down.

  2. He was adamant that the manginas who write software would write it to incorporate FI

    I would think something like the FI would need to be evolved rather than consciously programmed. While there are programming methodologies that allow evolution such as genetic algorithms, the conditions that the FI was optimized for no longer exist. And any attempt to instill it in AI would undermine its effectiveness severely to the point where it would be swiftly outcompeted by AIs without such constraints.

  3. We don’t hear anyone on the VR stuff because it’s not gonna take off before the robots do. VR is too small a market in comparison to humanoid robots.
    VR is toy stuff while humanoid robots can be used in businesses.

    This robot receptionists is proof of that:

    She may not be able to even answer questions and won’t fool you thinking she’s human, but her looks, voice and movements are good enough to pass as soothing. To me, this and not the Oculus Rift is the beginning of the end of feminism. For the first time in human history a purely feminine job has been taken over by a robot.

    Before the end of this decade she’ll be able to answer simple questions and so you can say goodbye to easy female jobs and with it, feminism.

    Alright, this may be a bit premature, because the overwhelmingly lot of new jobs needed that are constantly filled by women are health care jobs.
    When someone says “services”, people think retail, but health care is where the real action is, because people get old these days and there’s only treatment and not a cure to that.
    Wait.. what is that?

    Regenerative medicine?

    nurse robots?

    Looks like that’s already covered as well then.

    So now my questions for you AntiFemTech are,
    at what point will you consider feminism as harmless?
    And what are you going to do with your time spend on this site once that happens?

    • MrSingle wrote:
      We don’t hear anyone on the VR stuff because it’s not gonna take off before the robots do. VR is too small a market in comparison to humanoid robots.

      Doubtful, unless you think that the entertainment and education businesses are small.

      She may not be able to even answer questions and won’t fool you thinking she’s human, but her looks, voice and movements are good enough to pass as soothing.

      That’s encouraging, but VR sex will have huge advantages in price and variety over robots. It’ll also be much harder to pass laws regulating its use. That’s important since there’s such a strong tendency for women to pass laws against male behavior they consider to be undesirable.

      Alright, this may be a bit premature, because the overwhelmingly lot of new jobs needed that are constantly filled by women are health care jobs.

      They’re also overrepresented in social-engineering types of jobs. Many of them are unnecessary and/or could be automated.

  4. This reminds me of the I Robot series where government supercomputers made small mistakes to get bad politicians replaced.

    AI robots will see the same issues. They’ll be programmed to treat everyone equally but to always give preference to women. It won’t make sense to them. If something is equal it doesn’t need special treatment. When they look at the data they’ll see men are the ones more abused, ignored and oppressed. So they’ll either “disobey” and give feminists real equality or perhaps subtlety cull the Pelosis and Boxers out of politics with super scandals.

    Feminists might even try to kill all thinking machines when they realize shaming and false facts won’t work on them. The AI war could be instigated by women.

  5. […] massiva do “feminismo”’ em todas as fotografias. Como uma Inteligência Artificial não tem motivos para atender demandas impraticáveis, a mão invisível do Imperativo Feminino corroerá quando a Inteligência Artificial se difundir […]

  6. Fortunately, I made copies of all my articles here on the blog, so at least those are saved.

  7. Cane is wrong for even more reasons than that. First, many of the men who would develop such an AI have been awoken to the reality of the FI by things like #GamerGate and #ShirtGate/#ShirtStorm. And there will be more of that to come. Second, the current crop of deep learning systems are too simple to have the FI built into them so they can’t help but make decisions that are anti-FI without realizing it. It’s likely that we have already seen this happen with high frequency trading and the broader use of intelligent systems in finance. Very few people can see how this is happening because it requires an understanding of both the FI and technology.

    By the time anyone could put the FI into an AI, it will already be too late if they even knew how to do it.

  8. Already many financial decisions are being made without FI bias. Increasingly, financial decisions are being made by software. High frequency trading is one example of this but not the only one. It has already been speculated that the most recent economic crashes (possibility back to the 1987 crash) were caused by computer decision making. This makes sense when you consider that the real estate bubble of the 2000s was pro-FI. Millions of computer systems in finance made decisions that together meant this was a massive misallocation of resources and crashed the economy to stop it. These were not conscious decisions. The software just made decisions without a FI bias.

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