May 202015

Spoilers for Game Of Thrones ahead.

Feminists and manginas are in an uproar about the most recent episode of Game Of Thrones because one of the main characters, Sansa Stark was raped by her husband, Ramsay Bolton, on their wedding night.  Ramsay Bolton has been well established as a cruel and sadistic individual so this is not an endorsement of rape on Game Of Thrones.  It’s quite the opposite.  However, everyone complaining about this is a hypocrite for two reasons.

First, they didn’t complain when other women were raped or abused.  For example, Danerys Targaryen was also raped by her new husband, Khal Drogo on their wedding night.  Danerys falls in love with him afterwards.  If feminists had any logical consistency in their beliefs, they should have gone apocalyptic over that.  Another example was when King Joffrey ordered a hooker to abuse another hooker.  Neither case raised the ire of feminists.  The only real difference is that Khal Drogo and King Joffrey are hot while Ramsay Bolton is ugly and gross.  What feminists are telling us is that rape is only really rape if an ugly guy does it.  It doesn’t count if a hot guy does it.  This is similar to the rules of avoiding sexual harassment complaints, “Be handsome, be attractive, don’t be unattractive”.

Second, they are completely silent about what happens to men and boys in Game Of Thrones.  Here is a very short and incomplete list of things feminists have failed to complain about:

  • Thousands of men dying in a war over who gets the throne of Westeros
  • An 8 year old boy being pushed out a window
  • Men getting beheaded
  • A man getting his skull crushed by another man’s bare hands
  • A man being stripped naked and paraded through King’s Landing, Westeros’s capital city
  • A man being tortured
  • That same man being castrated
  • Another man threatened with castration because he’s a dwarf, and there is a trade in dwarf dicks.  The trade in dwarf dicks is large enough to support a profession with the title of cock merchant.

There’s so much more, but you get the idea.  Here’s what we can conclude.  Feminists are fine with men being murdered, tortured, and castrated (as long as the men aren’t hot presumably).  Feminists are fine with hot men raping and abusing women, but they will lose their shit when an ugly man rapes a pretty white woman.

  7 Responses to “On Game Of Thrones It’s Only Rape If The Man Is Ugly”

  1. Yeah I thought so! Fucking dirty feminist cunts why don’t we just make them all go to an island and BOMB THE SHIT OUT OF SAID ISLAND. It would be that simple, Problem Solved. Then we could in relative peace.

  2. Bill Clinton, anyone?

    If you take just a few seconds, you’ll find hypocrisy and parasitic intentions in everything most women say and do. It’s all about the redistribution of wealth and power from men to women (destroy the patriarchy). Most all women are born Marxists.

    What’s amazing is that most men are willing to sign a contract that gives women carte blanche to destroy their lives physically, psychologically, emotionally, legally, spiritually and financially. Will men, en masse, ever awaken from their naivete? Marriage represents little more than the killing fields for men.

  3. Yeah…just like it’s not “sexual harassment” if the guy is rich and handsome.

  4. Context is everything though. If I watch a movie with Errol Flynn as a pirate threatening to take the main female character for his own pleasure it seems pretty yummy.However, if someone was at the mercy of a Somali pirate in the same way, I would be hoping the woman had a “neutering” gun or knife hidden away somewhere.Not sexy.

    People are more likely to speak the truth when they can do so anonymously.

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