May 172015

Going after video games is not enough for the media.  It looks like the next target will be self driving cars.  Google’s self driving cars have driven 1 million miles without any human input, and have caused no accidents.  The only times self driving cars were in accidents were when humans were driving them or another car driven by a human rammed the car.  This is an impressive safety record on what is currently a BETA product, yet the media is trying to make self driving cars into a boogeyman:

A quick review.

Self-driving cars can’t avoid accidents on California Roads,Associated Press

Google Blames Humans for Accidents Involving Its Self-Driving CarsTime

Google’s self-driving cars have been getting in accidents in CaliforniaBusiness Insider

Google’s driverless cars have been involved in three car

Google’s self-driving cars are getting into accidents, MarketWatch

No one knows if such an accident-free future is even possible, or whether autonomous vehicles will prove as flexible and responsive as humans in the most dangerous and unpredictable scenarios. Either way, hiding minor accident reports from the public suggests a rocky road ahead for self-driving cars.

Google’s self-driving cars involved in 11 accidents, director saysReuters

The only thing missing is to accuse self driving cars and everyone who works on them of being misogynists.  I’m sure that will happen either because the media will be called on the carpet for their fear mongering about self driving cars or some other reason that I can’t predict.  This is bound to be the next #GamerGate (or one of the next #GamerGates) because we’re dealing with the same people who are worried that #GamerGate is going to take over Mars.

  4 Responses to “How Long Until We Have #SelfDrivingCarGate?”

  1. The entire stigma against nerd culture is instigated & a creation of women

    Giving women rights, is the driving force why we don’t have advanced technologies or disruptive tech

    Tech literally scares a womas vagina …

    The very thought of betas leveraging tech to make millions scares the crap out of women

    Most young girls literally see a beta, regardless of success & cash, as a compromise over the thug

    Try telling a young chick she’ll never marry athg & relish their tears … Lmao

  2. The idea that humans are more “flexible and responsive” is laughable nonsense. The number one thing most people do when they encounter a problem while driving is panic and freeze up, which is why so much Driver’s Ed focuses on avoiding this.

    Meanwhile, self-driving cars will never:
    -Fall asleep
    -Text people
    -Stare at facebook
    -Get distracted by the radio
    -Put on makeup
    -Play phone/handheld games
    -Read a book
    -Road rage
    -Eat fast food
    -Get into an accident while trying to swat a fly or a bee
    -etc. etc.

  3. “the brain-gina interface is obsolete”

    brilliant, funny and true.

  4. I hadn’t thought of it that way before. Makes sense. Cheers

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