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Rmaxgenactivepua brought us this webpage where a woman talks about the fallout from artificial wombs.  It’s an enlightening piece of women’s fear of artificial wombs.  Just look at what the author has to say:

The current War on Women pales in comparison to the potential impact that ectogenesis, a technology in which a human fetus gestates completely out of a mother’s body, will have.

The war on women is a myth, but this means that anyone is who paranoid enough to believe in the nonexistent war on women will be deathly afraid of artificial wombs.

What does it mean to sever human “birth” from the human body? This connection, between women and babies, is one of the sole sources of power that women have in some societies.

That isn’t true, but most of women’s power is derived directly or indirectly from childbirth.  From this and the rest of the article, it’s clear that the author realizes that with other options for children, plenty of men will forgo dealing with women which destroys women’s power.

Ann Oakley’s book The Captured Womb: A History of the Medical Care of Pregnant Women illustrates how ectogenesis would be part of a long-standing process by which virtually all male and often misogynistic medical cultures have taken control of birth and women’s wombs in the name of science.  In this framework, ectogenesis will potentially exaggerate preexisting inequities and biases.  In this equation women aren’t liberated, they are further subjugated and alienated from their own bodies and abilities.  This Handmaiden’s Talescenario is fairly believable if you pay any attention to, for example, Rick Santorum’s antediluvian reproductive rights agenda and the number of people willing to vote for him.

Prominent feminists and activists, including Andrea Dworkin and Janice Raymond, have concluded that not only will women be further marginalized and oppressed by this eventuality, but they will become obsolete.

“Misogynistic medical cultures” produced things like the use of forceps in childbirth which saved many women’s lives.  This tells us that what women are afraid of with artificial wombs is bigger than just artificial wombs themselves.  What women are afraid of is the use of any technology in childbirth, even if they would otherwise die without it.  What science and modern medicine has done is not just made childbirth safer for women, but it has also demystified it.  That demystification has lessened women’s power even when it has benefited them.

Then it gets silly.  The author starts arguing that Tradcons are going to merge with Transhumanists to create some sort of misogynist tradcon cyborg that uses artificial wombs to oppress women.  It’s guaranteed that tradcons will oppose artificial wombs, and one of the reasons they will is because they’re white knights for women.  What this really shows is that for feminists all opposition looks like a tradcon even when that doesn’t make sense.

Fertility, and the ability to be the species’ reproductive engine, are virtually the only resources that women collectively control, they argue. And, although women do have other “value” in a patriarchal society–child rearing, for example–gestation remains, worldwide, the most important.  Even in the most female-denigrating cultures women are prized, if only, for their childbearing. If you take that away, then what? This technology becomes another form of violence.

Perhaps women will no longer be able to hide behind childbirth and child rearing and do real work for a change.  Of course, to the author, this is “violence against women”.

Other feminist analyses takes into account the class and race implications of the enthusiastic adoption of assisted reproductive technologies by the wealthy. Some, eco-feminists, relate the eventuality to correlating a general campaign against nature. Ectogenesis also opens up the real possibility of men becoming mothers and primary care takers.

This is an admission of the author’s (and other women’s) real fear of artificial wombs.  Men will have children on their own, realize that they can raise them on their own, and no longer need women to help them raise children.  Then women have to contribute by doing other work which scares the crap out of them.  This is what the author’s (and other women’s opposition) to artificial wombs (absent a “social justice framework” as she says later in the article which means control by women) is really all about.

People have talked about how feminism has exposed the full extent of female inferiority (moral, mental, economic, spiritual, civic, physical) far more visibly than was ever possible before feminism.  The author of the page I linked to is clearly afraid the artificial womb will do the same to expose female inferiority when it comes to raising children.  However, she is wrong because that process has already started without artificial wombs.  Growing numbers of men are coming to the realization that women’s involvement in raising children is at least unnecessary and in a lot of cases harmful.  Paternity testing has shown that many women can’t be trusted to have your children instead of some other man’s children.  There are already commercials on TV advertising fertility clinics abroad to single men so that single men have their own children.  Artificial wombs aren’t the beginning of the process of exposing female inferiority when it comes to raising children.  They’re the end.  The author and her desired “social justice framework” can’t stop what has already started.

  40 Responses to “Women’s Fear Of Artificial Wombs In Their Own Words”

  1. Not sure it’s the childbirth issue. It’s the big V issue. So many women are giving away pussy that the value of the V has been lowered to almost zero. A vagina has incredible power, but decades of overuse and leveraging it to get what women want has left it with no value at all. Women have to come up with something else that has value to men, but it becomes more apparent that they really bring nothing else to the table. I think that’s why younger women are beginning to question feminism; they don’t want to end up like Gloria Steinem; old and alone.

  2. I for one welcome our cybovaginal overlords… 😉
    Seriously though, this is a huge undertaking in true equality. Perhaps when the creation of artificial wombs is complete, the brunt (and privileges) of childbearing will no longer hold anyone back. The women who are actually serious about having careers and being productive will be able to do so without worrying about eggs, hormones, fertility, physical changes, etc and can have kids when they (and spouse, if they’re wed) are fully ready. And the women who are upset by the loss of this power will be shown for who they are.
    For those of us who don’t want children anyway…Well, it makes little difference to our lives, regardless.

    • I got a feeling that artificial wombs would be barred from use by heterosexual men.

      • Oh I highly Doubt that! I’m heterosexual And I’d gladly get one If I had to! women are becoming too Bad these days

        • What has your feelings got to do with the state banning something? We live in a anti male culture, I think single men being banned from using the artificial womb in the west is highly likely. Rich men would have to go abroad to get children.

        • Is the US willing to go to war with China? Because there is virtually no way they can stop China from selling it. Attempting to ban it will just cause a braindrain.

    • As much as I hate replying to tarnished wiccan twat, its worth pointing out surrogacy is also banned for hetrosexual men in most developed countries

      Most men will have to goto countries outside the reach of christian countries, to access artificial womb tech

      Tradcons are really a coalition of Jews, Christians, Catholics, Marxist/Communists & feminists

  3. women are panties piss terrified of all the great products of male ingenuity.

    this is half because it robs women of so much of their power, and also half because women cannot ever match that level of genius.

    • AGH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA they’ll be Like NOOOOOOO…. It Can’t, You can’t, NooOooOooOooOooOooOoo……..

    • Now if we could Make a Sex-bot that could support an artificial womb. Custom made Bitches! never Nag never whine do ALL the housework and give you a tantalising Fuck at the end of the day.. Fury and Scalies FOR REAL!! Oh…Holy FUCK YEAH!

      • That would probably never happen. Sexbots? 99% certain we’ll have them before 2050. Artificial wombs? Likely a bit longer, but definitely coming down the line.

        The problem would be that a sexbot with the capacity to also have an artificial womb would have to be flexible enough to expand around the growing fetus, or built larger than a typical woman to hold the extra space. Remember, we’re talking about a roughly 7 lbs infant plus the 2+ lbs of placenta, not to mention all the amniotic fluid.

        No, it’d be better if one’s AI companion is for sex and company, and artificial wombs are kept somewhere safe and easily managed. Recall the labs in Brave New World or book 2 of Asimov’s Detective Elijah trilogy.

      • Why would a sexbot have to have an artificial womb? I have heard a couple guys online say they would like this but it sounds awfully weird to me. Its like such men can’t get over the idea of having a human woman and thus want the sexbot to be an exact clone (mine the bitchy and hostile personalities of so many modern gals). A sexbot is for pleasure and a separate artificial womb will be for reproduction. Why is it so important to some men to try to merge the two? It seems completely unnecessary to me.

        • This part should read “(minus the bitchy and hostile personalities of so many modern gals).”

        • Remnants of gynocentric guilt?
          Aka the still very ingrained belief amongst the majority of men and women that a woman (even an android “woman”) needs to have the capacity for childbearing in order to be a “real” adult female?

      • Wombs generate massive amounts of biochemicals & hormones

        Women dont mate using looks, or tits & ass, they use biochemistry & hormones to enslave men, which is why they mate with alphas or low iq thugs, alphas & thugs much easier to bond to, then a high i.q beta

        Alphas high t, thugs low iq makes far easier for women to enslave using their biochemicals & hormones

        Its the millions of biochems & pheromones generated by the womb, which turns men on

        Sex bots most likely will have to have an inactive womb, to generate the biochemicals & hormones to turn men on

        • Your post is pure nonsense, simply because there is no such thing as Alpha and Beta males

        • So are you saying men with High Testosterone, & men with Low Testosterone who behave like manginas & white knights dont exist? Lmao ….

        • The hormone that the womb produces are the way to trigger the female body to change with the child (or enviable tissue mass for the enlightened ones) Software programs can and will be used for an artificial womb. You don’t need to imitate a women you only need to sustain a life.

  4. This is an epic post by PMAFT, exposing the real obsolesence & parasitic effect the mass transfer of wealth, created by christians & their marxist commie, feminist allies, has on women

    The whining by the bitch in this post, exposes what women really mean by the Patriarchy

    The Patriarchy is really about women having to work, whenever women have to work, they blame the patriarchy

    The woman in this post even calls women having to work, as an act of violence against women

    PMAFT shows how women use their wombs to extort & hijack society with their wombs & vaginas, instead of doing real work

    That is what femism is really about … extorting, hijacking & blackmailing betas & enslaving large portions of society, with their wombs & vaginas

    All complicit & enabled by the coalition of tradcons

  5. An interesting question is what will the female response be to men who access children abroad, or through artificial wombs.
    Consider that traditional society (the evil “patriarchy”) acknowledged that women, when properly controlled by men, delivered great value to children, especially when young, and certainly when female. It is the feminist in women, that has depreciated their ability to contribute in a healthy way to children.
    Men are rational, and keenly aware of human rights. Most would acknowledge that a child has a human right to both male and female nurture. That flows naturally from the facts of our biology. We also acknowledge that females, left to their own solipsistic tendencies, will abuse any authority granted free of control by men.
    One imagines, that a father, in possession of his own children, would either hire, or turn over to a female he has a relationship with, the female tasks, both to relieve him of burden, and to ensure the children receive a healthy female nurture.
    Even if he only makes fleeting and temporary use of these women. I can see the lawsuits now…
    female nanny sues for custody and support.
    Gf sues for custody and support.
    Absent unilateral and absolute control of sex, procreation and children, the entire feminist project falls apart.

    • Your seriously over estimating a womans ability to nurture a child …

      Women are useless at raising a child, ie single mothers… women infantise children, turning them into toys for their vaginas

      A womans uselessness at nurturing children, another reason why we need artificial wombs

      • Uh, actually the mother is more essential in raising a child dipshit.
        You are seriously either underestimating the mothers ability or have forgotten the mothers ability.

        Studies have shown that fatherless kids are better off than motherless kids.

        I have heard more stories of single mothers taking great effort in raising her child (after the father abandons her like a loser) than the other way around.
        Do most MRA’s have this low an opinion of women? Geez

        • You’re a butthurt female. The FBI uniform crime statistics show the complete opposite of what you’re claiming.
          Unless you are rationalizing the kid is happy because he ‘turned cool (read:thug) like daddy’.

  6. Found this comment in the link

    “I am so glad you mentioned all the downsides to this. One thing you did not mention was the fact that it still will not FREE women from unwanted pregnancies or birth control or periods or cramps and all that other unpleasant crap.

    This will only complicate everything! I think you are right to say women would become obsolete in society as the way it stands today.

    I love sci fi but this is downright scary for the einvironment as well there could possibly be double to triple the births if this happens all these righties that want more children for their workforce and their wars geeeeeese no way. I am for moving forwards but this is a big backwards for women I feel.”

    Yep women have no agency, men force pregnancies on them? Also why the fuck did she bring up periods or cramps? Do females have to bring up victimhood?

    when the artificial womb is rolled out, I want women phased out.

    • I love the, “I’m oppressed by cramps”. Women literally feel oppressed by everything in existence.

      • There was a girl in my high school AP Chemistry class who claimed she was oppressed by her long hair and the fact it either had to be tied back/put in a bun or risk getting burnt off…like most other girls, including myself, had to do. She, however, felt that this insistence of our teacher for her to adhere to standard safety protocols was “sexist” and “discriminatory towards a woman’s body”. Luckily, she dropped the class in the 1st semester.

        But yeah. I shit you not, this is the extent to which some people will go to become victims in the eyes of their peers.

      • That deranged tradcon woman a couple of years back

        Actually wrote entire posts complaining because men still havent solved birth pains & pms pain, as a reason for why men should marry women …

        The general insanity of women, who get handed wads of cash just for having a vagina

        • Men help women, women stab women in the back.

          Women are own their own now!

        • Women complaining about being oppressed by basic biological functions …

          Next women complain about not being able to pee standing up, so ban all urinals as being oppressive to women …. already happened in sweden ….

          Having to poop & breathe air, all a result of the patriarchy

          Pretty soon forcing women to wipe their asses & forcing women to potty train, all evil violent methods of oppression

          Im pretty sure, a roll of toilet paper, soap & a bath, is oppressive for a batshit woman somewhere …

          I predict all logic in maths & science as being oppressive to women, & knowing how to switch channels with the remote & other technical manly stuff, as violent acts of the patriarchy …

          In short give me a mass transfer of wealth from all men, just for having a vagina …

    • “Also why the fuck did she bring up periods or cramps? Do females have to bring up victimhood?”

      Only a truly misogynistic woman would believe that simple biology is a form of victimhood. The vast majority of women have periods…some are unlucky enough to have cramps or mood swings or migraines (I actually do feel sorry for those that do, it sounds horrible), but one isn’t a “victim” for having experienced these things.

      No, tamerlame, instead her comment reeks of entitlement. She is saying that women will still have to deal with the potential “negatives” of a menstrual cycle, but be unable to reap the “benefits” of it should artificial wombs become commonplace. In overhearing various conversations at babyshowers and female get-togethers, one receives the impression that yes, periods are generally unwanted but the net tradeoff of fertility/childbirth/pregnancy makes up for it in the long run. What we see in this comment is a fear of having the sole benefit of menstruation taken away and them being left only with the potential for now unecessary pain.

  7. Don’t need artificial wombs, you can carry a foetus to term yourself, the work has been done with rats and works the same as a “non tubal ectopic”, the comment at the time of the work was it intruded in “womens sacred act of birth”.

  8. …LOL! misogyny = a term created BY commie marxist parasitic gestators with The Great Whore mentality… what it REALLY EANS IS:

    A man who hates women’s bullshit as much as women hate each other.

    and now you know… the rest of their bs “udder” story.



  9. Nice article! My mother wasn’t around,so I see that they aren’t as necessary,as they love to think. Nurturing is simply a euphemismmism,for manipulation!
    Esther Vilar was right about women and men. After the artificial womb,they willful ignorance and double standards,will be obliterated,finally!

    • Yep, society routinely over estimates a womans ability to nurture a child …

      Women are useless at raising a child, ie single mothers… women infantise children, turning them into toys for their vaginas

      A womans uselessness at nurturing children, another reason why we need artificial wombs

  10. It isn’t like a woman cannot be a worthy wife to a man because there is an artificial womb at Home Depot. If a man deems his choice of women unworthy and our laws remain as they are in place he can forgo women and have a family to love and provide for with out her.
    The dirty little secret is that family men are the most productive and civil men the society has and are the least respected. Civilization and all of its benefits were created by such men. Women have shown to be unappreciative and to actually loath such men and with their vote (granted to them by those same men) have voted into law misandry to punish those same men for the very things that make them good for humanity.
    Right now these men are ‘grass eating men” “peterpans” , MGTOW and PUA. The west is dying economically and the mothers through divorce and good old fashion slut bastards have created a nonproductive underclass that is bleeding the life out of civilization. Imagine those men able to love and have a family with out her. They will get educated and produce and save and provide the same technological advances for the benefit of all with the same motivation of taking care of their families. I will bet my life that single beta family men fearlessly raising their own children will not duplicate the madness that single entitled and coddled mothers have. The children of these men will bring unlimited wealth to any nation that has them. With no need to import third world underclass to maintain population levels. Remember the men that was able to achieve the technological achievement of men on the moon were not born in the feminist dominated world. Todays men cannot duplicate that feat.

    • The way I see it, the west as well as secular countries like china, are at the forefront of liberating individualism & men, from women

      In the west, men have game, PUA, the redpill, MRA’s & MGTOW, while the east will provide the technology to allow those ideologies to grow, ie. Artificial wombs, sexbots & vr

      The west provides the philosophies to liberate men, the east provides the interface to liberate men

      We have always had Feminism, it’s just alot harder to keep men on the plantation in a technologically advanced society, hence governments politicising womens gynocracy

      The great thing about government adopting feminism, is that government always fucks up anything it touches

      Governments over reach, has only accelerated the growth of PUA, which is now a global phenomenon, with millions practising pua

      Government over reach, has also accelerated the adoption of the manosphere, as well as millions of men MGTOW

  11. Direct brain stimulation, is another highly disruptive technology

    You dont even need a sex bot or vr, just stimulate the pleasure centres of the brain & you get instant unlimited orgasms & dopamine highs of sex

    Its also already doable, & you dont need advanced forms of tech

    Once direct brain stimulation, becomes mainstream, to offset the cognitive dissonance of no external sensory stimulus, people will revert to sex bots & vr

  12. Women want relationships & resources, not sex

    Men just need sex, so yea a definite balance in favour of men, DBS is the bridge towards a killer app for sex dolls & vr

    Women arent a technological based sex, they rely too heavily on interpersonal social interaction & caveman feral primalism to benefit from a technologically advanced society

    Hence their continued obsolesence …

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