Apr 242015

Anne Wheaton, the wife of anti-#GamerGate mangina Wil Wheaton, is now donating a dollar to Anita Sarkeesian for every “harassing” tweet she allegedly receives.  (Unfortunately, she’s limited the donation to Anita to a max of $1000 so harassing her won’t bankrupt her.)  If you look at her twitter, it’s hard to find actual harassment.  That is, except for the fake harassment she receives from her followers to spur donations to Anita Sarkeesian.

What this proves is that if you’re attention whoring like Anne Wheaton is, it’s a guarantee you aren’t being harassed.  If you’re doing the online equivalent of holding up a billboard that says, “Harass Me!!!!”, you aren’t being harassed.

  One Response to “If You’re Attention Whoring, You Aren’t Being Harassed”

  1. This sounds suspiciously alot like whining about rape

    Women protest rape, while creating an entire industry of bodice ripping rape novels & rape instruction manuals for women to fap to … all written by women …

    Women should really just come out & state they’re sick of not being raped by beta’s …

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