Apr 082015

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) wants the Anarchist Cookbook banned from the internet.  She clearly has no idea how the internet works if she thinks that’s possible.  Also, the Senator clearly doesn’t believe in free speech.

In addition to being impossible, this will draw the ire of online rights and privacy advocates.  How will Sen. Feinstein get around this?  By declaring the Anarchist Cookbook to be misogynist.  Many people who support individual rights will gladly give that up if a woman complains.

This is why one of the next battlefields of fighting feminism has to be online rights and privacy.  Otherwise, we will all lose our freedom and privacy online due to feminists and manginas on a witch hunt for “misogyny”.

  4 Responses to “How Long Until Dianne Feinstein Says The Anarchist Cookbook Is Misogynist?”

  1. In the UK media, they did loads of hysterical anti troll articles, the using nonsense about rape threats etc…

    A year later the UK government passed anti troll laws, laws are that worded so vaguely that anyone can get done for trolling.

  2. I wonder if we could brand Diane as being misogynist and see the fireworks. There has to be something in her past she’s said that could be twisted to entail that she hates women…

    Wait, she’s a liberal. All sins now and in the future are overlooked.

  3. She has a job because she is female

  4. She needs a lifetime achievement award.

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