Apr 182015

A commenter pointed out that Ellen Pao, the most recent Entitlement Princess of the Month winner, is now banning salary negotiations at Reddit.  Besides proving that Ellen Pao does not understand business, what she has done will have the effect of the best tech talent avoiding Reddit completely (assuming they don’t already because of Ellen Pao).  It has been shown that gender quotas and other measures to hire more women drive away capable men and women.  Ellen Pao is in the process of completely destroying Reddit.  I’m sure she will blame all of the problems she causes on “sexism”.

This reminds me of Carly Fiorina’s tenure as CEO of HP.  Like Pao, Fiorina took a tech company and nearly destroyed it.  When Fiorina was finally ousted from HP, HP’s shares immediately went up 6.9%.  In other words, HP became billions of dollars more valuable just by getting rid of her, and investors knew it.

HP was lucky enough to be able to survive Carly Fiorina.  Time will tell if Reddit will be able to survive Ellen Pao.

  9 Responses to “Ellen Pao Is The Carly Fiorina Of Reddit”

  1. Amanda – I don’t despise you because you’re ugly on the outside. I despise you because you’re ugly from every single imaginable angle. The only thing to be found within you is pure Nazi.

    You’re a Feminazi – Amanda. What does that mean? You’re the lowest of the lowest creatures on earth. You rank right up there with Adolf.

    The Nazis murdered tens of millions of innocents, right after removing their rights to fair trial. Kind of reminds you of male-only selective service and the removal of men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process, right (Yes Means Yes)?

    The goal of feminism was never equality. The goal of feminism has always been the destruction of the patriarchy. Ironically, as you’ll see below, the patriarchy is a woman’s best friend and a man’s worst enemy.

    What does it mean to destroy the patriarchy? It means to destroy men, male power and male wealth. It means the transfer of men’s wealth and power to women – via force of law (see Yes Means Yes, VAWA, Title IX, no-fault divorce, misandric alimony and child support laws, etc).

    Fraternities represent the patriarchy. Men who hook up with college girls represent the privileged patriarchy. They therefore must be destroyed. This is why we now have ‘rape culture’ based on horrifically falsified rape statistics and laws that strip men of their right to presumption of innocence and due process (Yes Means Yes).

    I’d be embarrassed to call myself a feminist. Funny how almost everything that comes from a gynocentrist’s mouth turns out to be entirely untrue, right? I’m not talking about little lies either. I’m talking about lies so hugely out of proportion with reality that they can rightfully be construed as crimes against the male gender. Men are now and always will be the disposable gender.

    It wasn’t the gynocracy who implemented laws and policies that openly and actively discriminate against and ruin men’s lives. It was (and is) the white knights, captain-save-a-hos and manginas of the patriarchy. That the patriarchy discriminates against women is the biggest of all gynocentric lies ever told. Why do you think we still have male-only selective service? Why do you think Obama and the mainstream media still tout the thoroughly debunked rape, wage and domestic violence stats as gospel? The patriarchy is the gynocracy’s hit man.

    War against women? More like male gendercide – BY OTHER MEN.


    (1) Hold the majority of US wealth (60%).
    (2) Are the majority of high school, undergrad and graduate student graduates.
    (3) Collect 98% of alimony and child support.
    (4) Collect the majority of federal payouts for SS, Medicare, health, education and welfare.
    (5) Represent a tiny fraction of suicides, work place and combat deaths when compared to men.
    (6) Pay cheaper health care costs than men in relation to the services they receive (see ACA).
    (7) Represent the fewest homeless yet get far, far better access to homeless benefits.
    (8) Receive fractional sentences for equal crimes as men.

    In the US, women are now and have always been the privileged gender. Men have always had it much tougher in life than women. But that’s not what you hear, is it? What do you hear instead? The “war on women”! The patriarchy oppresses women! The horrible misogynists! All men are rapists and wife beaters! All of the lies you’re told as a man are based on statistics and data massaged to make you feel ashamed and less of a man – unless you’re living on bended knee for a woman. HeForShe is the latest attempt by the gynocracy to get men to man up and live on bended knee for women. The patriarchy didn’t oppress women. It oppressed men. Feminists are fabulous liars and manipulators.

    Most of the richest women in the US are rich because (1) their husbands or father died, leaving them their wealth, or (2) they divorced their husband and raked him over the financial rape coals. Divorced and widowed baby boomer women represent a very rich class indeed.

    Feminists did not enact/vote in misandric laws and policies such as Yes Means Yes, the VAWA, Title IX, no-fault divorce, gynocentric alimony and child support, male-only selective service, etc. Who did? The patriarchy – at the behest of the gynocracy.

    Don’t believe me?


    All the proof you might ever wish for is held in the two aforementioned web sites.

    May Ms. Marcotte die the most early, the most tragic and most hideous of deaths. The world would be better off without her. Personally, I’d piss on her corpse before I’d lend one moment of my chivalrous nature on her behalf. In other words – good riddance to her. May lightening strike that bad seed.

    • Why is this posted here? If you want this site to link to yours, maybe just ask him?

    • No offence to Paul, but this is an epic comment

      This site needs more comments like yours, im pretty sure PMAFT doesnt mind promoting your blog

      Also, you should try promoting your blog at honeybadgers, avfm or over at sandmans youtube channel

      I get decent hits, accidently spamming my blog there …

  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1168182/Catfights-handbags-tears-toilets-When-producer-launched-women-TV-company-thought-shed-kissed-goodbye-conflict-.html

    A female only company goes bankrupt.

    We trust females with raising children and give them control of the family unit.

    I think we should bar women from public life.

    • Yep, the 80/20 principle proves women are designed to eventually destroy any civilisation

      Women are useless for reproduction because they only sleep with 20% of men

      Basically a form of biological eugenics, any civilisation not forcing women to reproduce with 80% of men, is soon destroyed by sociopaths, thugs & manginas

      This is why europe & the u.s seems to be ruled by low i.q sociopaths, a result of womens uselessness & biological eugenics waged by women

      • Women strive to sleep with 80% of the population, not all get to do so.

      • You failed biology didn’t you? LOL

        • Women only reproduce with 20% of the population

          Research the birth rates in any city or country

          There are exceptions, India & tightly controlled communities where women are forced to reproduce with beta’s

          Even with a 90% marriage rate in the 1920’s & earlier, only 20% of men reproduced

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