Mar 202015

Yes, women are actually oppressed by daylight savings time:

Don’t even get me started on how International Women’s Day was conveniently held on a day where a lot of places observe daylight saving’s time. The one day dedicated to women wasn’t even technically a full day! I mean if that isn’t even a huge metaphor for the unequal pay gap between men and women, I don’t know what is.

No, this isn’t a troll.  Check the link.  It’s serious.

You might say that this is only one (unhinged) woman.  No, it’s not.  Lots of women are complaining that daylight savings time oppresses women.  I should be surprised by this, but I’m not.  After all, what do you expect from a group that says potty training oppresses them?

  5 Responses to “Women Are Oppressed By Daylight Savings Time”

  1. Reality is oppressive to such dingbat feminists.

  2. @Pmaft

    Karen Straughan sells out, says “All white men are privileged”

    Check out the obfuscations she uses … scroll to 09:00

  3. Uber wants to hire a million women drivers. Assuming Uber actually does that, women will be unemployed when self driving cars become available. And that is just one of many examples.

  4. Not really Iran is quite a feminist country. It has a lot of the same problems we have.

    5000 men in jail for not paying marriage debts to their wives for example.

  5. Those arent problems, islam is a religion owned & run by the catholic church, the same church responsible for creating feminism in the first place

    Where ever you have christianity, islam or jews, all owned & run by catholicism, you have asset rape on a massive scale of men …

    Btw Ive been chronically ill, three inbred indian women doctors misdiagnosed a simple ear infection, infecting all the glands in my upper body … holy fuck

    Fuck modern medicine, cant even catch a simple ear infection, fucking wankers …

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