Mar 112015

A man recently had to opportunity to try a VR sex experience.  This is what he had to say about it:

She looked me in the eye and leaned in and said, ‘I love you, baby.’ I was like, ‘Wow, that was amazing.’ And then I realized I’d only had that experience with a few girlfriends in my life. That’s when I realized this shit is crazy. To connect with a human you need so many things, and this achieved it almost immediately. This girl was there with me, and she recognized me, and she appreciated me.

VR sex is definitely going to be a big hit, and it will be coming soon.

  6 Responses to “One Man’s Experience With VR Sex”

  1. no living woman can ever compete with the products of a man’s imagination.

    it’s time we stopped making them try. finish development on the artificial womb. women can be relegated to nannies at best. cap it off by fulfilling our need for companionship with the products of our (superior) imaginations. that’s all we need.

    if women want to protest, let them set themselves on fire on the steps of the courthouse. if enough do that, maybe… the rest of the women will realize the benefit of being subservient to men again. I don’t care. not my problem.

    • Women were never subservient to men. That is the myth of feminine submission.

      Women belong in the dustbin of history. Read some feminist women’s history and you realize how much women hate men, how ungrateful they are.

      Women are a toxic cancer that need to die out. Women will kill themselves off if men manage to separate from them.

      • I agree. Female “submission” is a façade for parasitsm.

        Lately I’ve been wondering if women are good for anything other than menial labor like cleaning or cooking. Motherhood is extremely idolized is actually nothing more valuable than the care of a father. Let alone being “lovers” of any sort, relationships with women tend to be outright painful and draining.

        That aside, I’m not sure if mass VR sex and easily accessible artificials wombs would every become a reality. As much as I’d like that to happen, surely a lot of people would attempt to fight off such an outcome with tooth and nail.

  2. Lmao men literally starved from affection & decency from women, form far more intimate relationships in vr with artificial women …

    The fact most women are deranged psychopaths with vaginas, proves yet again another major flaw of women exposed

    The obsolescence of women is pretty much guaranteed …

    Btw even 3d porn is pretty awesome, nubile hot 16 year olds with almost perfect racks in 3d, mind blowing

    No more having to put up with women with shitty attitudes, & having to compete with low life thugs & loosers for access to useless women …

    If women actually served a useful role in society, women wouldnt be redundant or obsolete, a womans liability & uselessness is staggering

    Btw over 5 different researchers have already grown artificial wombs, one succesfully using human embryos to gestation

    A few more years & women’ll no longer be able to use marriage to leech & parasite off men

    • “Btw over 5 different researchers have already grown artificial wombs, one succesfully using human embryos to gestation”

      Could you give us source links for this?

  3. “I am sometimes scared of people—especially when I can’t talk to them. VR porn triggered that reaction hardcore.”
    Even for that guy who had a negative experience with VR porn this is actually a very good sign.

    If this tech is so good that it can actually intimidate a shy man (just like a real girl) then you KNOW you have a viable sex substitute on your hands!

    (It would have been bad news if that particular guy had said that he just felt like he was watching porn on his PC.)

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