Mar 182015

Höllenhund has proposed an interesting experiment to demonstrate female passivity:

Maybe it’ll illustrate my point if I propose an experiment.

Walk into the most expensive and prestigious café in the capital of the world’s most advanced and richest country. What will you find there? A bunch of women sitting around chatting about mind-numbingly dull and pointless stuff, complaining about men and shitting on them, generally whining, doing nothing useful. Now walk into the most poverty-stricken, desolate village of the world’s most backward, poorest nation. You’ll find exactly the same thing. That’s the reality of innate female passivity.

I’m not sure about the second half, but the first part is definitely true.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my comment. What gave the inspiration was an old comment of a divorced man on a now-defunct thread on the Spearhead. What he described is rather common. Women tend to loudly blame men for whatever problems and hardships they are facing, but they are actually very passive when it comes to motivating men to contribute to human civilization.

    • If possible would you mind quoting that comment in full?

    • He cant as W.F Price refuses to release the comments under a new theme …

      Ive got over a thousand comments on thespearhead i need access to for reference …

      • This wasn’t the first time he screwed up the code on his site. There were already at least two instances when all comments disappeared there. Price is a typical victim of the matriarchy. A psychologically ravaged, traumatized chump. He’s done, finished. He actually sired yet another child by some Western broad and apparently cohabits with her even though his cunt of an ex-wife basically holds him by the balls and has ruined his life completely. He’s the kind of man who never learns. He’s now so delusional he has turned against MRAs and says they’ll join forces with feminists. Yeah. Seems legit. And he’s now spewing tradcon nonsense. So typical.

        • The problem is, W.F Price was a part of the christian conservative’s take over of the manosphere, ie Dalrock, & dicks like captain capitalism etc., theyve pretty much driven off most of the PUA’s & mgtow bloggers

          There used to be a tight coalition of traditionalists, pua’s & mgtow, christian dicks like Dalrock screwed the entire manosphere by banning mgtows

          W.F Price, captain capitalism, matt forney etc all followed suit, no more mgtow or mra topics or comments on their sites

          AVFM was a leftist pussified shill site from the beginning …

          Seriously if I hear one more shit about men getting raped & false rape, im gonna shoot somebody lmao

          Its been done to death, we need a fresh approach

          This is just some of the issues Ive got planned for a new blog :

          We need to address paedophilia & age of consent laws, & change the terminology :

          We need to label prisons as rape camps for men, & age of consent laws as violent torture & rape camps for young men & teenagers

          We badly need to label marriage as enslavement of men to the christian church through women

          We also need to reframe women as predatory evil scum, con artists stealing billions from men & the government

          Promote women are designed to be raped, also women want to be raped

          Promote hundreds of crimes worse then rape

          Circumcision thousand times worse then FGM, ie men need entire penis transplants from fucked up circumcisions, women dont

          Promote homosexuality as misandric & hate against men

          Encourage men to hit back women

          ALL feminist laws are massive attempts at genocide of men by women

          Throw in real hard core truths & criticism of women & society, & how much more utilitarian & rough men really have it in society

          & you have a perfect weapon against tradcons, leftists, & manginas

          I also have a twist, we use it to bring the tradcons & puas & red pillers to our side

          We have to undo the damage Dalrock, Paul Elam etc have done to the manosphere, & bring all the factions to support a Real MRA movement, with all leftists, socialists, manginas, pussified tradcons & women banned

          In short …

          Im looking to form a real MRA, MGTOW blog to bring hardcore MRA to the mainstream, Ive just been ill for the last couple of years

          Its about time

  2. @Hollenhund

    A womans biology isnt to create civilisations, but to drive civilisations into the ground, by refusing mate with 80% of men

    Women give the impression they exist to give birth, when in fact women exist to destroy civilisations by sleeping with only 20% of the population

    Most civilisations such as the greeks, egyptians & rome, werent destroyed by invaders

    They were destroyed by women who reproduced only with thugs & criminals, literally effecting the i.q with every generation

    Until the civilisation died from from having hordes of sociopaths, criminals & thugs

    Similar to how women are only reproducing with serial killers & retarded thugs today …

  3. Because of the mass transfer of wealth from christian monogamous marriage, women have no incentive or drive to excel at anything

  4. Even men can do “women’s work” better than women.

  5. so true. We only need them for sex which is very frustrating. And even at getting sex they make it hard, like you have to skip a dozen of obstacles. And they know they can manipulate us with their pussy.

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