Mar 082015

Today is International Women’s Day.  I know you guys are so excited as much as I am about it.  Since today is International Women’s Day, let’s look at the history of women in video games:

  4 Responses to “For International Women’s Day Let’s Look At The History Of Women In Video Games”

  1. My son used to play a video game. I don’t know what the name of it was. Pretty much a standard shoot-em-up.

    But the machine always gave him a woman partner in the game. The first thing he did when the game started was shoot her. He would laugh and laugh. She never suspected a thing.

    I told him he was a sick man.

    He told he actually did better in the game without the partner.

  2. I have something to say. I’ve been going through this site, looking at comments, posts, user information, and such. What I’ve found is ridiculous. I think people like you give gamers everywhere a bad name. You’re making us look like jerks, and I’m disgusted that this site exists. I’m not a woman, but I think that people should be able to go defend humanity, defeat evil turtles, or beat the crap out of alien menaces with a baseball bat regardless of gender.

    I’m not going to leave my name here, but I’ll go by “Ness”.

    If you have a good reason NOT to treat women the same way you treat your bros, let’s talk.

    I’ll take you all down.


    • @ Ness: Fucking pussy whipped mangina. Let women invade video games and in ten years the whole industry will be destroyed.

    • I’ll bite …

      One basic fact, men pay 80% of all income taxes, women only pay 20% of all income taxes, do you really want these leeches & parasitic fucks in competitive gaming?

      2. 90% of ALL girl gamers play casual games on facebook, not fps’s, not mmo’s, not rpg’s

      3. Instead of campaigning for better gameplay & high quality games, women campaign for more gay men & fat ugly hideous women to choose from, & complaining video games are too hard, & end of level bosses are misogynist lmao …

      4. The gaming market for women is MINISCULE, because women DONT play competitive games, which is why 90% of all fps’s & competitive leagues & tournaments are 90% male

      5. Women dont play video games, 90% of women play casual games

      This is WHY women need to be kicked out of gaming

      Bring it on CHUMP … lmao

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