Mar 262015

A commenter noticed something interesting:

Check out the Munchery menu (Munchery being a dinner-delivering company) :

About 90% of the serious entrees are prepared by male chefs. There are plenty of women chefs, but they only prepare the easier dessert items, which are just cookies, brownies, etc.

Irrefutable proof that men are better even at cooking, than women. You would think that being a chef on the Munchery roster is a career suited for women, since it is a new model and there is no ‘old boys network’ to break into. It is pure merit, based on something women have done since the beginning of time.

Yet, the serious meals are still prepared by men 90% of the time, with the easy things done by women.

Examine the link and poke around it. The proof is damning.

Not only this, but women couldn’t even come up with the idea.  Take a look at the founders of Munchery.  There’s not a single woman among them.  This is especially damning because Munchery was started by busy parents fathers who were looking for an option to get higher quality and quick meals for their families as they say on their about page.

It’s a damning indictment of women from multiple angles.  First, you have something that is traditionally “women’s work”, cooking, but Munchery chef roster is dominated by men, particularly when it comes to serious entrees.  Second, when you consider that women are complaining about having to do “women’s work” like cooking, they don’t come up with options like Munchery to help them out.  Third, with less and less women actually knowing how to cook, they can’t even create an option to outsource cooking to someone else.

Of course, women/feminists will say that Munchery is misogynist because they will use the excuse of blaming “misogynerds” for anything that’s even distantly related to tech.  The reality is that if such misogyny existed, then Munchery would have only been created by women and not by the men in the picture because the men in the picture would have considered it beneath them to even think about how to improve “women’s work” like cooking.  That’s another reason why Munchery is a damning indictment of women.

  11 Responses to “A Damning Indictment From Multiple Angles”


    Women used to keep men out of childbirth. Soon as men were allowed in they invented the forceps and helped save million of women’s lives.

    Women are just naturally uncreative.

  2. This is why polygamy is far more successful, women are forced to compete in a meritocracy with no handouts

    Monogamy merely creates a mass transfer of wealth to women, turning women into a deranged parasitic leisure class

    Prostitution, strip clubs, porn, are all merely a exploitation of the mass transfer of wealth to women

    Why should women have to innovate & excel, when they can transfer wealth through rotating multiple betas & multiple betas as fall back, if a regular alpha pumps & dumps her

    Monogamous marriage provides no incentives for women to innovate, no high standards of conduct, no requirements of ethics or morals, where millions of betas create a mass transfer of wealth to women

    It is the logical structure of monogamy, that is the requirement to compete in a monogamous society, makes women useless

    Ie. women have no requirement to compete in a monogamous society

    No incentives to innovate, no incentive to work, no incentive to excel

    All a monogamous society does, is provide crisp fresh betas to bankroll a womans uselessness

  3. Why don’t Men just stop working Just completely stop working go on strike across the whole world do it for a Fortnight and See what happens!

  4. the best cooks in the world have always been men.

  5. The reason why women don’t don’t make good chefs is the same reason why women don’t take any other job: it’s hard.

    Being a cook is a thankless job. You have to come in and prepare all the food, then in the evening you destroy the kitchen during the dinner rush, and then spend your night cleaning it back up. During dinner it’s the worst. You have to juggle seventeen different plates at once, make sure all the dishes come out how the customers want them, and at the same time as everyone else at the table. You’ve got other cooks to coordinate with, managers and servers yelling at you, a sweltering environment to work in, and hot food to burn and scald yourself with.

    Then this cute waitress with a pert butt grabs your plates, walks out and places them on a table, and gets a fat tip for her “service.” No wait scratch that, usually a (male) runner takes the food out. Everyone talks about how hard the women work in a restaurant when in actuality their job could be done by a monkey on rollerskates with post-it notes.

    (I’ve actually seen some sit-down restaurants with tablet ordering devices at the table, eliminating the server job, which will probably be something else feminists will protest as being harmful to women.)

    The pastry chef is an exception, because her food isn’t made to order. She just comes in in the morning, bakes her quota of cookies and pies, and then leaves before it ever gets busy. It’s literally the easiest job in the place.

  6. B-b-but what about women? Is this not oppression?

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