Feb 252015

Let’s say there is a mangina out there in Silicon Valley who panders to women and wants to “help” them.  For his attempts at helping, he gets viciously attacked by feminists.  Despite the attacks, he does not have the presence of mind to realize that being a mangina was a big mistake.  The mangina in question is Vivek Wadhwa, the Indian-American venture capitalist and academic.

Vivek Wadhwa has been attacked by feminists in the past such as by Shanley Kane, the January 2015 Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Feminists have not stopped attacking Wadhwa despite his stated desire to help women in technology.  Here’s a short list of some of the things Wadhwa has been accused of by feminists:

  1. Taking the “oxygen out of the room” by “speaking for women”
  2. Taking credit for the work that two women did in a Huffington Post column
  3. Misappropriating money related to the book he wrote on women in technology
  4. Supposedly direct messaging multiple women on Twitter as a bizarre pretext to sexually harassing them

Because of this Wadhwa has decided to stop talking about women in technology.   However, he has learned nothing.  Wadhwa thinks its his fault for “fighting the battles of women in technology for too long” and “taking the accusations too personally”.  When a group of people lies about you and falsely accuses you of unethical and/or criminal behavior, you should take it personally.  If Wadhwa thinks he took the accusations “too personally”, all that proves is that he can’t see what is really going on.  He can’t see that the issue of women in technology is not about women in technology but a platform to attack men.  Wadhwa can’t see that there is no benefit to being a male feminist.  He must be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

  8 Responses to “Vivek Wadhwa Must Be Suffering From Stockholm Syndrome”

  1. There is some strange logic to what the feminists did to this man.

    Feminists saw a man making money off them, feminists hate men and want women to make money using the plight of women, not other men. Feminism is about denying men resources.

    Feminism is quite consistent if you pay attention to what they do.

  2. Because of this Wadhwa has decided to stop talking about women in technology.

    I read his post a few days ago and almost hurled my breakfast. But the larger point is that whether he’s just a self-serving opportunist or a true believer, he’s come to the conclusion that there’s nothing in it for him for “supporting women”. I think it’s a sign of what’s going to come soon. After a period of doubling down, manginal support for feminists will simply disappear.

  3. […] happen, but I would be money that it will happen.  Because of this I’m certain that eventually Aaronson will pull a Vivek Wadhwa and bow out of this (assuming he doesn’t lose his job first or […]

  4. What happened between Manboobz and Feministing?

  5. I don’t think the government is that rational. I do think they go by short term impulses and instincts.

  6. But this leads me to the hope that the government will realize that it has been overpaying for female votes, and that they can quietly whittle down the handouts they give women, without losing the votes of women.

    A policy of sunset provisions to all laws would be a simple way to handle that.

  7. Females do hate male talent. That is why female teachers use relational aggression against boys at schools and down mark them. The female teachers are trying to socially destroy boys.

    What was the pretext for driving him out?

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