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Scott Aaronson is has decided to follow up on the vicious attacks he received from feminists that happened at the end of last year.  It’s pretty clear that he’s going to end up as another Vivek Wadhwa.  Despite being viciously attacked by feminists/SJWs, Aaronson does not say (and appears to be unwilling to say) that what happened to him is the result of the nature of feminism/SJW.  Instead Aaronson defines the problem as “online shaming campaigns” implying that they can come from anywhere.  Yet, even his own examples disprove this as Aaronson can not name an example of an online shaming campaign that was done by any group other than feminists/SJWs.  In fact, Aaronson’s own (accurate) description of what happened to him shows that this is a feminist/SJW problem:

Alas, once the comment was wrested from its original setting into the clickbait bazaar, the story became “MIT professor explains: the real oppression is having to learn to talk to women” (the title of Amanda Marcotte’s hit-piece, something even some in Marcotte’s ideological camp called sickeningly cruel).  My photo was on the front page of Salon, next to the headline “The plight of the bitter nerd.”  I was subjected to hostile psychoanalysis not once but twice on ‘Dr. Nerdlove,’ a nerd-bashing site whose very name drips with irony, rather like the ‘Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.’  There were tweets and blog comments that urged MIT to fire me, that compared me to a mass-murderer, and that “deduced” (from first principles!) all the ways in which my parents screwed up in raising me and my female students cower in fear of me.   And yes, when you Google me, this affair now more-or-less overshadows everything else I’ve done in my life.

On top of this, Aaronson thinks that working with Laurie Penny is a good idea.  This is a big mistake.  Aaronson believes that it’s only one aspect of feminism that is a problem.  He still labors under the delusion that there are “reasonable feminists” out there.  That delusion will get Aaronson into trouble.  Feminists are not interested in his reasoned arguments or meeting him in the middle.  Anything Aaronson writes can and will be used against him by feminists (proving the statement, attributed to Cardinal Richelieu, that if you give him six lines written by the most honest of men, he will find something with which to hang him) .  For example, in the comments of Aaronson’s latest blog post there was an extended discussion of what is wrong with the Dr. Nerdlove site.  As a result Aaronson ends up saying this about nerds:

On the contrary, I was stating a moral judgment: namely, that people we call nerds make a massive contribution to the progress of the human race; that their ability to do so is directly related to the classic nerd personality traits that some people despise (literal-mindedness, valuing truth over social niceties, obsession with mastering a craft, etc.); that what’s right about the stereotypical nerd personality easily outweighs what’s wrong about it; and that it’s not merely nerds who ought to adapt themselves to the world, but the world that ought to adapt itself to nerds.

While Aaronson is correct, I can already see how feminists will twist this into accusations of misogyny, that Aaronson wants to sexually harass and rape women, and that he’s the next Elliot Rodger.  I hope for Aaronson’s sake it doesn’t happen, but I would be money that it will happen.  Because of this I’m certain that eventually Aaronson will pull a Vivek Wadhwa and bow out of this (assuming he doesn’t lose his job first or worse).

  5 Responses to “How Long Until Scott Aaronson Pulls A Vivek Wadhwa?”

  1. Laurie Penny is a privileged rich girl who hates poor low status men. The girl is a complete joke, who only writes because of her status and connections.

    I hope this guy wakes up and realizes the true nature of females. (Yes females! Not just feminists!)

  2. My guide for dealing with subversive feminist fucks … lol

    1. All feminists should be sued for fraud, extortion & their vaginas searched for contraband

    2. Their bungholes should also be searched for silverware & cutlery, just in case … lol

    3. Feminists should also be flagged as terrorists everytime they date a man, or have sex with a man

    Also ..

    All sex with a feminist is rape of a mans wallet

    All manginas with pink suicide belts around their ballsacks, shot on site … long range ballistic recommended, or hire chris kyle from the grave … lol

  3. Even White Nationalists recognise the war against asian men


    Hispanics get 50 less bonus points, africans get 250 bonus points for being black

    Asians get zero bonus points and receive a penalty of -50 points for being asian

    Note this is state policy in all SAT scores …

    “Complaints about bias in college admissions have persisted since at least the 1920s, when a Harvard University president tried to cap the number of Jewish students.

    In November, a group called Students for Fair Admissions filed a suit against Harvard University for admissions policies that allegedly discriminate against Asian Americans. The group cited the 2004 Princeton study and other sources that offer statistics about Asian Americans’ test performance”

  4. At some point, he will reach a breaking point. It happened to me.

    I would label myself as a staunch anti-feminist, but I keep in touch with some friends who are feminists in real life.

    Note that they differ in their conduct and attitude then online feminism in which the majority of said feminists seem to be rad-fems who hate everything white, male, cis, ect.

  5. […] I recall that piece which blew up on the internet in January by Scott Aaronson, the MIT professor, who had the worst kind of “nerd” nightmare that one can imagine growing up. It was so bad – as was the effect of feminism on him, that he contemplated chemical castration and suicide because he was terrified of oppressing and harassing women through any kind of conversation with them.   Despite all this, he states that he is still 97%  on board with feminism.  That is some devotion right there, though I wonder how long that will last. […]

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