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Coke has this new social media campaign called #MakeItHappy where an algorithm would turn negative tweets tagged with #MakeItHappy into ASCII art.  This week, Gawker, thought it would be a good idea to create a Twitter bot to tweet passages from Mein Kampf at Coke.  Gawker even bragged about doing this.

What does this have to do with #GamerGate, and why is this one of anti-#GamerGate’s great mistakes?  Gawker is a major media outlet opposed to #GamerGate.  Like all other anti-#GamerGaters they have been trying to portray gamers as a hate group not that different from the Nazis.  Yet, it is anti-#GamerGaters like Gawker that are giving visibility to Nazi propaganda.  This has not gone unnoticed:

There’s another reason why this is a big mistake for anti-#GamerGate.  This isn’t the only example of Naziism among anti-#GamerGate.  Ian Miles Cheong, the Editor in Chief of Gameranx and a major anti-#GamerGate personality, was a former Nazi.  Adjacent to anti-#GamerGate, Shanley Kane, the most recent Entitlement Princess of the Month, used to have a boyfriend that was a Nazi.  When you look at that last part, it makes you wonder how much “women in tech” bullshit and its war on men of Indian and Asian descent working in tech is driven by a derivative of Naziism or white supremacism/nationalism.  This is something that definitely needs further investigation.

  20 Responses to “Anti-#GamerGate Made Its Sixth Great Mistake”

  1. Without being too smarmy I only WISH there was a ‘war on men of asian and indian descent” working in tech. It seems, in fact, that those men are being used to displace true native born americans of whatever ethnicity: http://www.vdare.com/posts/california-hundreds-of-american-it-workers-are-replaced-by-foreigners-using-h-1b-visas

    • the war is on all men everywhere.

      as manwomanmyth so aptly stated, “the other man is YOU.”

    • Clarence hating on rival men, that is why women rule us.

      WAKE UP! Men of the world unite, you only have your chains to lose!

      (Yes I am trying to wind up right wingers with my paraphrasing Marx :P)

      • tamerlane wrote:

        Clarence hating on rival men, that is why women rule us.

        Note the opposed patterns: women stick together as a group, while trying to undermine each other as individuals. While men can be incredibly loyal to their friends or their team, while having a tendency to throw men as a group under the bus. It’s an artifact of our evolutionary psychobiology that isn’t easy to get past.

  2. Most gamers are white … gawker as nazi’s doesnt make sense …

  3. Sheer attention whoring. Congratulations, Gawker, you have risen to the level of smearing shit on the wall and calling it “political commentary”.

  4. A. Employers use illegal immigrants and things like H-1B to keep wages low. A certain commenter is wise on many things but one thing he is full of it is on economics. We aren’t operating in a purely capitalistic system when it comes to trade, and thus attempting to pretend that importing people for lesser wages (whilst whining you don’t have people to do the work at the new, lowered wages) wont contract your economy is a fool’s errend.

    B. PMAFT: I easily agree there is a war on men in general. That being said, it’s white men who are the most targeted of all in the USA as we are the ones who are assumed to have privilege and we are the ones with the most cumulative wealth to loot. I don’t feel Indian men have it any worse in the USA than any other men (in INDIA with its current feminist hysteria I feel quite sorry for them) indeed, I feel that for certain industries they are favored for pure greed reasons.

    C. There is a freaking difference between being an economic populist or nationalist (‘Free’ trade versus ‘Fair” Trade) and throwing other men under the bus. I’d love for men in India to get help in Growing Some Balls to defend themselves. I’d rather they not be here working for less. One reason I know a certain commenter is full of shit on this is because there is plenty of testimony by tech CEO’s always trying to expand H-1B rather than try to train anyone here – even if you buy their self interested assertions which many techs claim are bogus.

    • Clarence wrote:
      Employers use illegal immigrants

      Close the borders. It can be handled several ways:
      (1) Build a decent fence.
      (2) Prosecute employers for employing illegal immigrants.
      (3) Bribe Mexico to keep a lid on northbound traffic.
      (4) Decriminalize drugs to reduce civil unrest in Mexico.

      Realistically, I doubt much of this is going to happen quickly. Instead I see other countervailing forces that will leave the US as the top economic power over the next two to three decades. The rest of the world will also technologically catch up to the US, which will reduce the incentive for both legal and illegal immigration here. Yes, there will be a lot of unnecessary pain.

      and things like H-1B to keep wages low.

      I agree that visa needs to go. The L1 and L2 visas should also be severely restricted and/or cut off. Employers who want and need foreign labor can file a green card application for their employee(s). Yes, they can outsource too (has mixed results in terms of actual savings).

      There should also be more antitrust lawsuits like this one.

      A certain commenter is wise on many things but one thing he is full of it is on economics.

      Sorry, don’t agree with you there. Our current economic system has complexities that go beyond the supply and demand model you see.


      The article above gives an overview of how advancing technology is slowly but surely lifting all boats. Yes, it’s doing it very slowly and unevenly, (and often very unfairly), but it’s doing it. I have not yet seen any other writings that explain it in as clear of concise a fashion.

      We aren’t operating in a purely capitalistic system

      That is true – we have a combination spoils system that favors the elite and (too big to fail) corporations and also favors women and minorities. The strategy has been to divide and rule. There has also been a strategy of exploiting the people who combine the traits of being economically productive and politically disconnected and to shower those with the opposite traits with bennies.

      There is a freaking difference between being an economic populist or nationalist (‘Free’ trade versus ‘Fair” Trade) and throwing other men under the bus.

      Ok, fair enough. I’ll stand by that it a general trait of male behavior and is the main reason why men have so much difficulty organizing together in their own self-interest. Evolution optimized us to gain mastery over the physical world, not receive transfers of wealth in a spoils system. Women (and some cohesive minorities) obviously do much better under such a system.

      One reason I know a certain commenter is full of shit on this is because there is plenty of testimony by tech CEO’s always trying to expand H-1B rather than try to train anyone her

      This has been going on for decades and not just in the standard workplace. There has been a consistent corporate tendency to prefer “out-of-the-box” employees (even those who need an unpopular niche technology). It’s of course absurd to let a job languish for 6 months when someone could be up and productive in the space of a month.

      Overall, my belief is that the attempts to lower wages for employees, especially tech employees, has actually cost money for companies. Software development in particular doesn’t lend itself well to the “Mongolian hordes” approach. Outsourcing is prone to infrastructure, time zone, and communication issues which can quickly eat up the touted savings. While this has been mitigated to some degree by advancing technology, it’s also become more expensive to outsource to those formerly ‘backward’ areas.

      In the past few years, most of the job posting I’ve seen have explicitly asked for US citizens or green card holders. So there seems to be some belated recognition even by employers about the negative issues associated with using H1-B visas.

  5. A. Employers use illegal immigrants and things like H-1B to keep wages low.

    So Indian men in tech are illegal immigrants?

    • So Indian men in tech are illegal immigrants?

      I think he was trying to say that both types of immigration can have negative consequences.

  6. On the topic of a lot of Indian having mangina syndrome – I think a lot of it may be due to the constant shaming and inflicting guilt upon Indian men who are generally quite self-respecting.
    This has been done by many groups – the feminists- both western and Indian – being a major one of them.
    And this is done in several ways – such as highlighting a few specific rape cases – conveniently forgetting the statistics that India has much much lower rapes per capita when compared to most developed countries. Another way it is done is by deliberately misinterpreting and misrepresenting a lot of old Indian traditions and customs and conveniently ignoring the whole picture.

    Also, Indians are hardly uncivilized people from mud huts. From 0 AD till1800 AD, for most of the times, India was the #1 in the world in terms of GDP. Only during small packets of time (such as around 1650) was India pushed to #2 by China. India went downhill since 1800(may be due to brits?). I don’t think that’s a sign of an uncivilized society. And if there are poor people in India living in mud huts, I am pretty sure they will not be able to make it to USA.

    This is why I think if we want to fight feminists, Indian men need more encouragement, rather than more shaming.

  7. All men need this encouragement.

    Yes, absolutely!
    The last thing we want to do while running an antifeminist or men’s rights movement is to segregate different groups of men based on ethnicity, nationality, appearance etc.
    One of the main reasons why feminists have been able to gain so much control is because of the unity among women.

  8. Just wanted to say you rocked this whole thread, which is awesome

    Also I wanted to apologise for giving the impression of indians being inferior, indians are amazing people & outcompete whites in alot of areas

    What I meant was Indians have strengths whites dont, Indians are great at seeing the strengths & focal points in anything they do, indians are financial powerhouse’s

    Theyre not as good as whites at innovating & anticipatory behaviour, not even the chinese or japanese can compete with whites, which is why most firms in Silicon Valley are run by whites

    Anyway we have to be aware of the racial differences between the races, if we want to avoid becoming like the blacks …

    Again apologies, if you were offended many apologies …

  9. I have worked with plenty of immigrants in the tech industry and enough of them have generated jobs in the tech industry alone that losing jobs is not a concern. The same can not be said of women.

  10. Hate to agree with dick clarence but for the wrong reasons … lol

    We need to ban indians for being raging magina’s, theyre also ridiculously incompetent in most fields

    Sure a few dominate, but on average most indian men retain an agarian farm culture, & a backwards mud hut society

    The culture of indian men is still too primitive for most 1st world countries, in terms of assimilation

    Indian men are basically the culture of a farmer who still lives in a mud hut, but also spits out lines of code … indian programmers in a nutshell

    Theyre primitive mud hut culture is too dependant on protecting women, making indian men a major misandric problem for mra’s

    Most indians are beaten down, pussified raging beta’s, they literally make me vomit with their gay beta attitude

  11. Funny you should link that article. I am working on a much more expanded version of the same

    I’ll look forward to reading it.

    It also addresses the earlier point about innovation slowing.

    Yes, I understand that. I used to see scientific/technological/economic/social progress as having a relatively simple (exponential) trajectory. But it doesn’t work that way in the real world – you can have many years of slow, quiet progress punctuated by dramatic bouts of change. Economic and social factors obviously also have their own timetable and can lag behind or reinforce technological improvements.

    about John McCarthy’s innovation list
    He overlooks the massive and ongoing improvements in the old, initial inventions.

    True enough. Gerard O’Neill also did some prognostication in his book 2081. He said that most futurists have a tendency to get starry-eyed over newer, “sexy” discoveries and technologies at the expense of incremental improvements over older ones. While I personally believe he made a few of the same mistakes as some of the people he criticized (note we don’t have the space colonies yet that he wrote so much about), that just underscores how difficult this whole prediction process is.

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