Jan 192015

One thing the attack on Charlie Hebdo has done is given us evidence on how feminists view men like Elliot Rodger compared to the Charlie Hebdo attackers.  Both Elliot Rodger and the Charlie Hebdo attackers murdered several people.  However, the feminist reaction to Elliot Rodger and Charlie Hebdo has been quite different.

Feminists said that Elliot Rodger was a “misogynist extremist” and a terrorist (that terrorized women) and tried to link him to PUAs and MRAs as if Elliot Rodger was part of a larger group of MRAs and PUAs that constituted something similar to Al Queda.  Anita Sarkeesian has blamed “toxic masculinity” for Elliot Rodger (and other male shooters):

The reality of Elliot Rodger was that he was mentally ill.  This was a man who fantasized about creating a virus that would kill all men except him and was being treated by psychologists since he was 8 years old.  Rodger also murdered more men than women so he was hardly targeting women.  He acted alone and was not associated with any group of MRAs or PUAs.  Since Elliot Rodger is dead, his murders ended there.

This is in complete contrast to the Charlie Hebdo attackers.  They were not mentally ill and were working with Al Queda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).  Objectively, this makes the Charlie Hebdo attackers much worse than Elliot Rodger.  As long as AQAP is still around, then what the Charlie Hebdo attackers did has not ended.  The feminist reaction to the Charlie Hebdo attackers is to come close to defending them such as with this article from Feministing or in the case of Jonathan McIntosh (Anita Sarkeesian’s “partner” as Feminist Frequency and likely boyfriend):

McIntosh actually thinks that what the Charlie Hebdo attackers did wasn’t that bad because they were “marginalized”.  Feminists pretend that Elliot Rodger is a demon and a terrorist while supporting actual terrorists.  Why do feminists think Elliot Rodger was evil while the Charlie Hebdo attackers are misunderstood?  It comes down to one thing.  Elliot Rodger murdered (pretty white) women so they consider him to be a misogynist despite the fact that he murdered more men than women.  Feminists considered some of the work that Charlie Hebdo published to be misogynist.  It all comes down to the fact that feminists consider violence to be legitimate against anyone they consider to be a “misogynist”.  That is why they treat Elliot Rodger and the Charlie Hebdo attackers so differently.  That’s it.



  5 Responses to “Why Feminists Treat Elliot Rodger As Evil But Not The Charlie Hebdo Attackers”

  1. I think feminists find Elliot Rodgers sexually exciting. I once banged a woman who called me a woman hater and like Elliot Rodgers, when I posted an MRA post on craigslist.

    I don’t give a shit about Islamic terrorists, because I don’t see it as a systematic problem, like the police state.

    Feminism has killed thousands of men each year in the UK. Terrorists kill 20 people every 5 years.

    Also the state in defense of free speech is going to pass laws banning free speech even more.

    McIntosh’s posts are insane and racist. Self loathing white man alert.

  2. Attacking Religion is not attacking the most vulnerable and marginalized in society. Feminists attack men, and low status men are the ones who cop it the most. so Mcintosh is the one who attacks the most vulnerable and marginalized in society.

    Islam is a gynocentertic male abuse cult. Arab women beat and abuse boys at unbelievable rate, I believe this is the reason so many Arab men turn out insane. (The west attacking the middle east and smashing secular Arab states in the past hasn’t helped.)

  3. Charlie Hebdo is NOT an act of terrorism

    The U.S bombs & shoots up children in iraq for over 10 years

    The U.S murders & imprisons men, causing millions of men to get raped in steel cages

    & then calls two people being shot by lunatic muslims an act of terrorism bwahahaha

    Heres the cold hard fact ..

    Muslims are a bunch of pussies compared to the U.S & the U.K butchering & killing millions of civilians & men on a daily basis

    Dont believe the hype, muslims will never be a threat, muslim pussies havent even destroyed one U.S city even after 50 years of bombing & murdering millions of muslims

    Muslims are pussies, theyre a pack of pussified men

    Cops murder & kill thousands of men every year, terrorising hundreds of thousands of men

    Pussified muslims kill two french leftist faggots is not terrorism…

    The misandry & male hatred, terrorising & killing thousands of men at the whim of feminists & obese women IS true terrorism

    Bwahahahha Im literally laughing my ass off at the injustice of it all … not

    Muslims are pussies, just look at their shit hole countries from centuries of pussification

  4. Both ER and the CH attackers killed nice white women. The difference is that Elliot Roger was weak and contemptible.

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