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There are lots of campaigns to get more “women in tech”.  One thing that keeps coming up in response is “why aren’t there any campaigns to get more men to become elementary school teachers?”  That is a valid question to ask.  It exposes the “women in tech” campaigns for what they really are which isn’t an attempt to create a more even gender distribution.  It’s an attempt to force men out of tech so that women can take it over while at the same retain control over female dominated professions like elementary education.  It’s also an attempt to get women “jobs” where they don’t have to do any work or produce anything of value like “diversity coordinator”.

It’s also important to look at this from the opposite direction.  Here is a chart of jobs which the percentage of men in them.  (The image is large so you may need to click on it to see it):

There are lots of jobs with higher percentages of men before you even get to the tech industry.  Look at the last job on the list, Boilermakers.  The percentage of women boilermakers is 0.2%.  In other words only 1 out of 500 boilermakers is a woman.  Feminists should be talking about this because it’s the job with the lowest percentage of women in it.  Yet, feminists will never talk about this.  That’s because being a boilermaker is hard work where you have to get your hands dirty and have to produce tangible objects.

Any woman who complains about the lack of women in tech is a hypocrite and a fraud unless she’s willing to become a boilermaker.

  26 Responses to “Why Are There No Campaigns For Women In Boilermaking?”

  1. This information is very useful, thanks a lot!

  2. Interesting that “sales engineering” is 94% male. There are no physical requirements to the job other than putting in the legwork to finding customers, and that can be done with the internet and a phone. One encounters a lot of failure and rejection though.

    • Sales engineering is different than regular sales in that it usually has a technical component. While a sales engineer has to do traditional sales work, they also need technical knowledge and possibly basic coding such as being able to write a python script.

      The chart has another category for “salespersons”, and the percentage of men is lower at 66.3%.

    • “…One encounters a lot of failure and rejection though.”

      Those are women’s two biggest stumbling blocks and Achilles’ Heels:
      1) Failure; especially when they cannot place the blame on someone else (usually the nearest man).
      2) Rejection; as every heterosexual man knows, women don’t deal with being rejected very well AT ALL. OTOH, they positively THRIVE on dealing out rejection — in fact, it seems like dealing out rejection is what they live for.

  3. psst. Don’t give them ideas. Be careful what you wish for.

  4. Women want good jobs. So do men. I don’t think any young boy thought, “I really want to be a drywall installer or roofer when I grow up.”
    Dominance in these is probably explained by men on average being better suited for them (bigger/stronger/other reasons I can’t think of).

    • Googling “female technology workers” : 115,000,000 results
      Googling “female blue-collar workers” : 1,400,000 results

      I think it’s fair to say that there’s considerably more social pressure to give tech jobs to women than blue-collar work. The former appear to be white collar, physically undemanding jobs and the latter are dirty, physically exhausting, and often dangerous.

  5. Perhaps because women face even more barriers getting into physically labourious work (and not just barriers of physical endurance). Good luck even getting a bloody job interview let alone not being called a useless feminazi cunt all day long on the floor.

  6. @PMAFT

    Feminists start attacking Asians in tech …

    Right on cue

    “It’s time for Asian American men to stop being the “Model Minority” in tech.”


    • It’s written by a self-flagellating Indian American (feminist?) man. I guess it has to be done this way. An organization like NOW campaigning for fewer Asian men in tech might be tough for even the lamestream media to stomach.

  7. Honestly I am a woman and I immensely dislike 80% of women. I find them lazy, whiny, afraid to get their hands dirty, afraid to express opinions, especially afraid to express any opinion that does not show that they are a beautiful princess, as well as deceptive and manipulative. They urinate profusely all over toilet seats and teach this to their children. They run you over in their strollers. They have their mouths open 99% of the time, and I wish insects would go inside. They talk in stupid drooly whiny weak voices so they don’t have to do things, but if they only did things, they wouldn’t complain about being fat constantly. They wear stupid high heels that click clack everywhere they go, forcing both men and women to look up from their newspapers expecting a central park horse or exceptionally beautiful looking super model. They wear makeup but can’t sweat with makeup on. They’re jealous of natural beauties and the confidence women who do not wear makeup have, so they spread lies about confident women to attempt to bring them down. They act like they like televised sports, and always have something to contribute to sports discussions, when deep down, few do. Many have never felt true strife in their families except that which is caused by their own stupidity, shallowness and spoiled behavior. For this reason I only have a few friends that are female who are the non-moronic type.

    • Women wear makeup because the lining between their rectal & vagina is so thin, it causes particles of faeces to leak through & infect & poison their vaginas, causing their looks to rot & decay by the age of 19

      This is also why they wear tons of perfume & shoes, to distract men from all the faeces leaking into their vaginas

      If women got plastic surgery to increase the thin membrane between their ass & vagina, their looks would last to their 30’s, instead of rotting & decaying by the age of 19 from the stench of faeces in their vaginas

  8. “Any woman who complains about the lack of women in tech is a hypocrite and a fraud unless she’s willing to become a boilermaker.” The stupidity in that logic…

    Of course women want more jobs in tech, that’s where the money is. It’s where the job opportunity lies. That’s why men want these jobs more than boilermaker jobs, too.

    For the record, I’m a feminist and a woman in tech. I’m also someone who wants to see more men in elementary schools and pursuing more traditionally women-dominated fields. Bottom line, everyone should have the opportunity to pursue the field they want.

    Here’s a tip: most feminists aren’t anti-men. In fact a lot of us (myself included) also want to work towards equal rights and opportunity for men.

    • The trades like boilermaking pay well so that is no excuse.

      You just admitted that women want “equality” in high paying jobs that are in offices but are fine with forcing men to do all the dangerous and dirty jobs out there. You do not believe in equality because equality means that women have to do half of all the low paying, dangerous, and dirty jobs.

      • As a woman, I totally agree with you. Maybe it’s because we don’t have as much muscle tone. But I know that it’s really because women are afraid of getting dirty, looking ugly, and looking anything but “dainty” and “beautiful” and painted on with makeup. Unless of course they’re in their lululemon pants in a $500 a month gym. It’s disgusting.

        In defense of many women with clean jobs, though, TEACHING is one of the ‘cleanest’ (well not my kind of high school!), and hardest, jobs that mainly women do.

        • Relax, I’m not saying the public school system is awesome. I never said any field would be better if women ran it. You may be confusing me with another Jane Doe on this site.

        • How the hell is teaching hard in any shape or form you dim witted broad …

          All you’re doing is admitting women dont work

  9. Can you paste down the link in your reply?

    I thought that men still have to worry more today because of self-driving cars, but after that it’s going to be more female jobs.

  10. Smaller firms such as medium & xojane tend to be forerunners for trends, before they get picked up by the mainstream

    Either way its an unexpected, if premature point for feminism

    Poc including poc men are still too sympathetic, itll take a few months, if not another year for feminists to reach the logical conclusion poc men arent a protected victim group

    Which is going to be hilarious, as GG has shown pissing off disenfranchised men leads to serious blowback & creates huge waves of antifeminists

    May their vaginas live in interesting times lmao …

  11. Women dont want to work in the software or tech, they just want the easy money there

    Ie., infest it with useless HR jobs for women, thats WHY feminists want women in tech jobs, to leech more cash to them

  12. It is hard, but having one gender dominate the entire system is not great. I’m not dim witted, nor a broad. I do notice many women in cities do have these useless HR jobs, usually desk jobs, usually with some sort of a title of coordinator of something. Frankly, I’m a little jealous their jobs are so easy and high paying, unlike teaching.

  13. @Doe

    Teaching is filled with unaccountable retards, which is why women swarm to teaching like flies to shit, teaching’s a cake walk compared to 99% of male vocations

    Also you’re wrong on the entire equality bullshit

    Men arent designed to take on womens roles

    Equality is just as evil as feminism

    Equality just like feminism is DESIGNED to screw men over

    ALL societies are built on being biologically correct

    Men’s biological advantages form the BEDROCK of all societies

    Its not about being traditional, its all about being biologically correct

    Equality attacks the biological advantages of men, its designed to weaken the biological correct culture & traditions of society

    This is WHY MGTOW & MRA is superior to equality, they fight to maintain the biological advantages of ALL men, while giving them the rights men need to be superior to women

    Men should be ditching women, & switch to surrogates

    Fuck bitches

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