Jan 172015

Linus Torvalds, the creator and leader of the Linux kernel, had this to say about the push for “diversity” in tech:

Torvalds was attacked by feminists for saying that individual contributions and technical skills matter.  Rather than stand firm, Torvalds wrote to Ars Technica to “explain what he really meant”, just like Scott Aaronson did (and similar to Matt Taylor’s crying apology over his shirt).  We have seen with GNOME and Mozilla that feminism is toxic for the survival of open source projects.  What Torvalds has done puts the Linux kernel in peril.

Here’s a piece of advice to the future Linus Torvalds, Scott Aaronsons, and Matt Taylors out there.  If you run into trouble with feminism, your apologies or explanations on what you really meant don’t matter to them so don’t bother.  Stand up to them.  Feminists may generate problems for you if you do that, but trying to “apologize” or “explain yourself” will lead to the exact same thing.  Since the result is the same you should stand up to the feminist bullies.  When Scott Aaronson tried to “explain himself”, he was still compared to Elliot Rodger.  If you’re a man working in tech, feminists are out to get you regardless of what you say or do, so the only sensible option is to fight them.

  4 Responses to “Linus Torvalds Should Have Held Firm On His Comments About Diversity In Tech”

  1. Basic western philosophy when dealing with westernised feminist pounded by a thousand cocks wenches

    First they come for the betas, then the married men

    Then you fight them, then you cum in them … lol

    Sun Tsao should add that one in the Art of War lmao …

    He’s probably laughing his ass off at all these manginas getting pounded by pussifed faggots & feminist retards …

    If you dont run your own business, be willing to organise & fight feminists in the workplace, no matter what you do, you will end up fighting them, might as well organise & be prepared to kick their ass

  2. What about the jobs that women do? Forget about them being less productive than AI, they are not productive, period.

    When you think about it, most “women’s work” involves the following roles. Please note that none of them involve generating wealth or increasing human mastery over the physical world.

    A. Supportive care. This includes childcare, nursing, administrative assistant, housewife.
    B. Regulation of social behavior. Human resources, agony aunt, regulatory compliance, government jobs, legal work, NOW.
    C. Trading in on female sexuality. Whores, actresses, women who sleep with their boss.

    Obviously there can be some overlap. An actress like Jennifer Lawrence who wants to be a role model for young women can be said to fall into Category B as well as C. While the woman who sleeps with her boss may well fall into all three categories.

    We talk about VR Sex replacing the SMV of all women in the 5-7 range of looks and even turning the heat on 8s,

    There go the type C roles (most of them).

    but AI/Deep learning, to the extent it ‘replaces jobs’ will replace jobs in a VERY, VERY politically incorrect way.

    I believe that the bottom will fall out for type B jobs in particular. They’ll be hit both directly by increasing automation and indirectly by the declining leverage offered by type C forms of work. Fewer men who are willing to marry due to the risks of divorce theft and the easy availability of sexual gratification will mean much less money is available for unproductive jobs. Women’s political-action groups will also decline in influence since there just won’t be enough money to fund them or institute their programs.

    The government will step in to shield women’s make-work jobs from elimination, but the money the government will have to spend to do this will rise at Moore’s Law-type rates.

    If every jurisdiction that tries to shield women takes a financial bath, the ones that don’t will rapidly pull ahead. It’s only a matter of time.

    AI does not whiteknight.

    It doesn’t have the baggage of millions of years of evolution.

  3. […] hate Linus Torvalds.  They hate him for not caring about “diversity” in tech (a.k.a. women in tech) and for sa…  Feminists hate Torvalds for refusing to kowtow to Sarah Sharp, a now former Linux developer, who […]

  4. One thing to remember about AI is that you don’t need to have Skynet or Data to destroy jobs. A little bit of AI can go a long way to destroying jobs especially those jobs women dominate. How much AI do you really need to replace government and quasi-government bureaucrats? I suspect not a lot.

    As someone who lives in the DC area, I can tell you there is already a lot of pressure to reduce headcount at various government agencies and government related employers. Some AI and deep learning will push this over the edge.

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