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Intel has decided to throw $300 million at diversity in tech nonsense.  One of the recipients of that money will be Anita Sarkeesian.  Intel’s supposed goal is to have Intel’s US employees reflect the racial and gender makeup of the US population by 2020:


Assuming that Intel is in anywhere serious about its goal of “full representation” in its workforce by 2020, there is only one way to do it.  Intel is going to have to fire a lot of people.  Of course, white men will be fired, but they won’t be allowed to sue Intel for discrimination.  However, white men won’t be the only group fired en masse from Intel.  A disproportionate number of Indian American and Asian American men work at Intel compared to the percentage of Indian American and Asian American men in the general US population.  The difference in percentages is likely to be greater than the percentage of white men that work at Intel compared to the US population.  While Intel will have to fire lots of white men to reach its goal by 2020, Intel will have to fire a lot more Indian American and Asian American men.  This is going to be a real problem for Intel.  Indian American and Asian American men fired by Intel will have no trouble bringing a massive class action racial discrimination law suit against Intel.

It’s also possible that Intel will have to fire some of its Indian American and Asian American female employees.  The tech industry has a disproportionate number of foreign born women working in it compared to the general population so it’s likely the same is true at Intel.  Not only would that would add to the racial discrimination lawsuit, but it would be a visible battle between immigrant women trying to make a better life in America vs. pampered rent seeking American women.

Overall, this is just another example of the war on Indian American and Asian American men working in tech.  Intel can’t just go after white men to reach its goals.  Intel has to pull the trigger on firing Indian American and Asian American men which will show all of its talk about diversity is garbage.

  12 Responses to “How Long Until Intel Gets Hit With A Class Action Law Suit From Asian American Men?”

  1. Yeah Tell Me about it I’m an Aussie white Man and here there is NO INCENTIVE for me to work I’m Disabled too I’m always too Sick and Tired to do any work plus my ASPERGER’S Syndrome fucks me around with my brain spinning around with millions of thoughts a Second my brain spins faster then a UFO I swear it does!

  2. This is not about diversity, this is about giving females more jobs. Diveristy is just codeword for pro female.

  3. gamergate’s decision to focus on ethics doesn’t seem to be working.

  4. Sarkesian is now the Al Sharpton of the tech industry. She is being trained well to become the next shake down artist and make her a very wealthy woman.

  5. Give Intel a little more credit.
    They’re not fools. They realize that if they let go of their primary workforce, and don’t hire competent people, the company WILL suffer.
    And if they are ready to take that risk over a bunch of imaginary brownie points, then good luck to them. The market doesn’t care about that. Only the best, most cost effective CPUs will sell.
    I’m not worried.

  6. Why should there be equal representation of men and women in the work force anyway? Females have too much social privilege outside of work. You don’t see rich women supporting lower status men. Men can’t fall back to the female gender role like women can. When a man is fucked, he is on his own.

  7. […] course, there is a built in problem with what Ellen Pao is doing. Anything having to with “diversity” in the tech industry requires that Asian men be fire… which will open up Ellen Pao’s group and any company stupid enough to follow her to […]

  8. Intel can afford this diversity tax … for now.
    But as the GFC rolls on, they will simply “forget” that this thing exists
    women will be put to work on glass cliffs.
    and besides that,
    the world can’t afford too many Adria Richards’.

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