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Anti-#GamerGate has already made three major mistakes.  All three of these mistakes had one thing in common.  They pushed people who didn’t care about #GamerGate firmly into the #GamerGate camp.  Anti-#GamerGate is in the process of making its fourth and fifth major mistakes which will have the same effect.

The fourth major mistake Anti-#GamerGate is making is flooding somewhat related websites with anti-#GamerGate and feminist women in tech propaganda.  Slashdot, a website for technology news, is a good example.  A while back Slashdot started posting a lot of anti-#GamerGate and feminist women in tech nonsense.  Initially, the attitude of the readership at Slashdot agreed with the anti-#GamerGate and feminist position.  However, the constant drumbeat of anti-#GamerGate and women in tech propaganda had the effect of reversing the views of the Slashdot readership as can be seen with the comments to Slashdot stories like this one.  When anti-#GamerGate talks about #GamerGate or feminist women in tech nonsense, the effect is to generate more #GamerGate supporters.

Anti-#GamerGate’s fifth major mistake is going after archive sites using false DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaints.  While this will piss off the owners and backers of archive sites, what anti-#GamerGate is doing is much bigger than that. The DMCA is something that the online rights crowd has been fighting since among other things it allows for this sort of abuse.  Most of the online rights crowd either doesn’t care about #GamerGate or believes the feminist lie that it’s all about misogyny.  This will cause many of them to get an education and become #GamerGate supporters.  It also adds a new angle to the Zoe Quinn situation because she has been using false DMCA complaints to shutdown criticism of her making it that much harder for her supporters to use the lie that Zoe Quinn is a victim of misogynerds.

What is happening with both of these major mistakes is that anti-#GamerGate and feminists are pushing into adjacent communities who either were neutral or supported them and turning many members of those communities hostile to them.  They should stop doing this since the effect is the same each time they do it, but they can’t seem to help themselves.

  8 Responses to “Anti-#GamerGate Is Making It’s Fourth And Fifth Major Mistakes”

  1. When the state expands, women gain more social power and the ability to use proxy violence. Feminists must hate the fact men now have the freedom to talk about female nature on the internet, we can’t be censored anymore.

  2. Slightly off topic : a buthurt article at Atlantic by Debbie Chachra about why she isn’t a “maker”. Ms. Chachra is upset by all this chauvinistic glorification of male creativity, perhaps because she can’t see how women can either take credit for it or use it as a means of extracting wealth from men.


  3. […] This is a bigger problem for Anti-#GamerGate than just being lumped in with gamers.  The episode had Ice-T saying gibberish like, “they’re uploading threats through the dark net!”  While that sentence makes no sense, the real problem is that its an attack on online privacy and anonymity.  This is the type of thing that will draw the ire of the online rights crowd (with good reason), which adds to one of the previous great mistake that Anti-#GamerGate has been making. […]

  4. […] does this have to do with #GamerGate, and why is this one of anti-#GamerGate’s great mistakes?  Gawker is a major media outlet opposed to #GamerGate.  Like all other anti-#GamerGaters they […]

  5. That is a good idea, but it should be expanded to include adjacent communities like the online rights crowd. Then it will have a double impact.

  6. In other words, Debbie Chachra is declaring that women are obsolete.

    Well, good luck getting her to admit that. She makes it clear that she’s very unhappy that Silicon Valley coders have more prestige than community managers.

    She’s equally unhappy that education is “undervalued”. Guess what – Ms. Chachra is an educator (Associate professor of engineering at Olin College of Engineering). To her possible credit, at least she isn’t teaching something that ends in “studies”.

    They will be even more obsolete once AI starts making more decisions without the burden of hardwired FI.

    Ms. Chachra brings up the gender divide several times – her status as an engineering teacher likely makes her more aware of it than most women. Here’s a quote from her article:

    “Almost all the artifacts that we value as a society were made by or at the order of men. But behind every one is an invisible infrastructure of labor—primarily caregiving, in its various aspects—that is mostly performed by women”.

    I’d say the lady is protesting just a little bit too much. She (dimly) understands that women are being left behind in the new order and doesn’t like it one bit.

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