Dec 222014

I found a comment on The Good Mangina Project that needs to be saved. I’m surprised this made it past the site’s comment filters. I created an link to save it:

this is why your website is evil. it pretends to be a space for men, but in your article you insult people like me. you pretend to be geek by saying us & we but you clearly aren’t because when the man reveals his pain you belittle it by comparing him & us to a scooby doo cartoon & ignoring the argument that he made about joining a country or other organization.

noah, you don’t even run this website anymore. a man-hating girl runs it & you should be ashamed. you’ve let all men. you suck. you shouldn’t be writing about geeks any more than i should be writing about football.

This is a very succinct explanation of everything that is wrong with The Good Mangina Project.

  9 Responses to “The Good Mangina Project Defined”

  1. I know right!

  2. This site honestly makes the good Mangina Project Look like an MMA Competition! It REALLY DOES! I feel so sick to the pit of my gut I want to hurl!

    • Christopher Meloni, who once played that sleazy little bastard on Law & Order SVU, endorses the web site. That’s the show that takes place in an alternate universe where New York City is crawling with wealthy, white, middle-aged pedophiles with absurd amounts of free time.

  3. WOW! Somebody just doesn’t get women now do they?
    Hey, little guy… do you have balls or a pussy between your legs?
    Too young to actually know anything I suspect, from experience… unlike most men here who are fed up with natural born whores disrespects in the Western influenced world… so here’s a link to get you up to speed which was written in the ’70’s…. fucking years ago… and it was true then as it is true now.

    Esther Vilar – The Manipulated Man… free PDF download available on the web until the femNazi’s ban it for another 40+ years.

    Read that and then go talk walks and look around at all the “women” you think are worth it… and if you still do not understand and see clearly… nothing can help you but yourself.

    CHOOSE WISELY… or not at all and just focus on your life and forget the braods who are the problems in the entire world with their “gibs me dat” attitudes and pussy disrespect.

    Most women are human garbage who use their bodies to get what they want out of a man so you should wake up to their constant relative truth ways and lies just to win at any cost or find yourself at the bottom really soon, broke, with a whore for a playmate who gets you to pay her slut ways through life.

    Your choice. Just like it’s their choice to do what they do.

  4. Always thought – and continue to think – that the Good Man Project is just a front for feminist propaganda. Its not really a men’s website. Its meant to teach men how to be obedient & do as they are told. Its similar to Pravda in the old Soviet Union.

  5. when i wrote that, i was obviously mad. i meant to say “you’ve let all men down” near the end. i used to read the mangina project years ago because they had honest stories by men but then i noticed that articles were published by man-hating girls blaming men for everything & then i noticed all the comments were by girls while they moderated all sorts of innocous comments by men. “what kind of men’s site is this?” i asked myself & stopped visiting the site.

    i wrote some more about this on my blog

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