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We all know about the false rape industry and the false abuse industry.  Both of those things have something in common in that they target individual men.  Sure many men have been targeted by the false rape and false abuse industries, but they don’t target groups of men at once.  What we’re seeing with what is happening at the University of Virginia is the rise of the false rape conspiracy industry.

As we know the story in Rolling Stone that started this described a woman getting gang raped as part of a fraternity initiation ritual.  This is where it gets problematic (in addition to all of the other problematic details) because if gang rapes are part of fraternity initiation rituals at UVa, then lots and lots of women at UVa would have to be gang raped for that to be even possible.  We would see women en masse avoiding UVa.  At the very least there should be a massive police or FBI investigation.  In fact, I thought of one question in particular.  If raping is happening on this scale and is this organized, then it’s potentially a violation of the RICO act.  This means that there are FBI agents who could make their careers exposing this supposed rape conspiracy at UVa.  We don’t see any of this because there is no rape conspiracy at UVa (or any place else).

The is what a false rape conspiracy accusation looks like.  Instead of making a false rape accusation against a single man (or a few men), a false accusation is made against a group of men, like a fraternity.  The accusation isn’t just that a single man or a few men in engaging in rape, but that the group of men is an organized conspiracy to rape women.  What makes it uniquely effective is that it does an end run around the criminal justice system.  Look at what happened.  All fraternities at UVa were suspended even though the accusations were only against one fraternity.  It didn’t matter that the accusations only involved men of one fraternity.  It didn’t matter that the accusations didn’t involve most men in said fraternity.  (And it goes without saying that it didn’t matter that the accusations were false, that there was no party at said fraternity on the date the gang rape allegedly happened.)  This is an attempt to set a standard of collective punishment (something forbidden by the Geneva Convention) against men whenever a woman makes an accusation no matter how absurd it is.

The first false rape industry was the KKK where they would lynch black men on the false rape accusations made by a white woman.  Yet, not even the KKK could come up with the idea of black men working in an organized conspiracy to rape white women.  Yet, the Rosewood massacre still happened.  This is where the false rape conspiracy industry is heading.  The police won’t be doing anything because the rape accusations are false, and they can’t do anything because criminal charges will never be filed (like with Bill Cosby).   Despite that lot of women and manginas will accuse the police of inaction and demand someone “do something”.  You will see more and more things like universities suspending all fraternities at the drop of a hat.  The collective punishments will get worse and worse, but that won’t satisfy the women and manginas who are complaining.  This will lead to another Rosewood massacre.  Since colleges seem to be at the forefront of the false rape conspiracy industry, the 21st century Rosewood massacre will probably be something like feminist vigilantes burning down fraternity houses with fraternity brothers still in them.  That’s assuming that this travesty of justice isn’t stopped now.

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  1. similar to the situation that dealt with the KKK, men will never be able to turn to the law to protect themselves from this rape hysteria.

    only when the law has been brought down, will we be safe.

  2. You have to laugh at the fact that genuine rape is so rare they have to invent rapes to maintain the imaginary narrative.

  3. As someone mentioned on Dalrock’s blog, it would be a good idea to start calling the false accusers and defenders of the false rape industry, “Mayala Ewell.”

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