Dec 302014

John McLaughlin is a journalist and political commentator who hosts the weekly show, The McLaughlin Group, a show discussing the weeks political issues.  At the end of every year The McLaughlin Group does a recap of the past year where each member of the group discusses various categories of things like what they think the most defining political moment of the last year was or who the most charismatic politician of the last was.  For the “Most Boring” category of this years recap, McLaughlin said that the most boring thing was the Democrats invoking of the “war on women”.  He said that people were tuning out and ignoring it.

Using the mythical “war on women” to gain votes has gotten to the point where mainstream journalists like McLaughlin are commenting on its lack of effectiveness.  We have seen with #GamerGate that nonsense like the “war on women” is no longer being believed.  It’s gotten to the point where a mainstream journalist has noticed and is willing to comment on it.  This is a big blow to feminism.

  3 Responses to “John McLaughlin Called The War On Women The Most Boring Thing Of The Year”

  1. Civil War buff here — the Demoncrats invoking the ‘war on women’ myth is going the way of the post-Civil War Republicans “waving the bloody shirt”.

  2. The irony is, because feminism has pretty much wiped out all competing cultures.

    Mgtow, mra & pua will be the dominating culture of most western societies.

    The manosphere hitting the mainstream is only the beginning.

    Essentially feminism has destroyed traditionalism & marriage, this will cause feminism to be overtaken & destroyed by the mgtow, mra, & pua’s

    Mgtow, mra, pua will over take all of society

    It is inevitable

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