Dec 052014

Until now anti-#GamerGate has made two major mistakes.  The first was censoring any discussion about the Zoe Quinn affair.  Instead of shutting down discussion about Zoe Quinn, it caused more people to look at the whole thing.  It was another example of the Streisand Effect in action.

The second major mistake anti-#GamerGate made was all the “Gamers Are Dead” articles that all appeared within a day of each other.  Gamers who didn’t care about the Zoe Quinn saga started wondering why they were getting attacked by the gaming press.  Many of them ended up joining #GamerGate.

A common theme of these two major mistakes is that they pushed people who didn’t care about #GamerGate firmly into the #GamerGate camp.  Now, anti-#GamerGate has made a third major mistake by supporting Target Australia and KMart Australia’s ban of Grand Theft Auto V from their stores.  This may be the worst mistake anti-#GamerGate has made so far.  This is something that Jack Thompson was never able to successfully accomplish.

This mistake will have several effects.  First, more people will become pro-#GamerGate.  A common thing we have heard from anti-#GamerGate is that feminists and SJWs don’t want to take anyone’s games away.  That has been proven to be a total lie.  Second, gaming journalism’s opposition to Jack Thompson has been shown to be not about principle but about Thompson’s Christianity and social conservatism.  Gaming journalists are defending Target Australia’s actions because it was demanded by womenEffectively, what they are saying is that censorship is fine as long as it is demanded by women.  Third, this attacks the bottom line of the AAA game publishers.  The AAA game publishers have understandingly stayed out of #GamerGate until now.  Both the action of banning a AAA game from retailers and gaming journalism’s defense of the bans will provoke a reaction from the AAA game publishers because it now affects their income.

I expect more of these mistakes from anti-#GamerGate in the future.  They can’t stop so they will piss off more and more people.  All #GamerGate has to do to win is just keep going.

  7 Responses to “Anti-#GamerGate Made Another Major Mistake”

  1. Yup, when it starts to affect the bottom line companies will re-think their stance. when taget & kmart start to lose money because gamers go elsehwere those stores will change their position. money talks, bs walks.

  2. Women Lie about rape you Betcha they Lie about it for $$$ also please support

    K-mart Continue to sell Grand Theft Auto V in Australia

    please support this guys efforts!

  3. I hope Zoe “Cuntcrabs” quinn gets hit By a Truck Mwa hahahahahahahaha!

  4. I find the petition to ban 50 shades of grey interesting. Men have to start fighting back, and doing it spitefully. If women want to police and control the male imagination men will have to start trying to do the same to women.

    Men have to fight back ruthlessly with no decency.

    Females just have an instinct to control men socially and I am sick of it.

    something for you find people to consider. White Ribbon (pic related) is the culprit here. You have to attempt a far reaching reduction of available to qualify as attemping censorship. These Stores are the victims in this, not co-conspirators. their only goal is Good PR and $$. But right now anti-GG has you idiots attacking the stores, as if they give a shit what the fuck your buying when u give ur money over.

    I ask that you refocus, look into white ribbon & quit being so easily lead about. Thank you


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