Nov 292014

Feminists and SJWs want to destroy the video game industry.  Here is some proof:

If they can’t control the video game industry, they will attempt to destroy it and replace the video game industry with choose your own adventure stories.

  One Response to “Yes, Feminists And SJWs Want To Destroy The Video Game Industry”

  1. […] One thing that has been discussed in #GamerGate discussion areas like the KotakuInAction reddit is how anti-#GamerGate is driving women away from video games, despite their alleged desire of wanting more women in the video game industry.  Gaming journalism does nothing but tell stories about how women in video games receive death threats, are harassed, and so forth.  A woman who is interested in the video game industry is going to run in the other direction after reading that.  No sane person would want to be in an environment where they’re constantly subjected to such things.  Of course, it’s all lies, but only handful of women will do further research to find that out.  Over time more and more women stay away from video games.  As more and more women stay away, gaming journalism pumps out more stories about how the video game industry is full of “misogyny” reinforcing the cycle creating a feedback loop.  The lack of women in video games becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  This doesn’t make sense if their goal is to get more women into the video game industry.  It does make sense if they’re trying to destroy the video game industry (which they have admitted to doing). […]

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