Nov 152014

Back when I was a kid there was a book series for children called “Choose Your Own Adventure” where the books would have several story paths.  Every so often the book would have make a choice where the story would go and tell you to turn to a particular page to continue the story.  No one would consider these video games because, even though there have been games with text based interfaces, the decisions in “Choose Your Own Adventure” were incredibly limited.  That was true even compared to video games in the early 80s.  I was reminded of these books when I read about how the author of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books died.

The modern equivalent to “Choose Your Own Adventure” books is Twine, the platform Zoe Quinn used to vomit out Depression Quest.  This means that Depression Quest is not a video game, but a choose your own adventure story.  Knowing that, why would anyone consider Depression Quest a video game?

Video games, even low end ones, require skills and plenty of work to be successful.  To create a video game, artists and programmers are both needed.  AAA games need even more work from artists and programmers.  Both of these groups have to be paid, and to get better games requires more money to be spent.  To get a return on your investment for a video game, it has to appeal to potential customers.  People have to want to buy your game, so your game has to be fun.  This creates a problem for feminists and social justice warriors.  They will go bankrupt writing games that promote their ideology because they will never be fun and never appeal to potential customers.

Given these facts, they have tried to do two things.  First, they have tried to infiltrate the video game industry as we have seen.  However, that is ineffective.  If their infiltration is completely successful, the video game industry will no longer be producing video games people want to buy.  This will have negated the all the work they did.  So they have also done a second thing, try and replace video games with choose your own adventure stories via Twine.  Anyone can vomit out a Twine story like Zoe Quinn did with Depression Quest.  No skills in art or programming are needed.  What feminists and SJWs are trying to do is a bait and switch where Twine stories get included in the category of “video games” and then replace actual video games with Twine stories.

This bait and switch won’t work.  Twine stories aren’t video games, and no one will confuse the two.  If real video games go away, gamers will do something else, and it won’t be reading boring Twine stories written by feminists and SJWs.  Plus, video games won’t go away.  They will be made more in Japan and Eastern Europe and elsewhere out of the reach of feminists and SJWs.

  6 Responses to “The Attempt To Replace Video Games With Choose Your Own Adventure Stories”

  1. “They will be made more in Japan and Eastern Europe and elsewhere out of the reach of feminists and SJWs.”

    Bingo. Hopefully there will always be places out of reach.

    • Well, the whole SJW/Feminism thing is all tangled together with cultural marxism in general and the evil european central banking families that are enslaving most of the world and pushing that ideology down everyone’s throats…

      Unfortunately this core group will, and frequently does, use military intervention (bombings, invasion,) regime change, agitating conflict, economic warfare, etc to utterly destroy any country that’s not in their central banking vice grip and installs in their place a more “compliant” regime… As long as these evil moneyed interests want to push cultural marxism nowhere is safe in the world.

  2. Meh feminists seriously overestimate their reach

    You cant take over enthusiast run industries by enlisting mangina governments

    AAA games are already going down the toilet, because of sjws, its the smaller millions of enthusiast developers who keep the industry running

    For every wow customer, theres millions more playing a game developed by independent developers

    Diablo 3, starcraft 3 were all repetitive unimaginative piles of crap, its the politically incorrect chinese & koreans who keep the industry competitve

    Look at steam, the amount of greenlit games outstrip the big label games with ease

    The gaming industry proves anglo feminist countries ie the u.s cant compete with politically incorrect countries

    The influence of mega states such as china & korea will always be greater then any sjw or feminist movement

    • The driving force behind the SJWs is the cultural marxism being shoved down everyone’s throats by the european central banking families who literally own every single countries central bank with like 3 exceptions (there were like 5, but then the other ones were bombed and had a new government installed.) As long as there are single families that control A TRILLION dollars and literally own entire nations’ economies, and as long as they have a boner for feminism and cultural marxism, nowhere in the world will be safe from it.

      • Actually the organisation responsible for sexuality & culture is the catholic church

        The ideology they use is definitive marxism, but the organisation pushing Marxism, feminism, leftism & the sjw’s, is catholicism

        The catholic church is behind feminism, Marxism & sjw’s are just a smoke screen for the catholic church

        For evidence look at the divorce laws, they are all catholic doctrine …

        For even more evidence, feminism is pure all out male hating catholic puritanism

        There’s nothing in feminism which benefits women, but its an insane puritans wet dream

        I swear catholics jack off to feminism every chance they get …

        Its also important to realise catholics create safe havens for lesbians & feminists called nunneries

        Without the disgusting catholic nunneries there would be no disgusting man jaw lesbians, or the temperance & puritan movements

        ALL led by lesbians from catholic nunneries

  3. […] the feminist war on video games is for the government to control what video games can be created since feminist infiltration of the video game industry is a failure and so is their attempt to repla….  No legitimate Libertarian can support this, but many Libertarian women can’t admit this […]

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