Nov 192014

Last week, an international team of scientists landed a probe on a comet.  Any reasonable person would have seen this as a triumph in human scientific accomplishment.  Feminists, on the other hand, are more concerned about a shirt that one of the scientists wore.

I can think of no better reason feminism should be kept out of science.  Scientists do real work expanding the frontier of human knowledge.  Feminists are obsessed with meaningless issues like a man’s shirt and are a force against human knowledge.  Just look at the bio of Matt Taylor, the scientist who wore the shirt:

Matt Taylor was born in London, gained his undergraduate Physics degree at the University of Liverpool, and a PhD from Imperial College London. His career has focused on the space plasma measurements, working in Europe and the US on the four spacecraft ESA Cluster mission, leading to a post at ESA which started in 2005 working as the project scientist for Cluster and the ESA-China Double star mission. His studies have focused on energetic particle dynamics in near-Earth space and in the interaction of the Sun’s solar wind with the Earths magnetic field, particularly focusing on how boundary layer interactions evolve, leading to 70 first or co-authored papers. Most recently he was appointed the Project Scientist on the Rosetta mission.

Does any feminist have a bio like this?  Has any feminist done work like Dr. Taylor’s?  The answer to both questions is HELL NO.  This is another reason why effort’s like Maria Klawe’s to replace men with women in STEM is so dangerous.  Instead of expanding the realm of human knowledge and improving the world like they are now, more feminism in science and engineering means that scientists and engineers will be too busy going to “women in computing” conferences and worrying about their clothing to get anything done.

Dr. Taylor made the mistake of apologizing for his choice in attire.  He should have gone on the offensive and defended science against feminism.  There’s a perfect quote from Confucius (especially if you replace moon with comet) that he should have used to defend science:

“When a wise man points at the moon the imbecile examines the finger.”

  16 Responses to “#ShirtGate Proves That Feminism Has No Place In Science (And Engineering)”

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  2. Proving once again that Womyn in Tech are the worst possible thing for women who actually work in tech.

  3. Regardless of whether you’re a feminist or not, lets simplify this a wee bit, shall we .. .. ..
    A womyn will look at the original posting about the comet and say: OMG, that man’s shirt is hideous !
    A man will say: WOW ! they landed a spacecraft on a comet that’s going how fast and how far away ? Awesome, the dude that did it must have one hell of a super brain !!! I’m sorry sweetheart what did you say about his shirt ?

  4. Dr. Taylor made the mistake of apologizing for his choice in attire.

    Jeff Duntemann believes he would have been axed by his bosses and professionally ruined if he hadn’t apologized.

    He makes a couple of other relevant points, including that just about all the recent -gate types of Internet flame wars have been started up on Twitter. But one thing he doesn’t mention is they’ve always been started by women, usually in the context of them taking umbrage at some aspect of geek male behavior.

  5. Im not sure if this will interest you but a techie (member of the Debian Linux distro) has confessed to being part of a group that is responsible for the banning of prostitution in France. He equates prostitution to rape:

    His name is Josselin Mouette
    He brags that “mafias are fleeing” and Johns are arrested and prosecuted.

    • Im not sure if this will interest you but a techie (member of the Debian Linux distro) has confessed to being part of a group that is responsible for the banning of prostitution in France.

      He didn’t confess to it, he bragged about it. Guess that’s one techie who has no clue that feminists are enemies of his kind.

      He brags that “mafias are fleeing” and Johns are arrested and prosecuted.

      The smarter ones will just go next door and bang whores in Germany, where it’s legal. I wonder how he plans to handle sex tourism.

  6. That guy also loves “System D”, like all the geek-feminists and their supporters, and talks about “white male tears”, even though he looks to be a white male himself.

    The programmer behind systemd, lennart poettering, recently berated the linux kernel developers for being “middle aged white heterosexual males”.

  7. Too bad the men negatively affected by Mr Mouette cannot be informed of his treachery against them. They cannot know who he is, that effected this change.

  8. almost looking forward to an era when all men are replaced by women.

    all the infrastructure will break down. basic utilities will stop working. men will go camping, using their survival skills to rebuild civilization. women will lose everything, and they will have no one else to blame.

    it will be a valuable object lesson.

  9. I don’t care if you write a top-notch site for men,your color scheme is sexist and ostracizing.


    For those who don’t get the joke,it was one of the handwringing headlines in the lamestream media about this event,i.e.”I don’t care if you landed a spacecraft on a comet, your shirt is sexist and ostracizing” from “The Verge” if I am correct.

    I imagine we should exploit this as a meme whenever possible,since they so graciously handed us this butthurt-sounding expression.

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