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Last month, there was no voting for the Entitlement Princess of the Month.  It went to Leigh Alexander, Editor at Large, of gaming website Gamasutra due to her entitlement princessry generated by her extreme hypocrisy,

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This month there is another #GamerGate Entitlement Princess of the Month so there will be no voting.  She is Samantha Allen, a gaming journalist who is a self admitted misandrist:

i’m a misandrist. that means i hate men. i’m not a cute misandrist. i don’t have a fridge magnet that says, “boys are stupid, throw rocks at them.” my loathing cannot be contained by a fridge magnet.

I realize this may be a controversial choice because Samantha Allen is actually a female to male transsexual.  However, “she” has the entitlement part down and underwent a sex change operation to get the princess part so she counts.  Speaking of her sex change operation, she made the internet pay for it because “she needed the money” (and presumably was unwilling to actually earn the money herself).  Most of Allen’s entitlement is related to her misandry.  For example, Allen wants a world where she never has to encounter men:

why do i hate men? because life is short. my life is getting shorter by the day and i want to fill it with women. in this sinking ship of a world, i just want to enjoy a tiny little space, a room, if you will, of my own. i want that room to be full of women and free from ego, hierarchy, sexual advances, and violence. i hate men because i can’t even have that fucking room without them knocking on the walls. you have the entire fucking house. go play in it. find something else to do.

Allen also wants to hate men without being called on it:

i hate men doesn’t mean i hate you. it means i hate your position in this world.

If you read Allen’s writings they are filled with misandry and associated entitlement like the examples above.  This is what makes her the October 2014 Entitlement Princess of the Month.


  9 Responses to “October 2014 Entitlement Princess Of The Month”

  1. I would say that this woman is in severe need of mental health care and needs to be heavily medicated, and sedated until she gets her head out of her ass a stops talking about her own self importance. and that life only seems to be about her and what she wants and no one else in life matters except her.
    o yes her self entitlement issues need to be addressed with some serious mental health care and medication because the bitch is NUTS.

  2. so this ultimate white knight mangina got suckers to pay for a real vagina so he can hate other men? is he a lesbian now? i will laugh when he starts to regret it:

    • “is he a lesbian now?”

      Well, given that he wants to fill his room with women, I’m sure that, or a variation on it, is one of the labels he applies to himself.

  3. Meh, all he’s trying to do is rationalise chopping his penis & balls off

    He’s a mentally ill retard, nothing more then a dickless high pitched eunech

    Surgery cant give you a functioning vagina, trannies fucking morons …

    Slicing your genitals off, to appease feminists has to be the ultimate act of manginaism

    Heres hoping futrelle slices his penis off in the name of equality, the comic relief would be epic … half the manosphere’ll be laughing their asses off for years to come…

    Somebody should teach these insane retards, you cant chop your balls off & call yourself a she

    There’s no such thing as a sex change operation … all your doing is genital mutilation & walking around in a dress…

    • Hehe, while technically that’s true… I don’t really give a shit if they want to pretend they are real women… It’s funny though that they want everyone to acknowledge them as “normal”.

      • Unfortunately I give a shit, & so should anyone else

        Preying on vulnerable mentally ill men is the height of male hatred & misandry

        Slicing a mans penis off, ripping his balls off & inserting a plastic hole instead of giving the vulnerable mentally ill man therapy & professional counselling, is hideously evil, barbaric & seriously fucked up

        There’s no such thing as a sex change operation … all your doing is slicing a mans genitals & balls off, instead of giving him therapy & counselling

        Why the hell is no one talking about this?

        This is fucked up to the nth degree

  4. One more that would only be happy as cattle… It is what she is any way…

  5. I think you mean a “male to female” transexual. I.e. Started life as a man, wants to transition TO being a woman. Also, even this term is no longer politically correct. The newspeak has now become “intersexed”.

  6. […] Last month, there was no voting for the Entitlement Princess of the Month.  It went to Samantha Allen, a gaming journalist who is a self admitted misandrist. […]

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