Nov 232014

The Good Mangina Project had a screed against the latest Grand Theft Auto game that you would expect from someone like Jack Thompson except that it adds the word women.  (Note: I’m using links because among other reasons, The Good Mangina Project has a habit of deleting any comment that disagrees with its feminist orthodoxy and deleting articles that end up embarrassing the site.)  That such an article would appear on The Good Mangina Project isn’t notable.  What’s notable is that a woman revealed in the comments what the feminist opposition to Grand Theft Auto is really about:

The fucking game was made by men, for men. The fucking game already have a misogynistic set – lots of female prostitutes and strippers, not much (or at all) male whores or strippers. No female protagonists and when they have female roles, they are much more sexualized than the males, again. The whole game is a (straight) male heaven/hell – where women, and other men, are there to serve men for entertainment in every way.

Anything made by men for men (that men enjoy) is considered “misogynist” by feminists simply for having men involved in its production and being produced for men.  This explains what is really driving the Zoe Quinns, Anita Sarakeesians, anti-GamerGate, and the rest of the feminists opposed to video games.  It’s not that there’s any actual problem with video games.  It’s that video games are being made by men (and some women too, but they conveniently left that out) for the purpose of entertaining men.  Feminists don’t want men to have fun and don’t want products, whether video games or otherwise, to be made for men.  Feminists are trying to destroy all entertainment that appeals to men.  That’s part of the motivation behind their attempt to destroy the video games industry and replace it with choose your own adventure stories.  Anything else feminists say about the subject is just window dressing.

  6 Responses to “Anything Made By Men For Men To Enjoy Is Misogynist????”

  1. There is even an interview with Jack Thompson more he sounds more reasonable than Anita Sarkeesian:

  2. no male strippers or prostitutes in the game? it’s almost like it reflects real life, or something.

  3. What do you call it when someone loathed the idea of someone else being happy? When the very notion of that other person having a good time – irrespective of what they might be enjoying – is repugnant to them?

    I believe it’s called ‘hatred’.

  4. say, like a bridge. there’s some patriarchy rot thar. Gotta celebrate how this damages a woman’s self esteem.

  5. “…and other men…”
    I like how she can admit that there are indeed other men who are serving as part of the entertainment, yet decides the game is still purely misogynist rather than generally sexist. (It’s not either, but at least then the argument would be fair.)
    But feminists are for equality, right?

  6. All you guys. Not that I like this website…I hate it…but look at the disgusting, pathetic, misandrist post a website called Buzzfeed posted.

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