Oct 052014

#GamerGate supporters are a diverse bunch.  We come from all walks of life and career paths.  Those career paths can include being in the military or working for the DOD or defense industry where a security clearance is required.  Sooner or later, there would be a doxxing attempt against a #GamerGate supporter with a security clearance.

That’s exactly what happened recently, and the victim was required to report it to the appropriate channels.  (There’s also a follow up interview with the doxxing victim.)  This means that the FBI and any other appropriate law enforcement authorities will be investigating some anti-gamer feminists and SJWs for everything from espionage to domestic terrorism.  The FBI will not be impressed by a group of people who say that they have more respect for ISIS than (American) gamers.  I’m certain their reaction to being investigated by the FBI will be to throw baseless accusations of misogyny against them and the DOD just like they’re trying to do with Intel now that Intel pulled advertising from Gamasutra.  I seriously doubt the FBI and DOD will be moved by a litany of accusations of misogyny against them.

I expect that anti-#GamerGate forces to end up like the woman in this video:

  3 Responses to “When Doxxing Goes Terribly Wrong”

  1. I dunno, it’s possible that the pussy pass could extend to domestic terrorism.

  2. this is great news. those stupid white knights will soon learn the hard way that they aren’t helping anyone.

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