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It’s been several days since Satya Nadella answered a question about how women should ask for raises, yet I can find that people are still talking about it.  Before, going any further let’s take a look at what he actually said:

You know, the thing that perhaps most influenced me in terms of how you look at the journey or a career – there was this guy whose name was Mike Naples he was the president of Microsoft when I joined and he had this saying where he would say: ‘look, all HR systems are long term efficient, short term inefficient’, and I thought that phrase just captured it.

Which is it’s not really about asking for the raise its knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along. And that, I think might be one of the additional superpowers that quite frankly women who don’t ask for a raise have because that’s good karma, it’ll come back. Because somebody is gonna know that’s the kind of person that I wanna trust, that’s the kind of person that I wanna really give more responsibility to.

And in the long term efficiency things catch up. And I wonder, and I’m not saying that that’s the only approach, I wonder whether taking the long term helps solve for what might be perceived as this uncomfortable thing of ‘hey am I getting paid right, am I getting rewarded right’, because reality is your best work is not followed with your best reward. Your best work then has impact, people recognise it and then you get the rewards and so you have to somehow think that through I think.

The non-italicized paragraphs are the parts that most articles on the web and elsewhere never include when talking about this.

While it’s debatable whether this is good advice for anyone, male or female, looking at the whole quote makes it clear that Satya Nadella believes in meritocracy almost to a fault.  He has also benefited from the meritocracy in the tech industry.  If the tech industry excluded women and minorities like feminists and other leftists say, then Satya Nadella would never have been CEO of Microsoft.  That’s why he’s still getting attacked days after saying this.  Nadella, along with all of the other men of South Asian and East Asian descent in the tech industry, prove that women and minorities aren’t being discriminated against by the tech industry simply by existing.

Nadella reacted to the uproar about what he said by backpedaling.  He should have done the opposite because it’s clear that most anyone attacking him is intentionally misquoting him.  They’re leaving out the first and third paragraphs of what he said.  Nadella should have noticed this and realized that no matter how much he goes into mangina mode, he will always be attacked as an evil tech industry CEO oppressing women.  In many ways, the attacks against Nadella will be worse than if he was white because his existence is a threat to the feminist narrative about women being oppressed.  Even if Nadella becomes the biggest mangina ever, it will not help him.  His existence is a threat to the feminist narrative because he shows that women aren’t being kept out of the tech industry.

Nadella isn’t the only man in the tech industry who could be in this situation.  Any man of South Asian or East Asian descent working in the tech industry could easily get attacked in the same way.  (The only difference is that Nadella is more visible because he’s the CEO of Microsoft.)  In fact, it is easy to find articles attacking all men of South Asian and East Asian descent working in the tech industry as being mustache twirling racists and misogynists.  Here is one such example.  (It even includes garbage like Indian Americans all hate black people and 40% of Indian American men beat their wives.)  When you read the article at that link, the implication becomes clear.  If men of South Asian and East Asian descent don’t get with the feminist agenda, they will be attacked as much as white men are, if not more.  It’s a variant on a kafka trap to trick South Asian and East Asian men into becoming manginas by making them think there is a way out of being attacked like white men.  Like with Satya Nadella, the attacks will not stop by becoming a mangina, since the problem for feminists is that South Asian and East Asian men are in the tech industry.

What Satya Nadella should have done is realized that South Asian and East Asian men working in the tech industry are under attack and done something like start a hashtag called, #NotYour5thColumn (similar to how women and non-white men started #NotYourShield to support #GamerGate).  Feminists claim to include minority men, but in reality they don’t care about them.  There is no way for non-white men to placate feminists.  Satya Nadella is going to learn this the hard way just like many (former) manginas who are white did.

All men in tech industry are under attack by feminists.  Just because feminists went after white men first and now East Asian and South Asian men doesn’t mean they aren’t coming for you.  As the last several days with Satya Nadella have shown us, either we stand together or make it easier for feminists to destroy us separately.

  5 Responses to “Satya Nadella Should Have Started #NotYour5thColumn”

  1. This is brilliantly put, most men have no idea how women control society using rhetoric & hysteria

    In this case ass lick a woman or you’re a rapist & wife beater

    Pay for women or you dont get laid, buy a huge ring or you dont get to reproduce

    As PMAFT states, he should’ve gone all the way & stated women arent fit for the boardroom, precisely because theyre too timid, wallowing in drama & pity parades, to ask for a raise

    Women are too spineless for a corporate environment, which is why theyre all holed up in HR

    Feminism is nothing more then a haven for spineless batshit crazy women

  2. Women got upset and said he needs to be fired for THAT? I don’t even get it. It was the most benign, mildest statement ever- is there something I’m missing?

    Btw, PMAFT, I saw this article yesterday from 2 years ago: http://www.forbes.com/sites/meghancasserly/2012/09/12/is-opting-out-the-new-american-dream-for-working-women/

    A poll taken 2 years ago asking women what they want in life, and EIGHTY-FOUR percent said they would prefer to not even work at all and just sit at home. So why do we even HAVE Feminism at all?

    If women despise work that much, shouldn’t there be some kind of counter movement to Feminism that fights for and/or encourages women to get out of the workplace altogether then? Of course to make that possible by being housewives, women would have to actually treat men decently with respect and be gracious and be kind to them if they were to expect men to take care of them financially as housewives.

    Well, of course women’s attitude is ‘Fuck that, I’m going to treat every man I encounter like complete dogshit.” So until that changes, looks like we’re stuck with them in the workplace. But the poll is also important because it reinforces the notion that women are so miserable to work with because THEY are miserable because they hate every last second they are at work and want to make sure everyone else miserable.

    Call me crazy, but I think maybe the government should just go all out and just pay women to live for free completely (they already half way are already) just so they would get out of the workplace and stop causing so many problems with their lawsuits and never ending Hell on Earth drama and zero production. All businesses would run a million times smoother, production goes up and would all become much more profitable.

  3. Nadella shouldn’t be fired, but Maria Klawe should be removed from Microsoft’s board. She’s the one who started this by asking the question about women asking for raises in the first place. It’s a safe assumption that she’s the reason why Nadella was even at a “women in software” conference in the first place. Remember, she’s the woman who turned Harvey Mudd College into a place where any man actually wanting to study computer science should avoid and believes that male expertise oppresses women.

  4. That said, it is absolutely essential for Hillary Clinton to become the next President – that will create the necessary Men’s Rights backlash (plus no one deserves more to follow Obama and inherit his disasters)…

    No kidding. Just look at #GamerGate. Zoe Quinn was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for gamers. Hillary Clinton will be the Zoe Quinn for feminism overall.

  5. I will certainly write it, but I don’t expect it to get that far. Things like telling male students to not ask detailed questions in class doesn’t seem like it would be some major smoking gun.

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