Oct 072014

The Good Mangina Project is trying to convince men that we should pay for dates.  Since they say they believe in “equality”, which means that women should pay half the time, they have to go through a bunch of logical gymnastics to justify their position.

As you would expect, they lie about women being paid less.  What really stood out was this:

Chances are she spends a small fortune on her makeup and underwear compared to you. While it’s true that some women don’t wear make up (or underwear, for that matter) the vast majority of the makeup industry’s revenue is being supplied by women. Her foundation, moisturizer, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and nail polish? Those supplies collectively cost her well over $100, and likely over an hour of her time to apply it. Your shaving cream, aftershave, and toothpaste? Less than $20. If the makeup argument doesn’t get you, the underwear likely will. Chances are she spends $20 – $30 per pair of underwear, and you spend $10 on a 3-pack…and don’t forget that she likely also has the extra expense of bras.

In the good mangina universe, men never wear undershirts, and underwear is purely a date expense.  However, that is beside the point.

If makeup and underwear are such a hardship for women, then women shouldn’t wear them.  Women should start a consumer revolt against the makeup and underwear industries.  (Women can take a lesson from #GamerGate.)  Women should attack the problem (if it really exists) instead of dumping it on men by refusing to pay their share of dates.

Better yet, women should just be naked on dates.  That way they will be completely free from being oppressed by the makeup & clothing industries.  It makes more sense than the mental gymnastics required by the Good Mangina Project.

  2 Responses to “It’s Not Men’s Fault That Women Overpay For Makeup & Underwear”

  1. … smarter tahn men? look guys, ignore the worthless losers of women, they’re just not worth it. there are women out there (I AM Man) that are worth it who follow the rules like most men do. forget about the condition of the world, it’s just a test and cannot be fixed. enjoy your lives, never fix anybody else, and never, ever take disrespect from a woman because here’s a little secret… GOD’s wife’s name, which has been omitted from The Books WW… IS Luci. As in Lucifer. All men have all-ways been told and if you do not trust in your Absolute Truth compared to a woman’s relative truths, then you deserve exactly what you get for caving in… just for reproduction and sex. women are never whole without the guidance of a man, they just want to be men. I say let them. And leave them alone. They’re not even smart enough to repsect themselves and keep spreading VD all over the world, real smart…

  2. So, I should pay for dates because…women spend a lot on clothes and makeup?
    And that is my problem how?

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