Sep 082014

Feminists say that they don’t want to destroy video games, but make “better” video games.  The feminist definition of “better” video games involves turning video games from a fun activity to a vehicle for propaganda, and here is a feminist admitting it:



The feminist desire to eliminate fun from video games means that feminists want to destroy video games.

  8 Responses to “Yes, Feminists Want To Destroy Video Games”

  1. Old joke : Why does a woman close her eyes during sex?

    Answer : She can’t stand to see her husband having fun.

  2. I’ll state a reason why feminists want to destroy video games that you’ll probably never read or hear anywhere else.

    And it’s probably, in reality, the biggest reason by far.

    Cuz females just plain suck at them.

    Seriously the best female players are equal to average male players (and everyone knows this)!

    The hatchet job on video games is the electronic equivalent of all that Title 9 shit.

    “If I suck at something then that something is not valid cuz I suck at it.” Is exactly what they think!

    Consider the following.

    Fake? Well if it is then she’s a pretty good actor IMHO.

  3. Lets also not forget that video game technology is the platform for VR sex.

    This should get more mention than it does in this discussion of feminists trying to take over or destroy video games.

    • This is a good point. I seriously doubt feminists realize the connection, but it is important.

      • IMHO they are quietly acknowledging that connection.

        What clues them in is noting how much time that their boyfriends spend on games instead of them (they FEEL that something’s not right) combined with their awareness of how sexy female game characters usually are (they most certainly FEEL jealous about that) combined with being acutely aware of a growing men’s movement and their intuitive understanding that the men’s movement is here to shut down the woman racket.

        Given all that it would take merely a rumor of a VR sex app to make them hyper aware of what’s going on.

  4. I’m not against women, I am against political correctness due to the fear of entering The Brave New World. I would much rather be offended by something, than see it policed and censored. Offensive art means that we are a free speaking and free thinking population. I have a spine, I know reality from fiction, I can take being offended, but I can’t escape nor ignore censorship.

    What’s the point of being an artist if people tell you what you can and can’t draw?

    First “Happy Holidays” and now this. The Professional Victim.

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