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We know that Anita Sarkeesian is definitely lying about at least some aspects of the death threats she allegedly received (if not the whole thing).  This got me thinking about how other public figures and semi-public figures handle actual death threats and wondering how it compares to what Anita Sarkeesian and her supporters have said and done in response to her alleged death threats.

Penn JillettePenn Jillette, one of the two members of the magician duo, Penn & Teller, is an example of a public figure who has recieved death threats.  He has received many death threats from Christians and others due to his outspoken atheism.  Jillette has actually had to contact the police over some of the threats he has recieved, and there is no question that he has actually had to contact the police unlike with Sarkeesian.  Another importance difference between Sarkeesian and Jillette is how Jillette has recieved his death threats.  Unlike Sarkeesian who gets her alleged death threats via Twitter and the rest of the internet, Jillette has received death threats by postal mail.  Based on that alone, Jillette has much more reason to worry about bodily harm than Sarkessian ever would.  It takes much more effort to write and mail a letter than type up a tweet so Jillette has much more to worry about than Sarkeesian ever would.  (This also shows that women don’t have it worse when it comes to death threats online or off line.)

Jillette’s response to the death threats he has received is very different than Sarkeesian’s behavior after she allegedly received her death threats.  First, Jillette doesn’t tweet his (general) whereabouts on Twitter after receiving a death threat like Sarkeesian did.  Jillette also did not use the death threats against him to attack Christians like how Sarkessian and her supporters use her alleged death threats to paint gaming as a hotbed of misogyny.  Jillette has even said that such a response is intellectually, emotionally, and philosophically dishonest.  Neither Jillette nor his supporters have make false accusations about Christians to cover up bad behavior on his part, like how Sarkeesian and her allies have used false accusations of misogyny to cover up corruption in video game journalism.  Jillette also has not used the death threats he has received as an opportunity to line his pockets.

None of this can be used to determine whether Sarkeesian actually received any death threats.  However, looking at how a public figure like Penn Jillette handles death threats shows that a public or semi-public figure typically handles death threats in a manner contrary to how Sarkeesian handled her alleged death threats.  As a result there is a high likelihood that Sarkeesian’s alleged death threats are fake.  It also reveals a lot about the character of Sarkessian and her supporters.

  4 Responses to “Penn Jillette Handles Death Threats Differently Than Anita Sarkeesian And Her Supporters”

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that Penn handles his death threats differently than Sarkeesian and her privileged ilk — he is a white male and therefore doesn’t have a “Victim” card to gain sympathy from the manginas, politicians, and White Knights, and immunity from investigation from the media syncophants.

  2. Feminists are lying whores. 100% of them. How on Earth can people not see that?!

  3. […] I have noticed a pattern with all these death threats and bomb threats against Anita Sarkeesian.  Whether its Sarkeesian herself or organizations like GDC, they’re not acting in a manner that you would expect them to act to protect their safety or reduce their legal liability.  In other words, they’re handing this in very strange ways that can generate problems for them (such as law suits).  When a person gets a death threat, they don’t go on to twitter to post about it like Sarkeesian did.  That’s not something Penn Jillette, who gets plenty of death threats, would have done. […]

  4. “The human brain (of both men and women) is conditioned to place the well-being of women much higher in priority over the well-being of men and even children.”

    Thanks to the poison of feminism making women so toxic, repugnant, and repulsive, the conditioning of men for the well-being of women is being overcome more and more as time goes on. Just for one example, the feminists (women, basically), their mangina supporters, and their White Knight syncophants were crapping bricks when men were looking after trhemselves and ignoring the women during the Costa Concordia sinking a few years back. They and their lapdogs in the media tried to do their typical shaming rubbish, and got their backsides handed to them by the comments in the articles (if you can find them, the comments are a joy to read; the Red Pill is spreading!).

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