Sep 202014

Supposedly, there was a bomb threat against Anita Sarkeesian at GDC 2014 (Game Developers Conference 2014) six months ago.  This allegedly happened six months ago, yet we’re only hearing about it now.  The timing is very fishy, like with the SFPD “discovering” that it had a record of Anita Sarkeesian contacting them about alleged death threats it recived after it said that it had no record Sarkeesian contacting them.

Besides that, there is something else that is very suspicious about this that I haven’t seen commented on by anyone else.  If there actually was a bomb threat at GDC 2014, and there really was a bomb, GDC would have exposed itself to legal liability if that bomb had exploded.  (Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.)  GDC 2014 had more attendees than just Anita Sarkeesian.  Since no one heard about this bomb threat until now, that means that GDC failed to inform its attendees that there was a threat to their safety by staying at the conference.  A bomb would have injured and/or murdered more people than just Anita Sarkeesian.  (Depending on the construction and location, it’s possible that Sarkeesian doesn’t get hurt but other GDC attendees would have been hurt.)

Because of GDC’s failure to disclose the bomb threat to its attendees, if there had actually been a bomb that detonated, GDC would have been legally liable in some manner.  Anyone who is injured or had a family member that was murdered at GDC is a potential law suit against GDC.  In addition, if anyone who was murdered had a life insurance policy, there’s a potential law suit from those insurance companies.  While GDC is obviously not responsible for a bomb if there had been one, I’m sure there would have been plenty of lawyers who would litigate that GDC was negligent for failing to inform its attendees about the bomb threat (or at least failing to do something to protect its attendees against the bomb threat even if GDC didn’t reveal the bomb threat).

I have noticed a pattern with all these death threats and bomb threats against Anita Sarkeesian.  Whether its Sarkeesian herself or organizations like GDC, they’re not acting in a manner that you would expect them to act to protect their safety or reduce their legal liability.  In other words, they’re handing this in very strange ways that can generate problems for them (such as law suits).  When a person gets a death threat, they don’t go on to twitter to post about it like Sarkeesian didThat’s not something Penn Jillette, who gets plenty of death threats, would have done.

None of this conclusively proves that Anita Sarkeesian never received a death threat or a bomb threat, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile the behavior of Anita Sarkeesian, her supporters, and organizations like GDC with the idea that the death threats and bomb threats against Anita Sarkeesian are real.

  5 Responses to “If There Really Was A Bomb Threat Against Anita Sarkeesian at GDC, Then GDC Could Have Been Legally Liable”

  1. The other terribly obvious think about all these death threats is that Sarkeesian and her ilk remain stubbornly alive.

    • Indeed!

      In fact when you reflect on it you realize that if the world was anything like feminists say it is then feminism should not even exist.

      The Spartans used to keep the Helots in check for centuries by covertly offing potential dissenters.

      If you think a near omnipotent, oppressive patriarchy somehow committed the minor oversight of not nipping feminism in the bud….
      … might be a feminist.

    • Yeah that too. They’re definitely overplaying their hand here. I expect them to go really nuts and say crazy things like a gamer threatened to infect Sarkeesian with Ebola.

  2. Sorry to be off topic but I think I’ve just found a candidate for the next entitlement princess award.

    Normally I don’t like to do this kind of thing but…


    And when I think this is the kind of shit Fatrell defends I just….

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