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Over the last couple of years, there have been several articles about the rise of a new CxO position, the Chief Marketing Technology Officer.  It’s a position created from the combination of traditional marketing and big data along with other technologies related to marketing.  Somehow, this is going to combine CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) positions with CIO (Chief Information Officer) positions.  Also, it’s supposed to lead to women taking over technology (or at least a large portion of it) via marketing because women dominate marketing.

This all sounds really silly.  Clearly, adapting marketing to use technology is part of the CMO’s job.  There is no need to add another CxO position for this.  I’m not the only one who has noticed this, and a large part of this CMTO nonsense is because marketers are afraid of technology:

I’m not at all surprised that the role of Chief Marketing Technology Officer has emerged in recent months. It’s a damn shame, but I’m not surprised.

Too many marketers are either afraid of technology or just don’t understand it. And we all start there. But what’s worse, those same marketers pretend that nothing is changing, that the new technology isn’t necessary, that they can keep doing their jobs the “old way” and be just fine.

That, of course, is a path to irrelevance. If you’re that kind of marketer, you will increasingly be marginalized in your organization. You will increasingly be farther and farther away from driving meaningful, measurable revenue.

When you combine these facts with the nonsense about women taking over (a large portion of) technology, it becomes clear what is really going on.  Marketing is dominated by women who by definition are afraid of technology since marketers in general are afraid of technology.  Women are hoping this “CMTO” position will emerge so that they can keep dominating marketing because they can’t deal with this new technology themselves.  In reality, CMTO positions are folly so this will lead to traditional marketers being pushed out of marketing.  Since women dominate traditional marketing, the end result is not women dominating an aspect of technology, but being pushed out of the marketing field.  Either the technology will do the work women were doing, or it will require people who understand that technology which the majority of women in marketing clearly don’t.

  8 Responses to “Women Are Not Going To Take Over Technology Via Marketing”

  1. Who cares if women dominate a large part of technology? They’re never going to, anyway. What would be nice is if there were equal amounts of men and women.

  2. At a guess, CTMO means using facebook and social media to do marketing. As you point out, there is nothing about this that is not already the CMO’s job.

  3. this can only be a benefit to society and humanity. marketing is already shrill and irritating enough as it is, and 90% is aimed at women.

  4. Off-topic :

    Got this unsolicited in my email today. I take it as a sign that the manosphere is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

  5. For anyone reading this: Men do not want women taking over any industry or company because men are afraid they’ll out produce them or perform them or come up with more profitable ideas, no, men are afraid of women in the workplace because all they bring is misery, low morale, lawsuits based on false accusations, insanity in general, never ending useless meetings and all around stupidity and dysfunction and low productivity.

    Even women hate working with other women. Put several cats in a small cage together and you’ll get the picture.

    But we can all give a sigh of relief because women will NEVER dominate any industry and there are specific reasons why. The reasons are contained in female nature. Any female above admin in any corporate office can barely even show up for work on any consistent basis.

    I know this sounds insane, but we thousands of clients and the vast majority of the companies wherein we have female contacts are rarely ever in. Many have taken off for a year at a tine. It’s like this well hidden, but giant secret that no one talks about and I don’t think a lot of people are even aware of because women are so stealth at covering up their deviance and so many people will cover for them.

    In fact I’ve been trying to find other people who have seen this who deal with a large number of companies like I do.

    They take off huge chunks of time- months even a year at a time then refuse to be at work before 11am and are gone by 2pm and never work on mon. or fri. then suddenly quits after a short time. Forever. Not just that job- all work completely.

    Women really only want to work part time if at all – they just like the idea of work and a status title and do not want to make any commitment to anything or anyone- especially women now. That is their flaky nature. And yes, they are ALL like that- 98% of them. And they’re lazy and don’t want to ever try harder or get out of their comfort zone or take risks. Women are their own worst enemies.

  6. Do women dominate traditional marketing? I’d always assumed that the advertising industry creatives were offbeat men.

    Im sure that most of the best salespeople are likewise men.

    Anyways, if you are of the view that tech has plateau, then this makes sense. A lot of new Internet tech is essentially marketing/advertising. If the real technical challenges have been solved, then the tech geniuses can be replaced with grinders while the marketers are in charge.

    Apple, for example, is turning into a fashion company, with its hiring of fashion executives and purchase of fashionable headphone company Beats.

    Of course, I would hate to believe that tech has plateaued and that their arent new technologies just waiting to be invented. If that’s the case, then these attempts to turn tech into marketing are foolish and shortsighted.

  7. […] The craft beer industry has several similarities with the tech industry.  Besides being primarily male, most craft breweries are new.  There are around 3500 breweries in the US, and half of them were started after 2010.  Just as the tech industry has men forming lots of startups, so does the craft beer industry.  Just as startups have come up with new and better products, craft beer startups have brewed new and better tasting beer.  And like how tech startups have been criticized for lacking HR (a.k.a. female deadweight), the craft beer industry has been attacked for lacking “professionals” in marketing.  (This is even more of a link considering that marketing is female dominated and afraid of technology.) […]

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