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Back in February 2012, I wrote how young men were getting fed up with women faster than any other group of men based on a series of comments at The Spearhead.  Since then, that entry has become the most read page on this blog.  It still gets plenty of hits and even comments occasionally which is impressive considering that old content here typically only gets comments in the rarest of cases.  It’s because that page speaks to what a large group of young men are going through in dealing with women.  Young men’s frustration with women is only increasing so I wasn’t surprised by this comment I found on Dalrock’s blog:

No kidding! I have been paying special attention to young men at work between the ages of 25 & 30.I have coffee with them etc. The thing that I have noticed is what a ‘lack of respect’ that they have for women in general.I generally don’t have much respect for women myself….but,not like these guys! I mean they prey on them to use them without mercy.They treat them like garbage and use them at every opportunity.And the c**** are stupid enough to let them.The other thing that I have also noticed in the last few years is the number of men that “HATE” women……and I do mean “HATE”.I myself am into “sport sex”.Not these guys,they are into “grudge f*****g”.It is only going to get worse and women have no one to blame except themselves.

For young men their frustration with women is part and parcel of their understandable loss of respect for women.  For many young men, their frustration with women is rapidly turning into hate for women.  This is a natural and logical reaction by young men.  For their entire lives, women have been getting worse.  And unlike older men, they have no memory of a time when women didn’t engage in massive amounts of bad behavior bordering on being feral.  To these young men, the only thing women are good for is sex.  And not just any kind of sex, but “grudge fucking”.

The young men referenced in the above comment are between 25 and 30.  In a few years they will be between 30 and 35 to be replaced by a new group of young men who will have an even lower opinion of women.  Some old men who still have a positive opinion of women will have died off.  In other words, over time men who don’t hate women are likely to be replaced by men who are fed up with if not outright hate women.  We can see a difference in just a little over two years between the comment above and The Spearhead comments written back in 2012.  That’s how quickly this is happening, and it shows no signs of stopping.  Paul Elam gets emails from 16 and 17 year old teenage BOYS that are already fed up with women.  Just consider what their opinion of women will be when they’re between 25 – 30 or 30 – 35.  It’s going to be worse.  Eventually, this will hit critical mass.

  44 Responses to “Young Men Have Only Gotten More Fed Up With Women”

  1. Looks like a whole new generation of Elliot Rodger’s with so much hatred for women they are driven to brutally slay them in cold blood.

    • yes, elliot rodgers was a misogynist even though more men than womyn were murdered…

      y’know why, because the power of patriarchy is so strong it changes gravity and makes bullets hit more men than womyn…

      that’s why, as hillary clinton says, womyn are the primary victims of war even though more men die.

      the only way to make a positive impact is to become a male feminist and let an empowered womyn ass rape you with a strap-on.

      if that is too much, you can have a masculine man like jack don-0-van play ass pirate on your bootie…

      toodles misogynists…

    • makes sense.

      women have destroyed so many millions of lives in america already. the elliot rodger’s of the world are few and far between, in comparison to the number of female sociopaths.

      the female gender has so much further to fall. elliot rodger was a drop in the bucket compared to what american women have done in just one year.

    • No, it’s going to be worse than that. Young men are just going to pump and dump women if they bother with women at all.

    • Wrong.

      Eliot Rodger thought he was a gentleman, & he pedastalized women. He couldn’t accept that he was at the bottom of the SMP totem pole unless he radically changed himself. The ‘contradiction’ that sexy young women favor jerks to gentlemen drove him crazy.

      These guys don’t have any of those illusions. They are just normal alphas taking a very cavalier & dismissive attitude towards the carousel.

      The real question is: what is happening to the low SMP men right now.

      Are they, like rodger, getting so little exposure to women that their opinions of women are media blue pill fantasies, that will only enrage them when flesh & blood women do not live up to the reality? Or is red pill lite consciousness infiltrating society, where unattached men will start to not respect women, white knight for women, or uphold society’s (women’s) institutions. (While this is probably a positive, it will also coincide with a collapse).

      For now, Im betting the former: women love alphas in spite of (because of?) how alphas treat them. This has been true forever.

      Low SMP men do most of the dirty jobs that civilization needs. If men can’t attract women and provide for families on such a salary, these roles wolnt get done.

      • In my work I get to meet a lot of people I’ve never seen before. Admittedly the men I’ve spoken to are not so young but they’ve all expressed a similar viewpoint that could have come from various sections of the manosphere. The most recent one proceeded to reel off to me a number of first aid qualifications he has but he said that if he saw a woman in need of assistance that required his kind of qualifications he would not touch them.

        His reason for this is that the law is such that the moment she squawks “He touched me” he will likely get shit canned. He would rather let a woman die than face that kind of risk.

        The other interesting thing is that all the men that have expressed these manospherian points of view have been encountered since the start of the year. I’ve never encountered this in public prior to this year. I’d say we are seeing a geometric increase in the number of men tired of putting up with this shit.

    • Sorry, the Elliot Roger comments and shaming tactics don’t work any more. This is all on the women. They’ve become garbage and it’s time to leave the trash on the curb and walk away from it. Next time try to leave a comment with substance.

  2. not sure if I should envy younger men for figuring it all out before everyone else, or feel bad that they have it so much worse.

  3. Good article dude. I tell the young guys that they should get a vasectomy right out of the gate, and if they are dumb enough to get married they need to get a pre-nup

    • “…get a pre-nup.”

      I hear this crap about ‘getting a pre-nup’ so much, yet it never dawns that these fools do any research on the uselessness of pre-nups for men.
      All ‘princess perfect’ has to do is cry in court and claim that “she had to sign it under duress”, and the mangina White Knight judge will throw it in the trash.
      All pre-nups are good for is generating more money for the bloodsucking lawyer leeches.

      • Check..and…Mate! The name of the game (according to certain lawyers),is to “beat” the “Prenuptial agreement” Good job out there. Prenup=false senseen of security!

  4. It’s articles like these that make your site the BEST on the entire internet! You’re hitting right at the core of what is going on and all the problems. Meanwhile AVFM just continues to nibble around the edges, talking about the issues, but never mentions the OTHER HALF of the problem:

    American female’s toxicity. If you were to read nothing but AVFM and Reddit Men’s Rights, you would think that divorce courts are just getting up all by themselves and making men’s lives a living Hell. Though they do mention U.S. female’s vindictiveness and HATE for men, they never discuss the issue directly.

    Misogyny, hatred of women. What a crock, as if every male in the U.S. who has started to resent the American female for THEIR HATRED OF MEN were one step away from Ted Bundy. That should be at the very core of the outrage everyone should be talking about.

    It’s bad enough we have to live through this Hell, but then to be gasligted like we were chumps, trying to make us think there’s something wrong with us for not liking being completely fucked over every single day in a million ways .. that there is something WRONG with men for not liking these toxic, confrontational, SPITEFUL, with a “FUCK YOU” attitude, vindictive (mostly over imagined nothing) completely unaccountable, arrogant, ignorant, backstabbing, false accusation making, constantly shit testing, jealous attitudes and pure evil females from Hell is not just adding insult to injury, it’s like screaming at someone you just robbed, raped and stabbed for being upset about it and then running them over in your car.

  5. interesting article. It does seem this is starting to happen but not close to critical mass. in other websites, irl, there is still lots of marriage pushing and pro-feminist thinking. this is going to be exacerbated under President HRC. But who knows about the future. There was a misandry 2050 post similar to this.

  6. This is so sad. These young men are self-centered. They so need Jesus. Men are actually the cause of most problems in this world, and are more violent. They need to be taught to be real men. God bless all who aren’t this way. They will be the leaders of my generation.

  7. What are you on? No It’s People like you Emrald THAT IS THE CAUSE OF WHY MEN ARE THE WAY WE ARE TODAY!

  8. Oh and Emrald these men are 30+ now Stop trolling!

  9. Oh and Emrald stop calling the kettle black.. Women these days HAVE IT THEIR WAY OR THERE IS HELL TO PAY that’s what women of today are like!

    • I’m sorry to see that you are blind to the problems of half the world. And the problems we need to fix most. The womens’.

  10. Sorry boys, although I like some males I know in real life, it’s WOMEN who make the world go round.

  11. There are problems with both the female and the male Gender. And the problems are both as bad as each other.

    There are women who ruin men’s lives through divorce regularly. There are lots of men who commit suicide because they can’t afford to live, and in many cases have to give everything up and still not see their children.

    On the flip side, there are men who ruin women lives regularly by pretty much the same things. Cheating, raping being abusive and not being there for their children. There are also women who behave in the same manor.

    The problem for me is when the innocent people get dragged into the mess.

    For instance genuinely good hearted fathers who can’t see their children, who can’t afford to live and still get punished by not being allowed to see their children.

    Women who have actually been raped and had their lives ruined. Who don’t get believed because immature little girls make up fake stories for attention.

    Both sexes are guilty and I take no side on either one of them. I just surround myself with good people and try to help whoever I can if they’re a good person.

    I’m not going on a I hate woman rant as I’ve been fair about both sides. There are men who murder and women who murder.

    I think the biggest problem is everyone is segregating.

    We shouldn’t be thinking about whether it’s a man who’s done a terrible crime, or a woman and then deciding how they should be punished. Skin colour shouldn’t come into it either or sexuality.

    We should be judging someone on whether they are a good person or not. I don’t like horrible bad people. I try my best not to think about it as labels, because not every woman is evil and manipulative, not every man agrees with rape just because he’s not a feminist. Gay people aren’t an abomination just because the bible says so and just because someone’s black, doesn’t mean they’re in a gang of drug dealers.

    I wish the world would change and see people as good or bad and punish on that basis.

    If it carries on like this, there’s just going to be mass segregation where everybody hates anyone who doesn’t fit into their label. All because we look at society as labels.

    It’s going to turn into a very bitter and lonely world. We think it’s bad now but if it carries on like a point scoring system about which race or gender has committed the worst atrocities, then we’re never going to get anywhere.

    There are just good people and bad people.

    If I meet a kind heated woman who shares the same moral values as me, I’m not going to kick her to the curb. The same as I wouldn’t too anyone else.

    I’m just fed up of people not getting along. Bad people aren’t going to go away, but if good people regardless of gender, sexuality or race can stick together. A difference can be made. As long as people continue to segregate, nothing will ever get done. All that will happen is that points will be tallied up, and more often than not innocent people will get dragged into it when they don’t deserve to be.

    • Gibsonaregreat – I must disagree. Even in your arguments you say women suffer because of other women: “Women who have actually been raped and had their lives ruined. Who don’t get believed because immature little girls make up fake stories for attention.”

      However, the real kicker for me is this: American young men (and older too these days) are not hating all women- only American women. If you look at this particular subject, you will see a lot of stories and encouragement to go “over seas” to find a companion. And it’s not just American men who feel this way; my browsing on this has show many studies stating American women are the least desired in the world.

      So you see- the fact that American males are NOT hating all women, only American women, while American females are hating all men in general…. shows (to me at least) the truth of the matter. The rational and lack thereof. We’ll see how this plays out.

      • Thats the point. American women. Women in other countries arent poison and toxic. Anything but an American women. Not worth the risk!

    • A lot of this is a lie, not all men are manipulative, rapist, abusive or ect. The problem is women buying into a lot of the bs that other women who have had bad experiences. If a women is the one choses a mate then why go for the bad boy? Because they want to change him then it doesn’t work and they end telling all their friends that all men are dogs and ect.
      For the men who are nice and have good morals and values can’t find a gf because of my first paragraph how do we enter the realm of beauty? You can’t. So we good men rather not enter that world and go find it somewhere else where a lot of women are lying up to ass. They lie about wanting someone honest, faithfull, and all this bs if they go around saying men are not men anymore. If she keeps giving that pussy away less men are going to want them. It’s a woman’s fault for not knowing how to direct a men into the right direction. We don’t care if you make a lot more than men we are okay about being the center of the world but again if you don’t know how to lead a man into the right direction then it’s your fault again. Women want a Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, or Barack Obama. He must be this tall and muscular, and successful and ect. Other bs too. They don’t realize that they are being retarded period. I haven’t had a gf in six years why because they won’t let us in. So peace out.

  12. Other than perhaps not being born in a 3rd world country or not being a paraplegic, the best thing that’s ever happened to me is being born gay. How you straight guys put up with women is beyond me. I am so fortunate.

  13. Women say the exact opposite of what they want . If you be too nice your friend zoned. If you show interest your a creep. Women have to high expectations of men. The most annoying trait when your single they don’t want to even know you. But when your taken they all realise what they have missed.also flirting with a guy who has a boyfriend in front of single guys is really fucking annoying

  14. Hmmm…I have been feed up,since I was in middle school. I’m 29 now and haven’t dated, had a girlfriend or had sex,my entire life. Originally this was abstinence,until marriage. Now I don’t give them the time of day. (I didn’t before,either) My parents have (sorta) stopped asking me about dating etc. The main problem is not feminist laws,biased against men. (Although it is a major incentive,for women against men) No the real problem is the millions of women,who filed the false DV/rape/harassment claims,which go unpunished. Have you even seen the women laughing at men,who they hit in the groin? (It’s hilarious and makes the feel powerful,so females say) Feminism didn’t make women divorce across the world,as soon as it was a legal option or lie in wait decades,then do it. Most men aren’t blind…when a prepubescent girl says “hit him in the nuts,it’s their weak spot” and her female chaperones laugh…I remember why I’m going my own way. 40% of gen x women are childless…what’s gen y going to look like? Who’s laughing now?..not me I’m serious.

  15. With all this contempt, you are going to force more and more women to get F2M surgery. Men like you make women hate being women cause you shit on us so much for no reason… I have NEVER tried to be a gold digger or use men in ANY other way, but I have had dumb men colleagues (I.E. men I was not romantic with and who frankly didn’t even know me that well just assume I was no good because I have a pussy between my legs – they are the ones who picked a bad wife THEMSELVES & now they take it out on me! Where’s the f**king logic to that. Maybe if everyone is male, we can finally all get along and the half of the human race (i.e. women) who currently get subtly disrespected (e.g. manterupted, her ideas bropropriated, etc) will finally not be treated like stupid children devoid of the ability to think independently… Yeah, that’s right. Single assertive (probably ‘bitch’ in your threatened little mind) woman here who is child-free by choice. We women are sick of you men mislabel your disrespect as ‘chivalry’. you need to wake up. We dont want to get married or pop out your genetic nightmare babies. We dont like ‘alphas’ anymore than we like omega losers like you. We are sick of being beaten and raped by creatures such as yourselves that may be physically superior but are far inferior in every other way. Maybe if women start taking lots of T and get muscular and have their vaginas surgically sealed, these problems would end but you wouldnt like that either. You want someone around who you can abuse abd rape because deep down, you are afraid of other men and probably your own shadows too.

    • lol

    • As a man, I’m sick of beating & raping women, it’s about time women learned to start beating & raping themselves

      Women need to find a career so they can beat & rape themselves, men beating & raping women is so 1950’s

      Women rights are the worst, women beat & rape men & get away with it, while men have to beat & rape women in silence & shame …



      Now thats what I call epic hashtag activism … lol

    • Tara. I feel sorry for you.

  16. a lot of women are only desease laden receptacles. yes they are rejection sponges and as they age their value is= to a used kotex. they are not nice or vituous and become bitter angry spinsters that are usefull idiots for communist marxism. also they are in favor of incegnation

  17. Society had really made these women today a real total disaster altogether. They’re now like damaged goods.

  18. Guess this makes me ahead of the curve… I gave up on relationships 15 years ago after my last break up and as recent history has shown I was absolutely right in doing so. Every guy I know who has tied themself to a woman has regretted it. When I hear of a horrible divorce story a wave of relief washes over me reminding me that I will never be that guy. Only a fool gives something as useless to him as a woman the power to destroy him. In this day and age the average woman’s vagina is a disease ridden, filthy public toilet that has been defiled by countless losers and has a market value of less than zero and yet a man is supposed to ante up his wealth and future for the arrogant , annoying jerk that comes attatched to the worthless thing… while all the while being talked down to by it? No f’n thanks… no f’n way. I’ll choose freedom instead.

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