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There’s a show on the Syfy channel called Defiance.  It takes place in the late 2040s in what used to be St. Louis (now called Defiance) after several alien species collectively called Votans (because they called their home star system, Votanis) become refugees on Earth after the destruction of Votanis.

datastahmatarrOne of the Votan species, the Castithans, have what we would call a very traditionalist society and culture including in relations between men and women.  Being on Earth the Castithans get exposed to feminism, and this was the basis of the plot of the most recent episode.  Two of the main characters on Defiance, Datak and Stahma Tarr, are Castithans and married.  Datak is sort of like Tony Soprano in that he runs (or ran) a criminal organization like the mafia.  At the end of last season, Datak kills an Earth Republic military office because he was insulted so that leads to him being imprisoned by the Earth Republic.  Ostensibly, Datak and Stahma’s son takes over the criminal organization, but in reality Stahma is running it behind the scenes.  Stahma quickly takes over actual control of the criminal organization.  Datak finds out that his wife took over and is not happy about it when he gets out of prison.  Stahma is able to maintain control of the criminal organization, and this leads to Datak and Stahma being separated (although they’re still married).

What Stahma did was against Castithan religion and culture where women aren’t supposed to be running businesses and the like.  In the most recent episode of Defiance, a Castithan cleric starts preaching against Stahma.  Eventually, Stahma goes to Amanda Rosewater, the former mayor of Defiance who is now running her sister’s brothel after her sister died.  Amanda tells Stahma about feminism, although she never uses the word, feminism, and convinces Stahma to talk to other Castithan wives who she thinks may feel that their culture and religion is oppressing them.  Later we see Stahma at something that looks like a knitting circle where she tries to convince some Castithan wives, one of whom is the wife of the cleric that was preaching against Stahma, to take up feminism (although, again, the word, feminism, is never used).  The other Castithan women don’t go for it so Stahma decides to give them poison tea to drink which kills them.  Stahma is able to pin the deaths on the cleric who gets publically tortured at the end of the episode for the murders of the Castithan wives.  Datak runs into Stahma at the public torture and says to her that he was surprised that she didn’t pin the murders on him.

What we have here is an apt metaphor for feminism.  As soon as feminism gets introduced to a society free of from it, it leads to murder (similar to the introduction of abortion) and men get falsely accused of crimes they didn’t commit.  It’s just a true for aliens as it would be for humans.

  7 Responses to “When Feminism And Aliens Collide”

  1. Good this will WAKE people up to what feminism really is!

  2. it really is a hate movement.

    one could literally replace feminism with naziism, and the ideology would lead to the same results.

  3. Glad someone else caught on to this. Just got through the first season and looked back on how every man is a useless ball of anger.

  4. I got interested enough to watch a few episodes of this show. Unlike Tony Soprano, Datak Tarr is depicted as a knucklehead who can’t control himself. She’s also contemptuous of her son Alak, who she believes is too weak to run the business in her husband’s place. So that’s her excuse for taking over.

    • Since it seems like you are the only one on the internet to write about this topic, let me link my take on the show.


      • swallowtail10 wrote:
        Since it seems like you are the only one on the internet to write about this topic

        This is one of the few blogs that openly discusses the dark side of female nature, and how it represents a threat to the advancement of the human race.

        let me link my take on the show.

        An excellent review. On the plus side of the balance sheet, the premise of turning Earth into a semi-alien world is fascinating. On the minus side, as you said most of the men are either idiots or weaklings. You have the usual unrealistic “I am woman hear me roar” types of characters in the form of Irisa, the adoptive daughter of Nolan and soldier Jessica Rai. Rai is the one who gives Nolan the long lecture about him being a rat because he’s unusually well-equipped to deal with the hostile new world they live in. I suppose she’s butthurt by the prospect of a man that isn’t either a neutered workhorse or a hopeless dweeb.

        You also have the more realistic types of conniving women such as Stahma Tarr who will do whatever it takes to get what they want, while avoiding responsibility for their actions. Within a short span of time she poisons her lover Kenya, poisons several of her fellow Castithan ladies, gets a man falsely accused of their murder, and narrowly escapes a bomb planted under her car by,a man she had brutally beaten by thugs (Nolan saves her).

      • swallowtail10 wrote:
        Since it seems like you are the only one on the internet to write about this topic,

        Just in case it isn’t obvious, I am not the blog owner here, I’m simply a lowly commenter.

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