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We know that young men are only getting more and more fed up with women so young men will do things like refuse to get married, only deal with women when they want to grudge fuck them, etc.  Some young men will ask why bother having anything to do with women at all and choose to go ghost.  Of those young men some will take extreme measures to make sure they can’t be manipulated by women such as this young man referenced in a comment at Dalrock’s blog:

GunnerQ says “What we’re seeing is young men learning to turn off their sex drives for their own sanity.”

I’ve heard of this. On a recent camping trip, one of the guys was telling us about how his 28 year old son had started taking antidepressants. His son has never suffered from depression but told his dad he was able to say the right things and get a prescription. He’s taking them to try and kill his sex drive because he’s simply tired of pursing women with no success. The dad is upset and angry. His son is reasonably attractive, a working professional with a decent income, but all the girls he asks out turn him down, or if he does go out they want to have sex right away and his son wants to wait until marriage. So instead of being tempted with porn or fornication he’s cutting out the source of his temptation. We were all talking about the morality of this. Is it wrong to kill one’s sex drive to avoid marriage or immorality?

I had expected to hear about this sort of thing sooner or later, but reading it is a bit of shock.  It does make sense for the young man in the comment.  He knows better than to get married, but because of his faith, other options aren’t available to him.  I’m not sure if using antidepressants in this manner is a good idea, but given the constraints of his faith, this young man made a logical decision.

I doubt most young men will take this route in dealing with women, but it may have some popularity among religious young men who have “limited” options.  I doubt this will get a positive reaction from the church.  Another comment at Dalrock’s tried to seriously compare this to birth control, and that’s the tip of the iceberg.  I predict that we will see pastors like Mark Driscoll screaming at men who do this.  This will just lead to more men leaving the church.

More than anything else this shows just how much young men are getting fed up with women.  A young man does not choose to kill his sex drive with antidepressants for trivial reasons.

  17 Responses to “Fed Up To The Point Of Killing His Sex Drive”

  1. oh, pass the one’s that want to have sex onto me…

    there won’t be any good womyn left for him to marry…

    he’ll have to settle for trysts with Roosh 5, Hugo Schweitzer and Jack Don-0-van (presuming he’s a white guy.)

    No, turning off your sex drive sounds sleazy, even for the lowest of the low-MGTOW’s….

    just like WN’s and male feminist’s he must give man-sex a try–to do otherwise is patriarchical…

  2. “I’m not sure if using antidepressants in this manner is a good idea”
    It isn’t. And that’s putting it extremely mildly. You do *not* screw around with psychoactive medication.

  3. I think I’ve always had a lower sex drive then most men, and frankly it’s made my life better.

  4. It’s simple to deal with American women as long as you don’t get attached. They’re relatively easy to fuck, especially if you lie to them (by promising marriage, etc.). Do whatever it takes to get what you want. Just don’t ever marry one, don’t tell them the truth about anything (i.e. give a fake name, phone number, etc.) and don’t ever leave your jizz somewhere where she can retrieve it and impregnate herself.

    I believe that American women deserve little to no respect from men. But my feelings change as soon as I leave the country. There are places in the world that still have women who enjoy being women. They are slender, they wear dresses and high heels, and they have long flowing hair. They celebrate the difference between the sexes instead of trying to abrogate it. And they know how to treat a man. This is where I will find my future, and this is where any man who wants to be happy and content should look….

    • yup, really easy. just gotta be 6’3″, built like a mr universe contestant, dress like someone who makes 50x more money than you ever will… and hope there is zero competition.

      • 5’11” is tall enough…..and you don’t need great looks or money. You only need game.

  5. There’s a reason why the Apostle Paul said it was better to never touch a woman, but to get married and be with only one woman otherwise. A man’s desire to sling about his seed in youth is too strong for him to deny, nevertheless control. Women have insurmountable power over men in this regard. The repercussions of following his base desires can be catastrophic. A man that chemically castrates himself is, in some cases, making a very wise choice. No more sex drive? No more existential or moral crises. In this way, he is in fact liberating himself from a heavy burden.

    • You are freakin crazy to bother with anti-depressants, ESPECIALLY SSRI’s.
      Brutal side -effects PLUS when on them for any length of time, neurological damage. Just check out the web site PaxilProgress. Hundreds and hundreds of victims of the drug companies POISON. Shooting your self in the head would be kinder.

      • I’ve taken both anti depressants and anti anxiety meds. When one goes to take these meds, what is their state of mind? Are they trying to forget good or bad memories? It’s the bad memories, right?

        It’s not the meds. It’s the crushing reality of life that brings one to suicide, pills, drugs, alcohol and addiction. I know that pain. I know why so many pray for death. I, myself, have prayed. Life in America is the antithesis of the “American dream”.

        The meds (anti depression and anti anxiety) are booze/drugs in neatly packaged, professionally prescribed, pay your insurance company and doctor, tablet form. The docs are competing with the dealers for money. Both sell addiction for the brain; hence both get rich on the decimation of others.

  6. It’s sad that you never realized this, boys. But women run the world. You aren’t even needed; just your sperms. And they can be synthesized. A lot of animal species consist entirely of females.

  7. To the host of this site; please let “Emrald” cheerfully spread her gynocentric venom. Hopefully more young men like myself read such frank examples of female self-centeredness and further dissociate themselves from women.

    It is always a pleasure to see a woman betraying her own gender with such ignorant and obnoxious statements.

    • And Emrald is only 16 years old! Can you imagine her in college? She’ll be the first female to file a sexual harassment complaint because someone looked at her the wrong way. And in the labor force? I’m sure she’ll weasel her way into some make-work female job in the name of gender equality. She is young and hasn’t mastered the ability to be subtle or political; she’s telling it the way she sees it….the way most American women feel. She’s actually doing us men a service as cynical suggests; she’s letting us all know what women really think about….

  8. I’ve never been any good at getting laid (or even getting a girlfriend). I have a good job, income, all that crap, but no results. I’m completely over it. I also now take antidepressants and switching off my sex drive is a relief. I still feel lonely and like I’ve missed out on something really important, especially when I see other people around me getting together. To be honest, i feel my life (at a personal level where it really counts) is pretty crappy, but the drugs help.

  9. So obvious, and yet it bears repeating. I read so many sites, where mostly-male commenters cannot figure out why they can’t seem to dis-elect big-government nanny-state politicians.

  10. “Therefore, the sad conclusion is :

    Civilization requires either a) strict restrictions on women, or b) technology that reduces the power of women. Barring one of these two, civilization ends.”
    Muslim countries seem to have understood that… While the West doesn’t breed, Muslim still breed above replacement rate, many European countries as well as Russia are in this situation. In 100 years from now Muslim will put Charia law everywhere feminism and woman power disappear: problem solved.

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