Jul 122014

Over at the Good Mangina Project I found this comment from a woman:

Though, I have read a lot of books to better understand men Randy. Wild at Heart by John Eldridge (He writes a lot of books about men), He’s Just Not up For it Anymore by Bob and Susan Berkowitz, Save the Males: Why Men Matter Why Women Should care by Kathleen Parker, For Women Only, What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men by Shaunti Feldhahn, Why Men Stop Having Sex: Men, the Penomenon of Sexless Relationships by Bob Berkowitz, Men in Love by Nancy Friday…to name some.
Take a look at this list of books she read.  They’re almost all written by women or written with men with female co-authors.  (That’s even before taking into consideration that publishing is female dominated.)  If you’re trying to understand men and end up reading books written or co-written by women, then something is wrong.  Of course, this woman can’t see that.
If you’re a woman who wants to understand men, then you need to read things that aren’t written or co-written by women and aren’t filtered by women.  That means avoiding books for the most part.  Try reading A Voice For Men, The Spearhead, or this blog.  You may scared or horrified by what you read there, but the only reason for that is because you can’t handle writing that is free of misandry.

  6 Responses to “But I Read Books About Men Written By Women”

  1. In all fairness, Helen Smith’s book, Men on Strike, though flawed, is quite good and its heart is in the right place.

    Don’t be so quick to judge.

  2. even if a female MRA does manage to talk a good game, I still sense that she really just wants a return to traditionalism, aka the plantation.

  3. Books to learn about men????

    Try most literature of the WEstern canon, from Greece to modern times.


  4. I think refuse to listen to men or read their thoughts while trying to understand them, shows how deep the instinct of invalidation runs in the female psyche.

    The Spearhead is run by a man who married a feminist but waffles on about gays having anal sex, the man is not rational enough to be worth reading any more.

  5. Some EXCELLENT books on masculinity and being male – written by men – are THE HAZARDS OF BEING MALE: SURVIVING THE MYTH OF MASCULINE PRIVILEGE by Herb Goldberg, and WHY MEN ARE THE WAY THEY ARE (and THE MYTH OF MALE POWER) by Warren Farrell.
    These authors don’t bias the information to spare the reader’s ‘feelings’, blame ‘toxic’ masculinity or spend the entire book bashing men; they present the facts (with a huge bibliography and LOTS of footnotes and references) as they are, and “let the chips fall where they may”; needless to say, Western women won’t like these books.

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