Jun 102014

Of course, Susan Walsh isn’t responsible for Elliot Rodger. However, she used to believe one of the things Elliot Rodger believed, and Rollo Tomasi pointed it out (even though she removed it from her website:

Well, in case you were all wondering why Aunt Giggles was so late to the Eliot Rodger show (especially after her commenting that she had no plans to do a post about the kid), lets just say that when you rebrand a site like HUS to be more accommodating for HuffPo ownership it takes a while to scrub anything that might be incriminating from your old posts:


Oh rats! 404 Error not found.

That’s OK it takes a rat to archive a rat,…


Now, this IS peculiar! It looks as if Aunt Giggles was for creating guys like Eliot, before she was against it. That chart looks like a glowing endorsement of the 20 / 80 premise (and its cute too!).

Maybe we should alert the HuffPo and voice our concerns about their sponsoring a blogger who tacitly endorses the ideological notions that led to creating a misogynistic murderer like Eliot Rodger?

Are they aware of her attempts to scrub this post and distance herself from her complicit culpability? Gasp!

If it weren’t for bloggers like this perhaps Eliot Rodger wouldn’t have been motivated to kill 4 men and 2 women.

I really liked the graphic Rollo created out of Susan Walsh’s chart and Elliot Rodger’s video:
No one can deny that what Susan Walsh said about this subject is virtually the same as what Elliot Rodger said.

  6 Responses to “Is Susan Walsh Responsible For Elliot Rodger?”

  1. I always assumed that chart was supposed to be a massive insult against the female gender.

    poe’s law?

  2. Interestingly Elliot’s graph line up perfectly with Aunt Giggle’s premise that suggests top females and bottom females are left out, which is contrary to the manosphere 80/20 theory that suggests 100% of females are attracted to the top 20 and even the bottom feeders can find a man if they want to.

    It can’t be anything else than a perfect copy.

  3. Susan Walsh is deluded I don’t know how far up her ass her head is but it definitely is up there this females thinking is quite twisted! the only way People “like” each other is if the chemistry is there! Or maybe i just have high expectations in a relationship nope I don’t even bother with women they are to troublesome it is NOT worth it in the long run! for my urges I got a fleshlight!

  4. Paul Elam is Bigot his bigotry the snarky prick’s is for Male bigotry I told him that women always have Major rape fantasies and the Prick banned me for it! yeah I have Asperger’s Syndrome he has Pussyfied the MHRM Remove that faggots blogs from yours I told him some Hard as stone facts that “male” has a real problem when you bring up REAL PROBLEMS about men Like the Education system and Men that have been Circumcised and just how twisted women think and Bang I got banned! yes I was angry about it I’m still pretty Pissed off with Elam he was just chipping away around the edges when I got to the heart of the Matter I was fed up with the “Not, with you” I kept getting with women! they are simply Mental!

    • Paul Elam is an academic, all academics are basically brainwashed into being faggots

      The longer you stay in academia the more censored & tunnel visioned the bullshit

      Good luck trying to make hard hitting comments or criticising women on a pussified academics site …

      As Paul Elam points, the MHRA has nothing to with mens rights, its about Male Human Rights, ie a male form of feminism

      Closely following Paul Elams own pussified state

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