Jun 132014

How much hardware does it take to put your body into a VR world?  One oculus rift and three kinects.  That’s it.  That’s not a lot of hardware that even right now isn’t expensive.  Over time that hardware is only going to get cheaper.

What does this mean for virtual sex?  It’s possible that an additional kinect to track the crotch area and/or force feedback hardware may be needed.  However, that’s not much more hardware that is only getting cheaper too.

Virtual sex is getting closer and closer to reality.

  3 Responses to “An Oculus Rift And Three Kinects”

  1. I don’t think I would even need the force feedback.

    just give me a woman that isn’t real. that’s 90% of the enjoyment right there. a woman who is civil and polite, a woman who cares about my needs. a woman that doesn’t nag me or browbeat me or shit test me, or ask me retarded questions about “where is this relationship going?”

  2. Sign me up for that bodysuit!

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