Jun 152014

Happy Fathers’ Day to all of the fathers out there, especially those who are being denied access to their children by women and the courts.

Since today is Fathers’ Day, it’s a good time to talk about an example of how fathers are necessary in raising children.  Recently, actor, Terry Crews, was on The View and talked about the importance of fathers.  Jenny McCarthy, a single mother, took offense at that.  Crews did not say anything about Jenny McCarthy specifically or even single mothers specifically.  The simple act of speaking positively about fathers was enough to offend women.  Someone commenting on the Mens’ Rights Reddit summed it up very well:

“Fathers are important.”

“Are you calling me a bad mother?!”

While Terry Crews was not attacking mothers or Jenny McCarthy, the fact is that Jenny McCarthy is a bad mother.  She is endangering her children by being anti-vaccine and is partly responsible for the deaths and illnesses caused by a lack of vaccinations since she vigorously campaigns against vaccines.  On top of this, she has also said that she would rather have her children deal with diseases that vaccines prevent rather than get autism.  Several of these diseases are deadly or have the potential to be deadly.  In other words, McCarthy is saying she would have her children die than live with autism.  Given that autism (and what was formerly know as Aspergers Syndrome) is just medicalizing normal male behavior in many cases, McCarthy is basically equating vaccination with masculinity and saying it’s better to die than to be masculine.  When you consider all this Jenny McCarthy is a bad mother, and her children clearly need their father to protect them from her delusions.  This is an excellent example of why fathers are important.

  3 Responses to “An Example Of How Fathers Are Necessary: Jenny McCarthy Edition”

  1. She is a bad mother! She reacts like that because deep down she knows she is committing child abuse, denying her kids her father.

  2. How is asperger’s ‘normal male behaviour’?

  3. What PMAFT doesn’t mention, there’s a million more effective ways to prevent measles, whooping cough etc then vaccinations

    He also doesnt mention the fact children are more likely to get measles, whooping cough etc., if they get vaccinated … Could it be because they’re getting injected with measles & whooping cough in the first place …?

    Only an idiot injects himself with a disease to prevent a disease … Then again most pro-vaccine supporters cluelessly believe anything so called backwar modern medicine tells them …

    Then again PMAFT probably wants a citation for idiots injecting themselves with a disease to prevent a disease …

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