May 242014

Anon1 brought this story to our attention about a single mother in Silicon Valley who has supposedly experienced “discrimination” in trying to form a startup.  Here is the “discrimination” she has supposedly experienced:

She’s faced prejudice in the Valley. “I don’t have an Ivy League education; I didn’t just graduate college. I have over 10 years of business experience, and I thought all of those things actually would be positives,” said Atwood. “But unfortunately, there are a lot of investors that are looking for the young 21-year-old, just-graduated-Stanford type of entrepreneur.”

Indeed, she said one VC firm suggested she ought to find that “white 21-year-old guy” to come with her on her roadshow, while another told her that she ought to dye her blond hair darker to be taken seriously in the tech community.

And one potential angel investor even asked her, “Are you sure you can do this as a single mom?”

I know lots of successful people in Silicon Valley that didn’t graduate from college or graduated from a non-Ivy League institution so that discrimination doesn’t exist.  Wanting to make sure that a potential startup has sufficient technical resources (what the 21 year old guy comment really means) isn’t discrimination either.  It’s also not discrimination to ask if this woman will be able to devote sufficient time to her startup because she’s a single mom.  A startup particularly in its initial stages requires a time commitment way beyond a normal 40 hour work week.  It’s a valid question for a venture capitalist to ask if someone has other responsibilities that might distract them from developing their startup.  Venture capitalists are in the business of making sure they get a return on their investments, not subsidizing single mothers.

It is likely that venture capitalists also have valid issues with the single mom’s business plan that she would call “discrimination”.  Her startup is about developing an app to help divorced parents keep track of child care costs.  Anyone reading this can see the myriad of problems here.  There are already many budgeting apps out there.  There’s nothing special about “child care expenses”.  Also, don’t married people need to keep track of child care expenses too?  It’s not like child care expenses are different if you’re married or divorced.  This woman has questionable business skills if she can’t see that.  There’s only one possible thing this app could do that’s different, and that’s provide reports of child care expenses to non-custodial parents to see if they match up with child support.  Yet, that’s not in her business plan, and any cloud based budgeting app could do that too.  More importantly, that’s a legal problem not a technological one so that’s not even a possible benefit to this app.

In other words, this single mom has come up with an app that does what many other apps do but worse.  This is another example of vagina software like the “girl power android apps” and text based video games about abortion that we have seen in the past.  Like all other vagina software, it’s a pale imitation of real software applications.

  12 Responses to “Venture Capitalists Aren’t In The Business Of Subsidizing Single Mothers”

  1. I do not believe for one second the sexist anecdotes she is claiming. They are standard fare in every Woman in Tech confessional.

    • Even if what she said actually happened, it wasn’t sexism. She had a poor business plan and is probably unable to follow through on creating a business. It almost doesn’t matter if she was lying or not.

  2. how soon until venture capital is mandatory, as an entitlement to women?

    I mean, I always just assumed it was supposed to require real effort to acquire it.

  3. Yes, indeed. Feminists make a big thing of preaching that men aren’t entitled to sex … even though they can’t point out anyone who ever said they were in the first place. But the self-same women claim they’re entitled to male resources, just because.

  4. “Realistically, the solution is not to re-subjugate women, but rather for the govt. to change the marketing it does to women. Keep buying women’s votes with legislation that expires, so that they never figure out that they are voting for the same thing as they voted for 8 years ago.”

    Recreate a libertarian, free market country (space colony) without women in MGTOW/MRA style, no women right or vote, strong incentive in tech engineering and science for men, money based on gold and/or bitcoin.
    Make sure to put the red pill early in school, studying MGTOW/MRA literature.
    Of Course low taxation (marginal rate must be caped) no wealth tax…
    Making that ensure that no group can influence the government by bribe (Banks, Finance).
    Only tax to finance army, police and justice services (and eventually public school and hospital).
    If a citizen is not agree with the above, he/she can leave in total liberty, in reverse an immigrant who want to enter the colony must follow the rules.

    It will turn to the most powerful Nation and technically advanced of the world with a good standard of living.
    Any woman who want live here can do it, put must be agree with rule if not she can leave.

    • Kyubi wrote:
      Recreate a libertarian, free market country (space colony) without women in MGTOW/MRA style, no women right or vote, strong incentive in tech engineering and science for men, money based on gold and/or bitcoin.

      I’m all for it personally, but the twin issues of escaping the Earth’s gravitational field and dealing with the deadly radiation of space are formidable obstacles to overcome – considerably more difficult than Gerard O’Neill estimated. On top of that, we lack sufficient experience in creating closed ecologies.

      Of course I believe these obstacles will be overcome; just not sure how long it will take before it becomes economically doable. Building a space colony would be ideal for personal freedom since it would simply be too far away (and easily mobile) for other nation states to meddle with it.

      I also like Patri Friedman’s concept of building ocean colonies. Their drawback (technological feasibility aside) is that they would be too close and too vulnerable to interference.

      • You are right: a space colony would be difficult at first, but I think an ocean colony could be doable in the near future.

        I forget to say previously that the colony should have nuke bombs and a pacifist constitution (no foreign intervention in other sovereign country and no preventive strike) but enough dissuasion against any foreign army who want to mess with us.
        In short “leave us alone and we will leave you alone.”
        Reproduction control: totally non hormonal reversible male birth control (if the colony physical space is constrained) to two children per couple of genitor.

        • Orbital colonies and colonies on the moon are still reachable by governments. Unless you’re able to get as far away as Mars or farther, you’re better off with a ocean colonies since they would be easier to build.

        • We already have a none hormonal male birth control

          Its called your thumb …

          All you have to do is automate it, press a button & it blocks the flow of sperm from your sperm tubal & press it again to safely remove the sperm after you’ve finished

          Ill probably build a few prototypes & chuck them up on amazon in a couple of months …

        • I think an ocean colony could be doable in the near future.

          Patri Friedman’s site released a report suggesting one could be here by 2020. They suggest doing it in calm territorial waters rather than the open ocean because of the lower technological hurdle. When I have time I’ll read through the entire thing.

          My take on the ocean colony thing is the best thing to do would be to aim as low as possible both technologically and socially. Build them under a government’s jurisdiction and do it in waters where you don’t have to worry about hurricanes taking it out. That way they have a chance to grow organically. In time they can become defacto city-states like Hong Kong. Hong Kong is nominally under Chinese sovereignty, but is too powerful for even mainland China to push around at will.

  5. Heads up folks!

    It looks like Fatrell is going to give us all some free press.

    I would advise everyone that has a site to create a post that points out all the lies he’s going to tell so that those who visit the manosphere for the first time will immediately be given the truth.

  6. OT but I must share this.

    It seems that Futrelle is going all conspiracy theory.

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