May 222014

Sorry to disappoint everyone but there are no topless pics of women in this post.  Instead we have a new cartoon from EvilWhiteMaleEmpire about Vladimir Putin’s reaction to protests by feminists who went topless (in both English and Russian):what Putin really thinks of Femen (in English) what Putin really thinks of Femen (in Russian).

What these cartoons refer to is how Putin handled a recent protest by Femen and completely diffused Femen’s attetion whoring.  What Putin did was brilliant and made Femen look stupid.  If you want to see how stupid Femen looks thanks to Putin, then watch this episode of Portlandia.  While the Portlandia episode isn’t about Femen, it has animal rights protesters including a woman who keeps asking when she should take her top off over and over again.  Femen could have easily been a Portlandia sketch, and Putin pointed that out to the world.

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  1. It doesn’t mean anything in Russian.. Poor google translation.

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