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As we know, women feel oppressed by male expertise in various fields.  Some people might say that the example of someone saying that men’s “expert power” oppresses women is just the opinion of one person and not representative of what feminists or women think.  Maria Klawe, president of Harvey Mudd College (a place where any man serious about studying computer science should now avoid), said the same thing in an interview with LinkedIn.  However she used the terms “arcane info”, “arcane details”, and pretty much any phrase beginning with the word, arcane, as code for male expertise oppresses women:

Moreover, in many cases when a female student does enroll in an intro course, she withdraws because she feels underprepared in comparison to some of the students (mostly geeky guys) who seem to know all kinds of arcane info about the subject.

Our instructors had private conversations with students who were using up a disproportionate amount of air time in class talking about arcane details and asked them to have those conversations with the instructors in private because other students found their level of knowledge intimidating.

If you have too much expertise in a subject, then you can’t ask questions in a college class.  Asking knowledgeable questions in college means you’re oppressing women.  This isn’t a random person on the internet saying this.  It’s the president of Harvey Mudd College.  Universities used to be about communicating knowledge and generating new knowledge, but we now have presidents of universities who think that such things oppress women.

  14 Responses to ““Arcane Knowledge” Is Code For Your Expertise Oppresses Women”

  1. This last series of posts has been a real eye opener and one of the best I have read to date in the manosphere.

    Most of the advances of feminism happened by sleight of hand virtually unnoticed several decades ago but you have shown in real time the strategies used to subvert and undermine men in the STEM fields.

    Every inch gained by feminism is a yard taken from men.

  2. Women in general need to wake up …. I blame all women for our screwed up society, because even though some of them may not have actively participated in the Feminist movement they sure took advantage of the benefits .. .. ..

  3. whenever a feminist opens her mouth to speak her real views, feminists everywhere yammer on about how that feminist doesn’t represent them.

    but there are no feminists who are sane. they’re all batshit and they are all subhuman. so it’s like an endless circle jerk of denunciations and proclamations, every time a feminist says anything. it’s like the movement exists just for the sake of self parody.

  4. This shit’s BullShit Society is BullShit I hate Being a Male in this Cunt of a world!

  5. As a STEM professor I’ve seen this for decades. Girls come into class with nothing, expect to be taught everything, and rarely venture beyond the course material. Boys come into class with a pre-existing interest in the subject (with corresponding knowledge base, ragged as it may be), expect to be taught more, and continue to explore the topic on their own. The difference in their learning styles (and their corresponding ability to master new material) is striking. But “boyz and girlz r the same” so I can’t actually say that out loud.

  6. Universities used to be places for researching, advancing mankind, mental masturbation (lets be honest here), socialization and a way of funding the best and brightest in society (including any women who qualified!) so they could afford to spend years reading, analyzing, writing and adding to the world. Yes, you used to GET PAID to go to university. Because in attending university you were advancing society. Now it’s become “further education”, an extension of A-levels that is increasingly becoming a requirement for even the most menial jobs.

    Some kids wanted to swim in the deep end and we took all the water out so they wouldn’t drown. Progress!

  7. Maybe she feels underprepared because she IS underprepared. And in that case, what the hell is she doing there?

  8. Meh – dudes using up classroom time by showing off just how much they fucking know is probably a legit problem.

  9. Every feminist position can be reduced to “muh feelings are hurt”.

  10. Yours is the only blog/site I’ve found that actually deals with women in the workplace and in education to a great extent. It’s my no.1 biggest interest and I’m always looking for real stats and information and have an incredibly difficult time finding anything at all about the subject, well at least anything truthful.

    Most articles you find in MSM are written by manginas and Feminists about how wonderful women are and even how they’ve ‘taken over,’ which couldn’t be further from the truth. I have no doubt you’re aware of this:

    The Dept. of Labor’s own stats clearly showing that 98% of women are doing EXACTLY the same low level, grunt work they were doing 50 years ago. I’m surprised Feminists haven’t gotten it taken down, claiming ‘sexist bias’ or some other insanity.

    I have a unique job in sales that puts me into contact with companies in every industry in 2 large metropolitan areas and have been doing it for years. And I can tell you from raw, vast experience, that yes, there are female IT Managers out there, but not really that many and all of them I have talked to are as worthless as pedals on a wheelchair and obvious Affirmative Action hires.

    Most women never even show up for work on any regular basis- except for the receptionists and admins- look up any company website in any industry and find the female employees on there and then call at any time during the week and ask for them and notice over and over and over each one you call for just happens to be ‘out’ that day or not in yet, especially on Mondays and Fridays and especially any time before 10am or any time after 2pm.

    There is also an incredible turnover with female employees. 90% are horrific to deal with and are flaky, incompetent, ignorant of their own company’s product and have zero loyalty to their own company. It also takes them 2 months to do something as trivial as send a fax. They act like you’re bothering and harassing them to ask them to actually do their job and have an all around ‘FUCK YOU’ attitude to everyone.

    Putting women in a business does to that business what sugar does to a gas tank. They even actually drive away potential clients and customers! They’re confrontational with them and petty and childish. My advice to anyone who owns a business is to have someone do a mystery shop by phone and notice how horrible all of the females treat them.

    In reality, 98% of them need to be fired in any given company. The only time a female employee will act halfway respectful and professional is if she is in a call center/customer service room and knows she is being monitored at random.

    I think your site comes closest to revealing the actual truth about women in the workplace and like all of you articles about the subject, but I wish you would post more! Are there other sites that deal with the subject as much as you do? Even Voice for Men barely touches on the subject. It is a huge, HUGE issue!!

  11. Hmmm… Let’s look at the facts – if a male professor chats with a female student, he needs to do so in public, with the door open, and preferrably with someone else in the room, only during office hours. Whereas if the student is male, you can run into him at a bar and chat for the evening without any issues.

    Women are their own worst enemies. It is as simple as that… If they want to be treated as “equals” they need to stop whining all the time.

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