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Previously, I talked about this New York Times article and the attacks on tech startups that were found in the article and the article’s comments.  The comments of that article didn’t limit themselves to attacking startups.  Men working in the tech industry were attacked for having autism or aspergers syndrome and being permanently defective:

In tech especially, which tends to attract autistic-like males who are considered antisocial losers (because most of them are) we are asking stones to yield water. Short on empathy and social skills, the boy-men in the field are incapable of seeing real world suffering and POVs distinct from their own narrow ones. Riding the wave of big money and perceived “hipness” they have an outsized sense of worth when none actually exists.

Other comments didn’t explicitly accuse men working in the tech industry of having autism or aspergers syndrome, but clearly implied it:

The males who specializes in information technology, primarily software development, at least USA born and bred – I cannot speak for expatriates of other countries working as such in the USA – are stereotypical nerds with unfortunately few social skills, little to no knowledge of any subject outside of their specialty in information technology, next to no knowledge of politics, history or literature and on and on. They also tend to remain juvenile males well into maturity in many aspects of behavior.

I do not know whether there is a nerdy female equivalent, but perhaps there is.

With regard to behavior of such males, there is no hope for change. Once adult, they are beyond remediation.

Any comment that talked about men in the tech industry having low social skills or low “emotional intelligence” is accusing them of having autism or aspergers syndrome like this comment:

I am not surprised. Techies are not known for sensitivity, emotional intelligence or social skills.

There are two things to notice here.  The first is that an article about the tech industry brought out comments about how all men working in the tech industry have a disorder on the autism spectrum.  This would not have happened unless there are a lot of women and manginas who hate the men working in the tech industry.  The second is how these comments explicitly that men working in the tech industry are not curable.  In other words, men working in the tech industry and defective and an ever present threat to women.  (Even if these comments said that men in the tech industry were “curable”, that wouldn’t be much better.  Since men working in the tech industry don’t universally have an autism spectrum disorder as is claimed in these comments, attempting to “cure” these men would be equivalent to sending them to a Soviet reeducation camp.)  The people who wrote these comments are basically proposing that men currently working in the tech industry be barred from being employed in the tech industry (or in any other industry because they would be a “threat to women” wherever they go) and much worse than that as Evilwhitemale empire points out:

Here’s a thought exercise.

What is the relationship between the continuously expanded definition of autism and aspergers (to include many high functioning boys) and the recent feminist hubbub over ‘brogrammers’ and similar tech men?


-these conditions primarily affect males and are often characterized by lack of socialization combined with proficiencies in math, science, etc.

-the hubbub over ‘brogrammers’ appears to center around feminists being forced to share power in the workplace with these men that they can’t do without in order to make businesses run.
It would appear that it’s becoming clear to feminists that there’s a class of men (on the top end of the corporate ladder) whose talents they are unable to duplicate.

-mental illness classification seems like a pretty easy way to marginalize or strip rights from someone that you don’t like without requiring that they break the law first.

Evilwhitemaleempire has answered the question of why an article attacking the tech industry brings out comments attacking men working in that  industry of having an autism spectrum disorder.  Feminists can’t control a major section of the economy that is dependent on male expertise, and feminists usually need the pretext that a man broke the law to strip his rights away.  The only other way to strip a man’s rights away without him committing an actual crime (barring an outright police state) is to accuse him of mental illness.  In the Soviet Union, political dissidents were accused of being mentally ill, and feminists are attempting to do the same thing to men working in the tech industry.

  12 Responses to “Why Does Attacking The Tech Industry Bring Out Accusations Of Autism?”

  1. Yeah It’s nice how they do this! there are three syndrome Kanners, Mid Functioning and Asperger’s Syndrome it is NOT a spectrum disorder that Spectrum is the Personality spectrum of that person interacting with the autism. Women and Mangina’s are BUTTHURT they can’t replicate what WE asperger’s syndrome guys can! so they relentlessly attack us we get attacked all our lives from everyone especially in the Social part of society, Society doesn’t want us even though we are the Nicest most formal and polite people in general the only time we asperger’s swear our asses off is when we are in pain. It’s why we call ourselves WRONG PLANET SYNDROME!

  2. On that other thread, THF made an interesting comment:

    “Remember that women like societies that are aristocracies/oligarchies, where the men at the top today will also be the men at the top 20 years from now. That makes it easy for women to decide who to get impregnated by.”

    What the women are objecting to, perhaps, is the tech guys muddying the waters with respect to who makes the best partner. Is this a manifestation of inter-generational conflict between women? It’s the sort of thing that guys do’t always think about.

    The older cohort of women are operating on the old mate-selection criteria: biggest alpha smile, biggest alpha handshake. It’s netting them middle-management drones and salesmen. Meanwhile, the younger, computer-savvy, gamer-gurl crowd of women is able to recognise talent and earning potential that the queen bees cannot. The younger women are scoring these men who not only become high earners, but who wield day-to-day workplace power (and petty day-to-day power over other people is these women’s main goal in life).

    Quite simply, the gamer gurl with the geeky workplace b/f always has her email working. The 30-yo’s in power suits dating the boss takes 1/2 an hour to log in in the morning and can’t get facebook. This upsets the natural order of things.

    Maybe that’s part of what’s going on.

  3. Wait…you’re saying you didn’t agree with the bit about ‘real world suffering’?

    ‘Cause, y’know, being a chick who can’t score a sweet Human Resources gig with a tech start up is exactly like being at Auschwitz.

    Meanwhile, I can’t help noticing how these totally total losers are the ones making all the cash. Further proof that when women whine about being judged purely on their attractiveness, it’s nothing but pure projection. Maybe there’s a conection between females utter failure to make their mark in the biz, and their belief that George Clooney would be obviously a better than programmer than Stephen Hawking because, hey, creepy computer voice.

  4. now just imagine flipping the script on women by accusing all of them of a mental disorder based on their natural behavior.

    you would actually have an easier time of it. maybe this is really just another example of female projection.

  5. Coastal wrote:
    ‘Cause, y’know, being a chick who can’t score a sweet Human Resources gig with a tech start up is exactly like being at Auschwitz.

    It might have something to do with having no useful skills to offer a tech startup plus carrying a chip on her shoulder against nearly all the male workforce. The unbelievable hours and effort that has to be put in to make a startup successful could also be a factor.

    Maybe there’s a conection between females utter failure to make their mark in the biz,


    Metis is offering women and minorities a $2000 discount on their Ruby on Rails bootcamp. It’s also offering placement services. Hey, here’s their chance ;-).

  6. Seems like women pathologize any male behaviour or characteristic that doesn’t benefit them directly.

    Rumbunctious young boys have ADD, unnatractive men are dangerous weirdos, shy men are creepy, unnatentive men are narcissists, confident men who won’t requite their advances are players, traditional men are domineering, men who approach women out of their ‘league’ are harrasers, men who don’t appreciate curves are descriminators, smart men who won’t share the spoils are aspergers, etc.

    • Excellent overview of how women demonise men, while portraying themselves as victims, to attack men & society

      Only a female infested field attacks young boys for being masculine … Just more proof women’re a danger to children without a male to over see them

      A vast majority of the soft sciences, which most women major in, also seem to attack men & children on a daily basis

      ie. Biology mens toestosterone dropping, more effeminate, endless junk science on how housewives are more stressed etc

      Psychology all high i.q men are nerds, autistic,dyslexic etc

      Pretty much all science’s & academia women infest, seem to attack men

      Not just feminism …

  7. I have Asperger’s Syndrome.

  8. Also consider – they’re probably doing all this attacking on infrastructure maintained by…. ASD folk….

  9. I’m one of those socially handicapped, autistic programmers that does the real work, while the tech woman usually gets away with not doing anything useful at all,
    except injecting poison into the social environment. It’s in the tech industry where the ills of feminism become glaringly obvious.
    Have you ever heard of Agile/Scrum/TDD/Lean/DevOps etc.? They’re supposed to be software development methodologies but they have nothing to do with
    software development. They preach ‘people’ and ‘communication’ and all sorts of psycho/social crap, instead of code, logic, math, complexity etc. like
    you would expect when talking about software development. This levels the playing field for women and stupid people in general, while necessarily
    pathologizing the actual techie, to the point where they actually start believing in their supposed social incompetence/mental handicap. Disgusting!
    What are your thoughts on Agile?

  10. ‘autistic types aren’t as easily swayed sexually’
    Working under toxic conditions in the IT industry, we quickly learn the difference between actual sexual interest, and manipulation/control.
    And we don’t like being controlled by stupid people.

  11. Yes, if the men in power today are prehistories betas and omegas then that means they have to put out to them instead of the alphas in order to get their resources.

    Unless, of course, they can find a way of taking their money without putting out.

    Heh, confounding the situation for the females further is the fact that some of these autistic types aren’t as easily swayed sexually (in some cases women have about as much sex leverage over them as they do over gay men).

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