Apr 032014

Justice For Men & Boys provided us with this story how a teenage girl dropped her iPhone in a sewer.  The girl decides to retrieve her phone getting stuck in a sewer drain.  A local fire department spent 15 minutes getting the girl out of the drain.

I hope that no one had an actual fire while this was going on.  However, that isn’t the reason why they should have left her in the sewer drain.  The reason that they should have left her there is because she got herself free at one point without the local fire department.  Since she didn’t retrieve her iPhone, she decided to go back in to try to get her iPhone again and got stuck again.  If you can’t figure out that it’s a bad idea to go back into a sewer drain you were previously stuck in, then you deserve to be left there.

  4 Responses to “They Should Have Left Her In The Sewer”

  1. Oh for Christs sake I could understand if it was a Million dollar Cheque, but an IPhone SERIOUSLY!

  2. she should have burned some flab off her corpulence before she made the attempt.

  3. Women act in these stupid ways because they know men will bail them out. They don’t care about the burden they create for men.

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