Apr 012014

What I’m about to write may invoke strong feelings in you.  It’s a good idea to read until the end so you understand the complete context of what I’m writing.

I have made a decision.  I’m going to ask Leila, my girlfriend, to marry me.  I’m not going to do it right now, but I will in the future.  I’m getting older, and I have realized that Mark Minter was correct.  He didn’t want to die alone, and I want to avoid that fate too.  Leila is a much better choice than GeishaKate ever would be.  She doesn’t have any kids, and she has enough money to give me a degree of security if she divorces me.

The real reason I have decided to get married is due to pressure from my reptile alien superiors at the Illuminati.  They need me to get married to maintain appearances when I shape shift into a human.  Plus, they have guaranteed in writing that if Leila divorces me, they will call in a drone strike on her.  With that kind of guarantee it’s safe to get married.

  7 Responses to “I Have Made A Decision”

  1. Do whatever makes sense financially. Civil marriage is nothing but a tax status that can be either an advantage or disadvantage. Community property rules in divorce are the only thing you have to fear, and if that’s a problem work out a prenup. All other problems, such as child support, VAWA, etc., can happen just as easily whether you’re married or not.

    The best antidote to getting screwed over in marriage or divorce is having taken the red pill. You’ve got less to fear than the typical guy with his head in the sand, because you are under no illusions.

  2. Never Ever Marry Ever! Bill you got Pwned!

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