Mar 082014

Today is International Womens’ Day.  I know all of you are excited about it and looking for a way to celebrate it.  What you should do is watch this compilation of Feminist Bookstore clips from Portlandia:

You get to see feminists having to get repair MEN to fix their air conditioner and feminists being unable to operate a computer or order books alphabetically (even after another woman explains both of those things).  It’s very appropriate for International Womens’ Day.

  6 Responses to “Watch Feminist Helplessness This International Womens’ Day”

  1. Thanks for this. We were wondering how best to celebrate IWD, and this is perfect, so we’ve just posted a link.

    We love your ‘Entitlement Princess of the Month’. We have our own awards including ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’ – winners of the award become members of The Whine Club – and an Irish Honey Badger, Anja Eriud has just launched ‘Stupid Woman of the Month’. So many obvious contenders!

    Keep up the good work.

    Mike Buchanan

    (and the women who love them)

  2. Bwa hahahahahahahaha I watched the Video Geez.. I can’t believe Feminists are this Useless!

  3. I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the entire clip; I have no patience for willful ignorance and arrogant stupidity.
    It brings to mind a quote from Thoreau: “At my age my time is too valuable to waste listening to some empty-headed twit run her mouth simply because she has regular features.”

  4. Urgh..this video get’s my blood boiling. How can this show even exists I mean I know their acting but man that act so stupid is not even funny. Is like Patrick from SpongeBob square pants the dude acts so dumb is not even funny is like come on man use common sense.

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